July 1, 2014

July fundraiser: fireworks and lifeydoodle reprieves! [sticky; new posts below] – UPDATED

The month of Freedom!

For illegals, sure. But still. At least we’re finding some consistency on the left. And that’s something, right?

As for me, I begin this month with my wife out of town for 3 days on business and the long days of keeping a two year old happy solo that come along with that.

The house is moving along at a terrifyingly rapid clip — we stopped in yesterday and some floors were being laid, doors being set, and trim being put in throughout — and it suddenly struck me how real all this is. And in the age of Obama, my mind jumped immediately to solar panels and bear traps, bottled water in bulk and sight-lines from my new rooftop.

Paranoid and exhausted is no way to go through life, I know. But we bitterclinging Hobbits, even the not particularly religious kind, do have our crosses to bear…

Thanks in advance for your continued generosity. It — and unearned hubris — are the two things that keep this site going. Well, and booze. Lots of it. So three things, if you’re going to nitpick.

update:  Last evening for the fund raiser.  Kind of a middling one this month.  Probably because of the heat.  And the fact that Obama has us all paying so much in fuel and electricity that we may as well just start living on s’mores cooked over burning rags.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:52am

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  1. Thanks Blake!

  2. Thanks Brad M!

  3. Thanks, NR!

  4. Thanks, Patrick C!

  5. I think escape routes are more important than sight lines from the roof. But that’s just my own brand of paranoia.

  6. Thanks, di!

    Blake — people caught in bear traps and the weapons they drop are both an escape route AND cover.

  7. Thanks, Bill Q!

  8. Thanks, McGehee!

  9. – Moat and drawbridge. Every mans castle and battlement has to have a moat and drawbridge if for no other reason than to impress the neighbors and ward off the zombies.

  10. A house under construction?

    Can you think of NO way to keep the kid busy? I mean, as long as you’re not picky about tetanus and such.

  11. Thanks, Ronald L!

  12. Thanks, Charles W!

  13. Thanks, Evan C, for the cool registers!

  14. Is Satch gonna make a soapbox derby racer out of scrap lumber?

    I started one, but gave up and made a P-51 cockpit flight simulator instead. It was 1976, so the “flight simulator” as only in my head…

  15. So, what do you (and/or the armadillo) drink?
    BTW, your best stuff has always been red pills or Fallujha bunkers.

  16. Thanks, Jim W!

  17. Tequila, I would assume RI Red. And I can imagine he gets annoyed if you serve him the cheap stuff.

    That last one’s me, Jeff. I didn’t see a space for a comment on the page to let you know which of your anonymous drunken commenters it was…

  18. (The armadillo gets annoyed, I should have said. If Jeff ever paid me a visit, I’d crack open the my last bottle of Longmorn for him.)

  19. Jeff, I decided to take a walk on the wild side and order you two of those art deco grates on your amazon wishlist.

    2x Decor Grates ADH410-NKL Art Deco Floor Register, Brushed Nickel, 4-Inch by 10-Inch

    Should arrive on July 8th.

    So you have only two more to go get all eleven.

  20. Thanks, serr8d!

  21. Thanks, Daniel K!

  22. Thanks, Palaeomerus!

  23. Thanks, Evan C!

  24. Satch won some inflatable 5′ baseball bat at a carnival the other night. He took it home, added fins to it, and created a nuke. He had the fan propped up on some boxes as a launching pad.

    He either needs help, or he should be Secretary of Defense.

  25. RI Red –

    I drink too much, is what I drink.

    But when I’m behaving, Lagavulin.

  26. Thanks, SW!

  27. Jeff, did the paypal thingy work this month?

  28. Yes, thanks, RI Red!

  29. Thanks, geoff B!

  30. Thanks, Terry H!

  31. good lord the commies bs

    >And there, Ms. Allen argues, while those versions show subtle variations in punctuation and capitalization, the founders’ intent is clear: no period after “pursuit of happiness.”<

  32. i hate some peeps

    >“We are having a national conversation about the value of government, and it does get connected to our founding documents,” she said. “We should get right what’s in them.”<

  33. Can you see the ridge where the West commences from your new digs?

    Me? I only want to ride as far as Bolder and gaze at the moonbats.

    Trigger warning.

  34. Thanks, guins!

  35. I edited your wikipedia page to say that you were ‘libertarian’ and not ‘conservative and libertarian’ because you are not even slightly conservative. I don’t generally approve of what you stand for except in the areas that I am libertarian too. But you are solid in your belief. No one is firmer. That is to be respected. Count me in for two digits of dollars.

  36. Uh… I don’t want to sound dumb, but there’s no donate button that I can see. Clearly everyone else can see it… can I get a hint?

  37. Haha, finally found it. It turns out I AM dumb :).

  38. I define myself as a legal conservative / classical liberal / constitutionalist. Classical liberalism is minarchist libertarianism, in most respects. Conservatism, inasmuch as it views history through the lens of knowledge and experience to inform judgments, most definitely obtains.

    Just as most people who are labeled liberal today are illiberal; most who are labeled conservative are not but statist Republicans. I am not either, but by current definition I’m a constitutional conservative (which as I note is really just another name for Classical Liberal).

    Thanks for the donation, though, and for the kind words.

  39. Thanks, SDN!

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  43. Thanks, cranky-D!