June 30, 2014

“Trevor Loudon picks Leaders of the 2nd American Revolution”

Yours truly not included, but that’s just a temporary oversight. I mean, the guy’s a Kiwi and it’s not like he can find links to what I write just anywhere. So I forgive him.

I think I’m going to have “outlaw” tattooed on my chest. Once I stop eating so much pasta salad and do a bit more cardio, that is.

Message is important, sure. But you want it presentable, as well.

(h/t nr)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:22pm

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  1. Having “outlaw” tattooed on your chest, in cold Colorado, won’t mean much for nine or ten months out of the year. I encourage you to have it tattooed on your forehead, where it can be seen 24/7/365! :)

  2. Outlaws don’t care about the cold.

  3. When I lived in Fairbanks I had longtime Alaskans ask me why I wasn’t wearing hat or gloves even though it was still above zero.

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  5. – Resolved: The Left will do anything to maintain power.

  6. funny that the rev would now vote for mcdaniels because he wronged him.

  7. – A prime example of the results of“Progressive compassion”.

    – Except the bastards will never be held responsible.

  8. – HildeBitch finds it deeply disturbing that she won’t be able to buy votes by gov. give-a-ways of your tax dollars.

    – Boo-fucking-hoo.

  9. >The employees are: Nikole Flax, chief of staff to former acting commissioner Steven Miller; supervising public-affairs specialist Michelle Eldridge; revenue agents Kimberly Kitchens, Julie Chen, Nancy Heagney, and Mitchell Steele; supervisory revenue agent Tyler Chumney; technical adviser Justin Lowe; and senior manager David Fish.

    The source says that Eldridge’s hard drive was replaced in March 2014 but no data was lost; Kitchens’s hard drive failed in June 2012 with no data lost; Chumney’s failing PC was replaced in December 2011, no data lost; Steele’s laptop was replaced due to a bad display in July 2012 and all data was transferred to a new laptop; Lowe’s laptop was replaced in December 2012 and, though a technician had to manually retrieve his files, all were restored to his new computer; and Fish’s laptop was replaced in October of 2011 and all data was transferred.<


  10. “immigrants die baracky lies”

  11. I suggest you sit on that fishing pole you carry and rotate, shortshanks. :0

  12. I do wish good, solid Constitutionalists, like Mr. Loudon, would stop advocating Revolution and implying that we are Revolutionaries.

    We, as did The Founding Fathers, seek merely Restoration of our rights as Americans under The Constitution [and under The Supreme Legislator Of The Universe]. Further, as the inheritors of an ancient tradition among the English-Speaking Peoples, we desire only to exercise what is a very old right:

    When formerly the Kings of England have encroached upon the Liberties of their Subjects, the subjects have thought it their Duty to themselves and their Posterity to contend with them until they were restored to the footing of the Constitution. -Samuel Adams, 31 March 1774.

    We have no desire to tear American Society down and rebuild it based on a design created in the sterile laboratories of the minds of coffee-house philosophers.

    We are not delusional destroyers, like the Ideologues.

  13. I meant to end with the following sentence:

    Words, and their meanings, matter.

  14. Amen, brother.

  15. Zombie John Lennon: ‘Hey Bob…you say you wanna revolution?’

    Bob: ‘No. Quite the opposite’.

    ZJL: ‘Playing the mind gorilla?’

    Bob: ‘Always….’

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