July 9, 2014

Wednesday morning fun fact

When Jimmy Carter was President, America — economically and  (if you’re a disco hater, or a hater of platform shoes or anti-hero cops or stereotypical black families living in Cabrini Green, for which shame on you!) culturally — was something of a wretched mess.

Too, today, with Barack Obama as President, America — economically and (if you’re a tween-pop hater, or a racist hater of flat brimmed ball caps, wife-beater tees, and loose baggy jeans, for which good on you!) culturally — is something of a wretched mess.

Seems eerily similar, doesn’t it?

And here’s why:  Both of these men are narcissistic progressive Democrats, neither of whom respects the bounds of the Constitution.

It’s true.  Google it!  Then pass it on to your friends!



Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:39am

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  1. I am thinking that one player in this whole episode might be Cuba and Castro. Carter -Obama, not a repeat but a rhyme. Like Obamacare is to Hillarycare this is the Mariel Boatlift, but redone from lessons learned from the first. More thugs, more intelligence agents in the bunch

  2. – Well that’s it numb nuts…..no soup for you!

    – Apparently this Democrat dorfus has missed every one of the Narrative™ memos for the last six years.

    – He will be sent to the gulag for re-education. No one talks bad about the little king!

  3. Similar, but much, much worse this time.

    I lived through the first and remember those awful four years well.

  4. So too did I live through the nasty Carter years Bob, and on into the contrastingly cheerier years just thereafter.

    We might wonder, will the aftermath of the ClownDisaster years see a cheerier rebound in greater proportion adjusted to the greater proportion of abuse IWonPenPhone has delivered the Americans than the puny Carter?

    Wouldn’t that be an unbidden pleasure.

  5. – I wouldn’t be so hasty to call Jimmahs contributions to world class disorder “puny”. After all, without his tireless efforts to demonize all forms of common sense, political justice, and ‘Merica, the Caliphate would just be some Iranian Mullahs wet dream.

  6. It would, indeed, be…but, unlike the way I felt in 1980, now I see an aftermath of struggles, deprivations, miseries, and deaths.

    Perhaps the Black Dog has grasped me in it’s maw again.

  7. America — economically and (if you’re a tween-pop hater, or a racist hater of flat brimmed ball caps, wife-beater tees, and loose baggy jeans, for which good on you!) culturally — is something of a wretched mess.

    Cupcake-molesting electric hamsters hardest hit.

    (Reading the linked blog post, I can’t help but wonder if we’ve stumbled upon the Yellow Menace’s secret identity…)

  8. I meant puny in comparison to the vanishingly punier ClownDisaster, is what, and in this sense think myself sufficiently justified in the usage. Perhaps a distinction between Carter as mere narcissist and IWonPenPhone as thoroughgoing solipsist would suffice?

  9. Don’t forget Carter’s part in getting Chavez into power.

  10. . . . now I see an aftermath of struggles, deprivations, miseries, and deaths.

    T’is a reasonable inference, yet as such would stand as cause to make renewal a project.

    To put it another way, it’s not for nothing we say — take the narrow economic question for the moment while recognizing all other aspects of human life are open to the same reckoning — that if people are left their freedom to act and conduct their private exchanges unmolested enormous economic activity will self-organize and bloom across the landscape. We’re not idly musing about this: it is the record of all human history by our lights.

  11. It took Carter over 25 years to get his Nobel Peace Prize after becoming president. It took Obama less than 10 months. That makes him a whole lot
    more peacey than Carter. Doesn’t it?

  12. “Feets don’t fail us now.

  13. Defensive much?

    President Obama bragged the nation was “better off now than we were five years ago” while touting the economic recovery in a campaign-style speech on Wednesday in Denver, arguing administration officials have made some “pretty smart policies.”

    In speaking about the building the U.S. economy from the middle out instead of the top down at Cheesman Park in Denver, CO on Wednesday, President Barack Obama said his policies are not “crazy Democratic socialist ideas” and cited as evidence the fact that his favorite president is a Republican, Abraham Lincoln, who he pointed out helped build the transcontinental railroad.

    Obama explained his big government initiatives such as raising the minimum wage, equal pay, and making college more affordable are “not partisan,” but “basic ideas that make America work.”

    He pointed to President Dwight Eisenhower as having built the interstate highway system and Teddy Roosevelt having started the national parks system and promised to “not stand by and let partisan gridlock or political games threaten the hard work of Americans.”

    He vowed he would act without Congress saying, “I’m not going to wait”

  14. It took Obama less than 10 months.

    It actually took him less than ten DAYS, given that the deadline for that selection cycle was February 1st, 2009, and he wasn’t even inaugurated until noon on January 20.

    I’ll bet the Nobel Committee is very proud of him, what with the peace he has brought to places like Egypt, Libya, Iraq and the US/Mexico border. #SendBackOurMedal

  15. Renewal of Virtue is the project; Restoration of our Freedoms and Liberties is the goal.

    The cycle of molestation will not end until we burn the pervert Lefties in their beds.

    In the modern American Halls Of Justice, the only Justice is in the halls.


  16. I’ll say again at the risk of repetition: virtue is not the business of government but of private persons, at least not in our modern scheme of natural right thinking. Put another way, virtue is the business of individuals and not of collectives or communities as collective enterprises.

  17. – Watching the ongoing chaos that is this administration’s current state, I’m even more convinced he’s not going to make it to the end of his rein without some major hurts.

    – The border coverage today on MSNBC/FOX/CNN and other Left and Right outlets was a clear indication of the intentional chaos, but the Left has over played its hand. The Democratic pols are watching the WH engage in a total scam that the public absolutely rejects and is growing more and more angry over, while they face an abysmal situation come the elections, and they are also growing more and more angry over Obama’s tactics. Today IwonPenPhone lied directly once again. He keeps saying if he had the 7 billion he could make everything right. He’s bullshitting through his teeth. He has a massive HHS/Security budget he refuses to spend, so its a scam as usual.

    – Listening to the Democrats themselves and the vapid Lefty press they are in total disarray and talking gibberish. None of them can understand what Bumblefuck is doing, nor can they even talk about it and make any sense. What they are beginning to understand is that the Left will die before they allow jug ears to be seen in proximity with the border crisis, and they don’t really care how much that decision hurts the party or Dem officials.

    – Things are in the shit in so many areas all at the same time, and he will not change course, Marxists never do until the situation removes them altogether.

    – He will lose his own party’s support at some point and that will be his and the Progressives undoing.

  18. He will lose his own party’s support at some point and that will be his and the Progressives undoing.

    He will, is already in the process of, betraying them. He has built his own independent organization[s] [OFA for one] and still has control of whatever his massive computer systems setup for 2012 was and has become 2 years on.

    He won’t share this with the Party and likely thinks he will found a new type of “transformed” meta-Party and take those that he has aimed his themes at with him stripping them [wealthy elites, academics, and the LIV poor] from the Democrats.

    There’s a lot of betrayal in this man and he will.