June 17, 2014

Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama? He putts

Obama, without Congressional approval (naturally), has sent 250 or so troops to Iraq to help “train” the beleaguered victims of the terrorists overtaking the country he all but abandoned. Which is, of course, nothing more than a move to placate critics and create a veneer of concern over the disintegration of Iraq and the ascension of an Islamist caliphate, beginning with its own nation state.

Then it’s off to golf — flying his giant jumbo jet into a drought-plagued area to play a round in the desert.

Obama is a Manchurian candidate — a description I offer up to those of you who continue to wrestle with how he can do what he does, or who continue to debate whether he’s bumblingly incompetent and distant or a dedicated soldier to the transnational progressive (read: worldwide Marxist / communist) totalitarian cause.

What’s being done domestically follows Cloward-Piven and uses the tactics of divide and conquer Alinsky promoted; what’s being done internationally is an attempt to weaken US force projection and “level the playing field,” as if somehow it’s appropriate to suggest that mullahs calling for the destruction of entire countries and religious groups are equal to constitutional republics that stand for the rule of law and equality before it.

I’ve long called Obama the faculty lounge president, largely because his Said-infested ideological mindset — straight from Orientalism — combined with his Marxist upbringing and training in community divisiveness and mau mauing the flak catchers, underpins his entire worldview:  America is an imperialist entity whose people have risen on the misfortunes of noble savages elsewhere.  And people like him need to rectify that — even  if it means becoming a king (and enjoying the trappings of that power) to do so, because it’s all for a moral cause.

The US needs right now not 250 troops in Iraq training those abandoning their posts before the threat of 7th-century-type barbarism.  The US needs right now to show that, finally, it is ready to fight and win a war — which requires a massive show of air power and heavy bombing, and the absolute and utter destruction of the enemy.

Unfortunately for the US, Obama’s allegiances are more with those we’re fighting then with those he’s sworn to defend.  And yes, I truly do believe that.  Because there’s no other way to explain a foreign policy that has allowed the entirety of the middle east to swing toward control by Islamists, that is critical almost solely of Israel, and which has stood by and done nothing while Russia and China try to recreate the conditions of the Cold War.

This is a Bill Ayers wet dream.  And the only thing missing is the death camps he once longed to see erected to put down those undesirables who wouldn’t come around to his grand plans of a Utopia in which he and his like ruled over the masses like so many credentialed tyrants.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:45am

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  1. As I remarked a day ago, with ClownDisaster in the saddle I believe Jordan can kiss its Hashemite ass goodbye. The balking wonder there, however, is that if the likelihood seems obvious to one so distant as I, what the hell is King Abdullah waiting for? He thinks he has something else than his head to lose?

  2. What an athlete leaves office in him.

  3. How dare you call the President of the United States a putz?


    Ohhhhhh. Never mind.

  4. Take a look at Chris Cuomo. I haven’t listened to the tape but merely read the transcript so I have not heard whatever passion may be in Cuomo’s voice. However, I think I can sense his cathartic passion (a nihilism) in the rapidity of his press to finality. Disempassioned calm there seems none.

  5. – So in a week where Bumblefuck is so beset with failures in all directions that he bolts for a far away golf course as his stock answer to any and all issues and problems, lo and behold, at a juncture of much needed “good news” and distraction, Shazam, and as if by magic a Benghazi suspect is captured.

    – Abso-fucking-lutely amazing I tells you, the timing, the coincidence. Bullshit.

    – How much longer are we going to have to eat shit for this fucking Commie and his Fascist admin?

  6. Was he night putting?

  7. At least King George III and his minions were civilized.

    The Jarrett Junto are a bunch of Nihilists.

  8. The US needs right now to show that, finally, it is ready to fight and win a war — which requires a massive show of air power and heavy bombing, and the absolute and utter destruction of the enemy.

    We already know how to fight and win wars.

    We don’t want to do what it takes to fight and win a war and ensure a peace afterwards. That, unfortunately, entails not really giving a shit about how many civilians die when taking out the enemy.

  9. The Jarrett Junto doesn’t need ‘Obama’ around to do the real work, BH. He’s just the show part.

  10. Anyone heard from that Colin Powell piece of shit yet?

    I will ask the googles later.

  11. – Issa should simply charge them all with contempt and send the entire staff to jail for awhile. You’d be surprised just how fast those emails would be found.

    – But we don’t do anything with common sense anymore, especially if it inconveniences Dem voters.

  12. It’s not the convenience of Dem voters Issa is worried about.

    It’s the complicity of the leadership and the senior membership.

  13. Bob, yeah, and I don’t remember who said it, but, basically, Gandhi’s schtick wouldn’t have worked against Islamists. Mahatma would have been minus his head within a couple of days.

  14. Gandhi himself said that his tactics worked only because the British were a civilized people.

  15. Colin Powell on the Iraq crisis? That’s a curious.
    Nope, nothing new. Just leftists recycling his “you break it, you own it” twerk from 2003.

    He’ll slither out, probably standing next to Hillary, and blame BOOOOOOOOOOSH!.

  16. Oh. Dammitalltohell, Hillary Clinton blocked me.

    Can’t understand it. Just.Can’t. )

  17. Henceforward I shall refer to him as King Putt.