June 23, 2014

Thanks, John K

I don’t know that I have your email so I’ll thank you publicly for the gifts you picked up off my Amazon wish list.  The new house is moving along — drywall is hung and mostly mudded and taped — so soon we’re going to have to start picking up things to put in it.  After we come up with the downpayment, that is.

At any rate, my family and I appreciate the decorative floor register (love the Art Deco look, which is in keeping with the modernist decorating scheme we’re going with), and the hookups for an insinkerator is going to allow me to put a disposer under the bar and connect it to the dishwasher there, as well.

I’d also like to thank William P for his many gifts over the months.  The new house is going to be much better for these numerous items — and in a roundabout way, much better protected, as well.

— Despite a certain series of unfortunate boating accidents that cost me all my firearms.

Too, let me thank n0escrow for the security cameras he sent, wow, well over a year ago, was it?  Instead of putting them in our current home, I waited, because I didn’t want to have to open walls and install wiring, and that patience paid off:  I had the low volt guys run the wiring for the 3-camera set-up during that part of the new house build, and the entire security system is now internal to the structure, save where the cameras will physically mount.  So I’ll finally be able to put them to good use!

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here, but my wife broke her right wrist in two places in a freak sheet rock accident the night before we left for my high school reunion.  This morning, after about 10 days, the orthopedist finally removed the splint and put on a cast.  In hot pink.  We’ll go back next week to see if the cast has loosened, but as of now, no surgery is required, for which we’re both grateful.

Of course, what that’s meant for me is an increase in responsibilities around here, which is keeping me plenty busy and very tired (and often quite stressed. But then, that’s what alcohol is for).  So while I haven’t been posting quite as often, I hope the quality of what I’m posting makes up for it.

If not, apologies.  I’m just a man, flesh and blood.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:40pm

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  1. I’d mention that scarcity increases value, but I wouldn’t want that interpreted to mean fewer Jeff posts is better than more…

  2. Sorry to hear about that broken wrist. Bein’ a broken-down old sheetrocker, I’m curious wha’ happened?

  3. Dance Monkey, Dance!! ( sorry Jeff, someone had to say it!) Anyway, I wish your wife the best. 3 kids ; >) and a broken wrist? No way could I do that.

  4. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife.

  5. – It has to be seen as highly informative that there is not a single article or byline on the IRS hearings currently in session.

    – I guess when the bastards know they’ve been painted into a tiny corner with nowhere to hide they just go silent.

    – Of course the committee lap dogs from the Democrats are running interference desperately, but the responses from current commissioner Koskinen are painfully inconsistent to outright dodges or lies.

  6. Your last line prompts a bit of song this fine morning:

    I’m just a man who’s intentions just are
    Oh Lord, please help me to signal them real good.

  7. Mrs Cookies and I just went into full-meltdown mode when someone at work just mentioned a possible relo to me. Really, nothing is more stressful than a move, especially into new construction. Good luck. Stay sane.

    I just realized that if I stay in this house three more years, I will have lived in it longer than in any other house that I’ve ever lived in. I’m thinking I’ll maybe put together a time capsule and leave it in the walls (probably down in the basement, near the water softener. Where I used JB Weld to plug the holes in the pipes I made nailing up the crown molding. Sooner or later that will fail, the basement will flood and the new owners will have to open up the wall.

    They could probably use the swing as a floating mount for their .30 cal, and the three foot double ender to pacify the sex slaves they take from Kentucky on their cross-river foraging raids. The machete is what it is, I suppose, but they may find some new use for it. I’d be interested to see what they do with the box of whip-its and the case of mini bic lighters, other than the obvious, at any rate. I mean, they will probably have already burnt all the tires and used up batteries I’ve left in the yard. I wonder if I should leave them the special gloves? It should be full of meaningful stuff, right? Like a bottle of Jager and a handful of cat hair? Something to remind them that others have come before?

  8. Almost two years after moving out of our previous house we’re finally going to have workers in to do repairs and replace flooring next month. When we moved out it was the second-longest I’d lived in a house, but now we’ve owned it longer than I lived in the house I grew up in.

    No time capsules for us. The neighbors will tell much more interesting stories about us than any artifacts could.