June 18, 2014

Obama Bravely orders capture of Benghazi terrorist previously interviewed by CNN

To borrow a mantra from the progressive obstructionists trotted out so frequently during the Iraq War, “I question the timing.”  As does James Rosen of Fox:

Listen to the smarmy disdain this spokeswoman has for a reporter like Rosen (previously under government surveillance) who dared step out of the prescribed narrative, which was to be a media fawning over “Obama’s” timely get, and the political savvy of that timing.

The fact is, everyone in that room — and everyone in the country who has followed this presidency, for that matter — knew that this whole dog and pony show had been orchestrated, that Obama has been holding back what he believed to be a trump card for a time when the heat for some of his lawlessness and fecklessness began to pierce his air conditioned super town car and threatened to interrupt his golf outings.

But because a “right winger” from “Faux News” asked the question, we’re supposed to dismiss it as partisan hackery. And likely racism.

Except we won’t. That dead horse has been beaten so badly it may as well be a rug.

We are on to Obama and this administration. And our frustration is over the GOP’s timidity in holding him to account, preferring not to rock the boat so that they can perhaps default their way back into power.

All of them disgust me. Except for people like James Rosen, who — unlike the “real” reporters from the “non-partisan” legacy news outlets — seems genuinely sincere in wanting answers to questions he knows many of us are asking.

So, you know: burn him!

(h/t Mark Levin)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:25am

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  1. And likely racism.

    So burned.

    Rosen lives in D.C., no doubt trains his children up to be Washington, D.C. boosting football fans, so . . . Q.E.D. For the hate.

  2. Diplomad. More racist crazy-talk.

  3. See the bullying inherent in the system.

  4. Ken Masugi: Ike’s Commitment to American Freedom

    Watch out for the subversive natural right talk.

  5. Brigitte Gabriel is the poster woman for smart, ballsy (bossy) gals. No wonder the usual suspects say she’s a bully and a meany.

    I guess telling it like it is is now bullying. Sheesh.

  6. – Just looking at this, and noting that even these numbers are pre-terrorist for coward/traitor trade gimmick, the reasons for all the sudden “happy face/end zone dance” manipulation in the press is obvious.

    – Doesn’t seem to be working Bumblefuck, maybe peddle a little faster Marxist media, you pack of Progressive dickheads.

  7. that the flunkies in charge of America’s diplomatic efforts think the persona of a smirky cooze like Jen Psaki is how they want to be represented publicly

    explains much

  8. I would dearly love to crack Ms. Psaki and Ms. Harf’s empty haids together.

  9. – You’ll be hearing from the IRS Leigh.

  10. – I can’t even say what I’d do given the opportunity, least I end up in some gulag somewhere.

  11. All of us are already marked for the gulags.

  12. Bill Whittle: Bowe Bergdahl (and Susan Rice, and Barack Obama) is not one of us.

  13. The cities will be the new gulags.