June 30, 2014

So. Who’s ready for an Executive Order turning the US into the subsidizer of foreign nationals?

We’ll call them pre-citizens or some such until such time as they settle into Balkanized communities and DREAM their way into permanence. Because they are here out of love — though it’s worth pointing out that at least some of that love is transmitting itself in the form of diseases we haven’t seen here in a quite some time being shipped into our urban centers, probably by a long, healthy, tongue-kiss with the US.

The sad part of this is, this is precisely the hope many in the GOP leadership hold out — that Obama does by Executive Order what they can’t get done in the House (particularly while their dull, bitterclinging constituencies continue to concern themselves with ideas like state sovereignty, an organized and structure immigration and assimilation program, and upholding federal law — and so they get what they want (cheap labor) and can then go home and rail against an Imperial President, even going so far as to fund raise off of his unconscionable decision to do what they wanted done.

DC is a puppet show.  And as I get older, I’m able to see the strings more and more.  Which doesn’t make it quaint.  It makes for potential strangulation.

— Which is why the few not yet tied up tend to get clothes-lined so often by members of the more permanent puppet kingdom.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:45pm

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  1. When in the Course of Human Events…

  2. I’m visualizing President Oprah here.

    “You get a pardon! You get a pardon! EVERYONE GETS A PARDON!!!!”

  3. There had been a notion — widely spread around — that the US (in the guise of our shining EPA) had determined to shut down, virtually destroy, the nation’s coal industry.

    Now allasudden we hear there are tidal waves of miners swarming over the southern border and getting the help of the Federal Government as they pour in.

    What the hell, can’t the government make up its mind which it’s going to be, dig for coal or not dig for coal?

  4. Jeff,
    We’ve been subsidizing foreign nationals for ages. They have come to expect our payments, and, taken together as one giant constituency and compared with domestic constituencies, like soi-dissant “Blacks,” foreign nationals may be the single largest beneficiaries of American government doles.

    Corporations always bend their operations to suit their largest clients, and their pint-sized, retail customers get stuck with hind-tit: because it likes the guaranteed volume, you can be sure that Jimmie Dean always ships its best patties to Mickie-D’s, and that its dregs trickle down to the grocery stores. Well, our government corporation could similarly be captured by the “needs” and interests of the most indigent residents of a dozen or so foreign recipients of American aid.

    As a populist back-lash to Obamanomics grows, calls to curtail foreign aid will gain in popularity. Why, afterall, with our economy in the toilet and our government’s enormous debt should we continue to send hundreds of millions of dollars to places like Rwanda, Bolivia, South Africa and Sri Lanka. Indeed, even grants to the Sorbonne, World-bank guarantees to micro-lenders (the latest foreign credit bubble), and funding for “hip” studies of London, England’s urban growth patterns should cease entirely.

    Of course, these calls will be met with slurs like “Isolationism,” or Racist” to keep the spigots open. But close they must. The patient’s bleeding to death and it’s time for the surgeon to apply some clamps.

  5. So Obama campaigned on “Al Qaeda is dead, and GM is alive”.
    With 6 million MORE vehicles today, turns out Al Qaeda is thriving and GM cars are killing more Americans than Al Qaeda is.

  6. I heard he’s demanding 2 billion to deal with the illegal minors. Ones that he was responsible for luring to come here and let a contract out to handle 65,000 before any showed up. $30,000 and change apiece.

    Sounds like one of those third world gangs who make money off kidnapping for ransom, which hey those thugs in both Central America and Mexico who are cooperating with the scheme are some of.

  7. I heard he’s demanding 2 billion to deal with the illegal minors

    Take it out of the budget for HHS, specifically that part of their budget intended to enforce ObamaCare.

  8. I impatiently await the SMoD.

  9. Beat me to it, Cranky.

  10. I don’t prefer taking administrative action,” he said in the Rose Garden on Monday. “I would greatly prefer Congress actually do something.”

    “I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue, and Congress chooses to do nothing,” the president continued. He chastised House Republicans for failing to “pass a darn bill.”

    He has asked his staff to come up with a list of executive actions he can take on immigration before the end of the summer.

    Might as well run Darleen’s “Lady Liberty” cartoon again since “He and his friends” are back and offering the same version of “choice” they and the left always does.

  11. Or to use a cultural reference. ” It is happening again. “

  12. Over at David Thompson’s, Minnow accuses me of nativism and general heartlessness.

    To which I don’t take kindly.