June 22, 2014

Brava, Hillary! Keep wielding that gold-plated shovel! [Darleen Click]

Don’t ya just feel for “ordinary” Hill & Bill?

Hillary Clinton’s multimillion dollar fortune has caused some negative headlines during the media tour for the release of her new book “Hard Choices,” which is widely seen as a prelude to a potential 2016 presidential campaign. Clinton responded to criticism of her wealth in an interview with the Guardian newspaper published Saturday night by suggesting Americans won’t be concerned about the more than $100 million her family has reportedly earned in recent years because they’re not “truly well off.”

“They don’t see me as part of the problem,” Clinton said of Americans who are upset about income inequality, adding, “Because we pay ordinary income tax, unlike a lot of people who are truly well off, not to name names; and we’ve done it through dint of hard work.”

Clinton earned an $8 million advance for her 2003 book “Living History” and her publisher is rumored to have paid “significantly more” for “Hard Choices.” Additionally, Clinton reportedly earns $200,000 in speaking fees each time she makes a speech. Bill Clinton has reportedly made over $100 million in speaking fees since leaving office.

Ah yes, the hard work of speaking tours and fund raising and checking in with your ghostwriters.

And get a load of the obsequious ankle-licking from The Guardian’s Ed Pilkington linked above:

The narrative arc of Hillary Clinton’s life story remains unresolved – at least in the popular imagination – until the trinity is fulfilled: the president I married, the president I served, the president I became.

Will that fairytale ending ever be reached? That’s the question on everybody’s lips. It’s why the TV networks have been clearing their primetime schedules for lengthy Hillary specials; why Simon & Schuster paid at least $8m for Hard Choices, recouping that (with interest) when the first million copies sold out in pre-orders; and why thousands of devoted supporters across the country have been queuing up for hours to get her to sign the book.

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  1. I would say this is unbelievable, but my outrage meter has been broken for years.

  2. an overexposed whore is an overexposed whore

    and bitch ain’t getting any fresher

  3. everybody’s lips

    Yeesh, think about thinking about “everybody’s lips” while mentioning this woman.

    What causes cruelty such as this?

  4. I like the “hard work” thing. Hilarious.

    They got their money the same way as other politicians get their money. They trade on insider information. For them, it isn’t illegal.

  5. I want Hillary to keep talking. Shove those feet down that piehole a little further every time.

  6. i remember a few years ago when our friend Madonna had a new cd and wrangled that Super Bowl gig

    she did a video for a single – a weak single Interscope didn’t know what to do with

    she did her gig (where that skanky M.I.A. whore flipped off the camera)

    she scored the highest ratings of a halftime show in history

    and yeah – she got a SHIT-LOAD of ageist backlash from Cap’n Ed types and other men with wives about the same age who’ve accomplish much less and look far the worse for it

    many called her desperate and many called her whorish

    and that was it

    she did no media


    for social media

    where people have to opt-in

    and she went on to score the highest-grossest tour of that year grossing about $300M in ticket sales – to say nothing of ancillaries

    Hillary thinks she’s figured out a better plan.

    We’ll see.

    But for every ounce and tatter she over-exposes her trashy whore ass… she’s gonna have to come up with a pound and a squiddle of negative campaignings – and everybody already thinks she’s a rancid cooze

  7. – My ex died a couple years ago from exactly the same as is being described here, and for exactly the same reason, too much long distance flying back and forth to Hawaii and South Korea, so everything he says is plausible.

    – Mayhaps the beast won’t be around that much longer anyway. Remember, Bill is a triple bi-pass recipient himself.

  8. – As far as Hillary is concerned watch the Lefty media carefully. So far they’ve been largely silent about her repeated hints at running, which if you know the Left media, and I don’t think anyone knows them better than PW posters, the lack of gushing support is damning just in itself, so it will be telling if they grab something like this report to let her down easy.

    – Its possible the bastard media is so busy covering Bumblefucks ass, what with the almost weekly scandals, that they just haven’t had time or space to give her, but I don’t think that’s it. I think they sense the young Prog morons don’t want anything to do with her, and the reason they don’t is she went against their beloved little king in 2008, which makes her the enemy to their child like minds.

  9. Hillary, you didn’t build that.

  10. she scored the highest ratings of a halftime show in history

    Bruno Mars (w/ supporting cast of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) made her look like a hospice candidate.

    I’d pay to see Bruno Mars.
    Madonna, I’d pay to go away.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_mJZP0OUI4&feature=kp

    The Madonna halftime show is a real head scratcher.

    She starts the thing out as a viking angel towed on stage by romans in early legionary army. Then some vaguely Richard Simmons guy in a toga does tight-wire (it’s not really a high wire, it’s maybe five feet up) tricks. Madonna starts throwing off viking opera bits until she looks more “barbarella era space princess”.

    Niki Minaj and MIA(all I wanna do is POW POW POW) come out as Space Egyptian cheerleaders.

    Then a high school percussive marching drum band with kepos and shakos comes out. Cee Lo green leads this and then he turns into a preacher and a protestant Southern Baptist style choir comes out and at the end of that (Like a prayer). Madonna wears a rich widow/spinster dress.

    Now at the back of the stage is a riser and there is a sort of pit up there with various bright lights shooting out of it.

    The amazing thing is that it ends with her in front of this pit halo’d in the yellow light and then she stands on it and is rapidly lowered into it and a gout of dry ice fog shoots out like they were sort implying that they dropped her into some futuristic high energy disintegration disposal device.

    It seemed to be an intentional ” okay you don’t need Madonna any more. Fine. BZZZZZT! Happy? We blew her up for you. ” sort of thing.


  12. Bear in mind they are all wearing black at the end of this, like a funeral, and she is singing “Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name, and it feels like WOOOOOSH (disembodied voice) Hooome! ”

    Then they project the words “World Peace” on the fake crowd at the foot of the stage.