July 9, 2014

What a typical blog post looks like when covered almost entirely by spilled creamer (from the protein wisdom conceptual series)

Here’s som                                                                                                                                                                                        ‘so-called pragm                                                                                                                                                       .  At least, if you believe your own eyes, ears, nose, brain, common s







ee                                                          OBoz


just ask the Israelis.







Yeah?  Well.  Then go fu                          le.   Sidew                    usiness end of a javelin.









Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:42pm

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  1. – Just another “all-white” raaaacccist post.

    – H8ter!

  2. First let us consider the author’s choice of the “spilled creamer” reference. The “spilled” has an echo of Heidegger’s “thrownness,” and gives us a clue as how to approach the piece in terms of our given exposure to it as part of its and our being. How can the reader “milk” an interpretation from it — but, ha!, here we get another clue, for it is not common milk, we are told, but a humanly evolved-order of existence, an artificially constructed “creamer” that acts as an ontologically supervenient mask between . . .

  3. ::whup whup::

    Dadgummit. Bad signal.

  4. I’m likin’ the “new” “old Jeff”, Jeff. Now all we need is Billy Jack whuppin’ on Fauxcahontas.

  5. Um, I don’t think you’re supposed to call the First “Lady” a transvestite unless you’re Joan Rivers. Even though it’s true.

  6. I don’t undertand what Jeff is saying in this post, therefore “intentionalism” is a big pile of hooey, and certainly not a valid basis for SCOTUS decisions.

  7. I don’t undertand what Jeff is saying in this post…


  8. Maybe we can get the ya-ya boys from Vox to ‘splain it to us, John.

  9. BBH, can’t be racist, because Orange is the new Black.

  10. Darn EPA mandated, low VOC, Eco-friendly pixels.

  11. Darn EPA mandated, low VOC, Eco-friendly pixels.

    I thought those were cheap knockoff pixels, bought from some back-alley manufacturer somewhere in Shenzhen…

  12. Those pixels are doing a job American pixels won’t do.

  13. Hmm, is this post pixelated or pixilated? Why, yes. Yes it is.

  14. Is the creamer the liquid kind or the powder kind? Or is it both at the same time?

    Does the creamer contain protein?

    Is the word ‘javelin’ meant to subliminally conjure up the thought of java?

    Or are all the washed away words Fnords of a new strain?

  15. Lacunae.

    They mean whatever you say they mean.

  16. Are you saying this post is a Creature From The Black Lacunae?

  17. – Well post creamer dump that would be White Lacunae.

  18. is the creamer half & half? ’cause that be baracky territory

  19. Pixel Misa can probably restore it.

  20. – I’d recommend pico pixel damio, but they say once you’ve had half & half you never go back.

  21. A few minutes ago a new headline appeared on the JPost website announcing that four rockets had been fired from Gaza at Jerusalem and that two of these had been successfully intercepted by the Iron Dome system. Of the other two it is said that they “fell in open areas”.

    Now Jerusalem is a largish city measured roughly as 48 sq. miles, so where the two rockets destroyed by interception may have landed if they had not been destroyed is unknown to us.

    However, I wonder this — somewhat naively, I readily grant: to my understanding the rockets fired from Gaza are not flight guided missiles capable of hitting a narrowly defined target, but rather more like conventional artillery warheads which go more or less (depending on atmospheric conditions and other such variables) where they happen to be “aimed” at the moment of firing, an aim, I take it, not very precise at the hands of their operators.

    Supposing this, would those Hamas operators have any idea at the moment they fire their rockets toward Jerusalem whether a particular rocket may happen to fall on top of the Dome of the Rock? And if the answer to this question turns out to be “No! They don’t know!”, don’t we think that Muslims in other lands who personally view the Dome of the Rock as a sacred site would be interested to know that Hamas is firing rockets which could partially if not fully destroy that sacred site?

    I dunno, just seems like something someone should mention to those among the devout Muslims who take an interest in such stuff.

    And to the extent that the Iron Dome system can calculate with some precision what constitutes and “open area” and what not, would it interest those aforementioned devout Muslims to know that the Jews have prevented any possibility of the destruction of the Muslims’ sacred mosque, along with Christian and Jewish sites which happen to sit in the very same vicinity?

  22. As I understand it, those are ballistic missiles that land where the math says they will land, within a reasonably small CEP, but that CEP is defined by the angle of launch (parallel to the ground and straight up would both be bad, but maximum distance is achieved ~50 degrees above the horizon, because of the density of atmosphere closer to the ground), and the variables have to do with winds aloft, burn time of the thrusters and purity of the propellant.

    Modern millimeter-band radar linked with high speed computers can determine whether the rockets will land in or near certain areas (which would already be defined and on file, since buildings don’t move), and determine the shoot/don’t shoot criteria. If I were in the planning department of the IDF, I would have specifically excluded any mosques from the protection zones, so long as the CEP didn’t intersect with anything that needed protecting. If a rocket launched from Gaza happened to wipe out a mosque or Muslim shelter, well, then… “oops”. Hey, feces occurs.

  23. If the Israeli Government is protecting the mosques, via Iron Dome, then shame on them.

    The time for niceties, my Israeli Brothers, is long over.

    Besides, if you are shielding the Mohammedin sites, no Western Government will ever show any appreciation for your efforts – get that through your heads. To paraphrase Andrew: ‘Fuck them – War’.

  24. It can suffice to think that an Israeli government which wouldn’t for a moment allow anyone, be they Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Bahai, atheist or whathaveyou, to approach the Dome of the Rock on foot with a satchel-charge intent on blowing that building up, would likewise never consider allowing such an attack from the air.

    Though I suppose this stance is no less an act of a distinct religious faith than it is an act of a particular political right, the latter alone is sufficient to substantially differentiate Israel from its neighboring regimes.

  25. I think Israel will continue to take the high road even while they bomb their neighbors deeper into the stone age.

  26. I should have phrased that differently. Wishful thinking on my part.

  27. Yeah, it is a weird way to go about bombing someone into the stone age to ring them up on the phone before any bombs are released and tell them to get out of the building they are in because it will be coming down very soon, or fire purpose built “warning” missiles which go “Clank” on the roof of a target house so the people inside will get out prior to live ammunition being fired at it. But they’ve a weird idea of the stone age, those Israelis, I guess.

  28. But then on the other side of the conflict Palestinian leaders tell their people to utterly ignore warnings to leave their homes, but to stay in them and die by Israeli bombs and so to become martyrs for the greater cause of ultimately wiping the earth away with all the Jews. So, y’know, tit for tat.

  29. Next time wear a condom.

  30. Somewhere I have Wm Gaddis’ book, J.R.
    This reminds me of that.