June 28, 2014

The blue pill [Darleen Click]


Related — IWonPenPhone whines about how hard it is to be The Prez. Maybe he thought a crown and scepter were involved?

“They don’t do anything! Except block me! And, and, and call me names.”

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  1. Not sleeping, no. These people actually quite active: actively keeping prominent information about the lawlessness of the ClownDisaster maladministration from the attention that information deserves; actively twisting known facts into incomprehensible muddle; actively parroting whatever lie the ClownDisaster maladministration promotes from its ‘bully’ pulpit; actively covering for the covering done by the Congressional Democrat obscurantists and obfuscators. No, not sleeping, but busily erecting castles of sand, and grabbing the occasional handful to throw into the eyes of the polity.

  2. yeah, “are actually quite . . . etc.”. Haste making waste — apologies.

  3. “They don’t do anything! Except block me! And, and, and call me names.”

    – Be careful what you wish for Bumblefuck….

  4. “They don’t do anything! Except block me! And, and, and call me names.”

    Because if we did what we really felt like the PTB would come down like a ton of bricks.

  5. Whiny little classless ass.

    I can’t recall BOOOOOOOOSH! mocking his opposition even once in 8 years, and if he did, it wasn’t memorable. But this little Communist Organizer degrades the Office every time he runs his party mouth,


  6. Possible good news on the IRS scandal front:

    Sidney Powell, NY Observer: *** Earlier today, attorneys for Judicial Watch sought a courtroom status conference “as soon as possible to discuss the IRS’s failure to fulfill its duties to this court under the law, as well as other ramifications of this lawsuit.” It took Judge Sullivan just a few hours to grant the hearing.

    Now the IRS will have to talk to Judge Sullivan about all this—and he has the power to do something about it.

    Judge Sullivan is the judge who held federal prosecutors in contempt, dismissed an unjust indictment against a United States Senator, and publicly excoriated the Department of Justice. He also had the moral conviction, courage and gumption to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Justice Department and the individual prosecutors.

    The IRS, the White House, and the DOJ have a lot of explaining to do (and some emails to locate). The Washington Examiner reports that “No mention was made in that production of the lost Lerner emails, even though the original Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit filed in May 2013 specifically sought them. Judicial Watch further noted that ‘although IRS had knowledge of the missing Lois Lerner emails and of the other IRS officials, it materially omitted any mention of the missing records’ in an April 30 status update on its document production.” ***