July 8, 2014

“‘Might as Well Just Say No Black Folks Allowed’: Bar Under Fire for Dress Code”

Reached for comment, Eminem, Vanilla Ice, and about every fourth white American teen (to include White Hispanics) between the ages of 12 and 17, all agreed that the dress code was, in fact, inherently racist, and that the crackers who run that bitch need somebody to give them the pimp hand.

— Whereas Michelle Horovitz did not respond to questions about why it was she assumed only black youth dress in what is a very distinctive — and yet very racially distributed –urban style, opening her up to questions about her own need to find racism everywhere and project it onto others, when it is she who made the racial component, rather than the dress code itself, the center of her self-righteous indignation.

Irony, on the other hand? Just kinda smiled, then sat down and had a churro and a Pabst.  At a neighboring bar.  Wearing Abercrombie shorts and flip flops.  Because America.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:38pm

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  1. it seems pretty clear they only want your better black people in there not the ghetto ones

  2. once you’re in though you do get to enjoy tasty blackened sammin sliders though

  3. They don’t allow collared shirts in the ghettos, I hear. Just collared greens.

    Hey, have you met Michelle Horovitz? I think she may be taken, but you never know. The heart wants what the heart wants…

  4. I thought that was a perfect description of a Guido’s summer attire.

  5. i’m kinda surprised michelle didn’t notice the dress code is even more sexist than racist, but she’s maybe not on top of her game cause of grad school let out for the summer

  6. Or a crossover Cholo. Or the skateboard kids that hang out on my street here in Weld County, Colorado, a hot bed of racial violence and tensions.

  7. You’re right, happy. She should have demanded they had a second spot for “no hoochie dresses” or “bedazzling of any kind on accessories”.

  8. *hoochie* dresses

    if you ask me the best way to get rid of skanky people is to just say “no visible tattoos” i think

  9. Shoot, and here I’d been hoping for yet another zoot suit comeback to begin and fade in an hour.

  10. I have some of those visible tattoos, so you may be right.

    Though “no high heels with Isis straps” also works.

  11. i was thinking more of people like kelly osbourne’s new boyfriend

    he’s very inky and disgusting and also british

    plus he could have entire colonies of scabies in that beard and never know it

  12. Don’t be hatin’ on the poor children.

  13. What will the inky-dinky-do?

  14. Whew! I thought it was the Bar you were talking about. I don’t know how I’d ever have showed up in court without my tighty-whiteys exposed.

  15. A candidate for Barack Obama’s “Bar Rescue” squad.

    Only featuring Eric Holder instead of Jon Taffer. And the bar never, ever wins.

  16. Doc Thompson & Skip observed that the code would keep out Bieber.

    Which, that’s why I’d enforce it.

  17. Bar Louie is doing it wrong. They should be paying a couple of really big, really scary looking guys to screen people and weed out the inappropriately attired.

    Then they’d be exclusive instead of racisssss.,

  18. – The List of lawlessness, public lies, coverups, and foreign policy disasters is growing by the day. Now, in addition to Iraq reverting to Hussein level insanity Hamas has decided it should attack Israel.

    – Carmen Obama urges restraint, then goes golfing, while over at Drudge the impeach now poll is running 73% for. How bad do you think it needs to get before Bumblefuck bolts for Hawaii?

  19. I dunno, how bad does it have to get before Boehner takes his balls back from Harry Reid?

  20. – He’s still got over 2 years to go. I don’t think hes going to make it.

  21. He’ll make it because there’s nobody to play the part of John Dean.

  22. The only way Obama leaves office before his term is up is if the GOP picks up veto-proof majorities in both chambers of Congress. And then he’ll resign out of sheer boredom.

    And that’s not going to happen.

  23. – I don’t think the impeachment thing will get legs, even if both houses go GOP. But I still think there’s a limit on how low he can go and still even phone it in.

  24. Seriously….type in “flat billed hats” into Google images. Not a black dude on there. Lot’s of chicas, though.

    I suspect dog whistle, or something.

  25. – Judging from the comments section on the 24 hour Israeli war blog Bumblefuck would be impeached in a heartbeat over there.

    – Course the fucking Muslims love him. Bastard.

  26. Speaking of that waste of human flesh, John Dean…

    The Weasels of Watergate: Phil Stanford’s White House Call Girl


  27. “Bar Louie” is also infamous for their use of ‘Cheater Pint’ glasses, so I say screw ’em.

  28. “no visible tattoos”

    Whatchoo got against Midgets?

  29. Herve!

    Which pronounced a certain way becomes Oy Vey. Also appropriate as a response to LMC’s comment.

  30. Thank you Bob for linking that piece.

  31. You’re quite welcome, Geoff.

    I’ve been waiting forty years for the Truth to come out. Maybe, finally, it will.

    I was twelve when Nixon resigned and my attitude towards my fellow human beings changed forever as a result of Watergate. So much slime on both sides, but the Left’s tactics were abominable.

    Combine their behavior during Watergate, along with School Busing and the wretched toll it took, and the treatment of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn both in the USSR and in The West, and I knew I was going to be on the Right for the rest of my life.

  32. I understand that my appreciation of metric football and cycling makes me suspect as a good red-blooded American, but I hope the community will support my assertion that the Imperial Pint is superior when it comes to beer-drinking.

    Also, the Bar Louie is in Uptown. Everybody knows that the Urban Yoof are restricted to the Warehouse District. They’re only allowed south of 7th Street on nights when there’s a hip-hop act at First Ave.

    Truth is, the complaint only came about because Bar Louie isn’t the “right” kind of place for Uptown. The larval tote-baggers don’t appreciate the bourgeois vibe of the place, finding it “inauthentic.” If it were up to me, I’d go out of my way to invade their favorite fair-trade coffee joints with a couple of carloads of Yoof and watch them scatter just as fast as their Vespas will carry them.

  33. Bob,

    I hope it adds to the puzzle pieces that the two other books I have on it have put on the board.

  34. Colin Kaepernick wears flat billed hats, I beat they would let him in.

  35. “bet”

  36. I didn’t know this was a Minneapolis thing until Squid opined.

    The only place I go to in Uptown is Famous Dave’s, whenever there is a band I want to hear. That isn’t all that often these days.

    However, my local bar, The Rail Station, has a shorter dress code to try to keep out the gang bangers. Mostly it works.

  37. Great linky, Bob, but that information RE: John Dean and Mo the Ho already came out. In 1991.

  38. His public persona is brash, abrasive and combative. But there is a quiet, reflective side.

    “I have no remorse,” he said. “I stood for my principles.”

    Any regrets?

    “I would do it all over again.”

  39. There’s a Good Man.

    And what I really like about him? His advice on target acquisition and sighting techniques.

  40. mr g gordan liddy, who kept his mouth shut and went to jail, always mentioned hookers about watergate

  41. Yes, I recall Gordo talking about this all during that time [good man, damn good man].

    As he admitted, though, he did not have enough proof and was waiting for it to surface.

    Apparently, with this new book it has, finally.

    I don’t know if it’s enough to secure, as it were, a conviction.

  42. BTW: The problem with Silent Coup is that is was a very confusing and muddled read.

  43. i only heard mr liddy say this on his talk show

  44. BTW: The problem with Silent Coup is that is was a very confusing and muddled read.

    I did not find it that way but I’d already read the Jim Hougan book 7 years earlier and found them to be like two differently angled keyhole views of something, things likely, larger. Any event where an intelligence agency is involved murk and mirrors abound. I had/have a very close friend with the same interests and we spent many hours back in ’84 and then in ’91 going over these two books.

    It’s been a while since I read either but with the new one coming Friday I should find the time to read all 3.

  45. oh there’s this too

    > Mills was considered one of the most powerful members of the United States House of Representatives. In fact, he was a contender for the Democratic nomination for president in 1972. Around that time period, Mills was having an affair with Foxe, a local stripper. On October 7, 1974, the two of them had been drinking and were driving near the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C. at around 2:00 a.m.<