June 15, 2014

Obama turns UCI commencement address into political stump speech [Darleen Click] UPDATE

… Lindsay Lohan is still drunk and Miley Cyrus is still flashing body parts …

They just can’t help themselves.

Describing lawmakers and pundits who deny manmade climate change as a “fairly serious threat to everybody’s future,” President Obama on Saturday called for less debate and more action in combating warming trends. […]

Speaking at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, Obama compared the scientific problem of curbing climate change to that of putting a man on the moon. And while skeptics in the 1960s may have made a case against the mission, Obama said he couldn’t remember “saying the moon wasn’t there, or that it was made of cheese.”

“Today’s Congress, though, is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence about climate change,” he said. “They’ll tell you it’s a hoax, or a fad.” […]

“People are thinking about politics instead of thinking about what’s good for the next generation,” he added later. […]

Climate change deniers, he said, at least “have the brass to say what they actually think.”

Others, he said, duck questions about climate change by saying, “Hey, I’m not a scientist.”

“Let me translate: what that means is, ‘I accept that manmade climate change is real, but if I admit it, I’ll be run out of town by a radical fringe that thinks climate science is a liberal plot,’” he said.

Since of Age of Choom, Barack, The Great Slayer of Strawmen, is ever vigilant.

Jesus wept.

h/t Donald Douglas


UPDATE: For someone who demands we all genuflect before Manmade Global Warming, Obama sure does love his own carbon footprint.

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  1. At least the NASA scientists had Werner von Braun and the V-2 rockets to show that rockets actually can carry a payload. Is there ANY indication that we can control the weather, even in a small area (say a single county or large town) before we start trying to control the weather over larger areas?

    We can’t even control the weather in a closed blimp hangar (as evidenced by the frequent cloud formation near the tops of the insides of the large hangars at the airbase in Mountain View, which used to be NAS Moffett Field). Those were large enough to allow for hot air balloon rides indoors when we had Open Base Days (usually when the Blue Angels came along). But Bumbles thinks that anyone who says “You can’t control the weather” is a “denier” (implying the same level of hatred as “Holocaust denier”), rather than a “realist”.

    And no one I know is saying that the climate doesn’t change, but merely that Mankind has almost nothing to do with that change, or the degree thereof, as evidenced by the fact that Mars is also getting warmer, and I don’t recall any recent manned colonization missions by SUV manufacturers…

  2. What is primordial oxygen producing blue-green algae plus a billion years or so?

    A good start.

  3. As usual, Bumbles is overstating the objections of the “denier” crowd, since he never took a science class. I’ve been having a discussion with some college kids about global warming and sharing with them the widespread belief that we were all going to freeze to death in the coming Ice Age (See multiple covers of Time magazine in the late 70s) if we didn’t starve to death first from overpopulation. Clearly, we are still here, so let’s all settle the fuck down, shall we?

  4. John Hinderaker: Richard Lindzen on Climate Hysteria

    A 45 min video lecture Lindzen delivered last April 10.

  5. [i]Climate change deniers, he said, at least “have the brass to say what they actually think.” – See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=54019#comments%5B/i%5D

    A. If only “progressives” had the brass for same, instead of their constant disingenuousness.

    B. WTF denies that “climate has ever changed?”

  6. B. WTF denies that “climate has ever changed?”

    – The brain dead Progs intentionally conflate natural climate change with “man made” like every other lie they tell because they have no case except junk science, far too skinny on real evidence to base conclusions on.

    – But at this point they know that if “man made Climate change” dies so do they, so they protect it to the grave.

  7. Raw footage of the commencement address here.

  8. The agw crowd would like us to believe that the argument is over whether the climate is changing but that’s a smokescreen. A 5-billion-year geological record shows that the climate continually changes and the changes have been far more radical than anything the agw crowd predicts.

    Fifteen thousand years ago most of North America north of the 40th parallel was under a sheet of ice up to a mile think. Seven thousand years ago during the Holocene “altithermal” there were areas of open blowing sand dunes extending from western Wyoming, through northeast Colorado, all the way to central Nebraska, an area four times the size of the modern Sahara.

    Far more radical climate change than these clowns are predicting and all attributable to natural causes. Fact is, given accurate enough instruments and a sufficient number of measurements over time, the real surprise would be if we couldn’t detect some change in the climate. The real argument is over what factors drive climate change, to what extent human activity might be a factor and, if so, what if anything we can do about it.

    I haven’t read the 2014 IPCC report, but I did read the entire 2007 report and there, once you get past the politicized summary, you find that the conclusion is that there’s a good probability (better than 62%) that human activity is a factor in the increased temperatures over the last 40 years. A factor, not the factor. That’s as good as it gets for the science of agw. They don’t even attempt to say <b.how big of a factor, just that it probably is a factor.

    That’s pretty darn weak tea for a movement that argues we ought to cripple the US economy if that’s what it takes to stop global warming. It’s also enormously silly. A clean environment is a luxury good affordable only by affluent societies. Destroy the economy and people will be less than enthusiastic about bearing the extra cost of “clean” energy.

    Bottom line, the agw proponents are modern-day Luddites and a pack of fools. But you knew that.

  9. Pretty much everything proggs say is an attempted Brezhnev Doctrine. The old joke about “one man, one vote, one time” has morphed into “change once, and never again.”

  10. Meanwhile, actual sciency guys predict global cooling of 1 degree C by 2020 in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics.

    Of course, the article is by the same guy who pointed out that CO2 lags temperature, so he is not doubt a member of the cisheteronormative patriachy of denialists.

  11. He was there in spirit, NR.

  12. I always imagined controlling the weather to mean zapping tornados with lasers prepositioned along dangerous areas. Seeding clouds with silver iodine then managing the resulting floods brilliantly. Moving water from flooded areas to draught areas. Curbing jet streams for warmth, and to provide relieve to heat stricken areas. Common sense practical things, not purely political economic bullshit as it turns out. That is the nonsense these ass wipes are selling so hard that is flatly rejected by practical-minded citizens.

    Disgust with this causes me to make blueberry turnovers that are light as balloons. When you eat one, or three, or six, as I did today, they leave beautifully faintly buttery flakes on your lips. Like butter flake lipstick. Blueberries with a little brown sugar, vermouth and scant almond cognac. Who does that?

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    Why Obama “owns” Iraq

  22. President Obama is making Bill Clinton look like an honest man.

    Generally, it’s those who scoff at climate change that are run out of town, not the other way around.

  23. – So now Lurch is joining right in with Bumblefucks leading from behind and Hillary’s “not a clue”.

    – “Oh can we slide in here and somehow try to remain relevant, because we look so weak and pathetic so please throw us a bone.”

    – What a bunch of human waste.

  24. Jordan can pretty much kiss its Hasemite ass goodbye, but hey, maybe that means the Palestinians will finally get their Jordanian-ish citizenship under the new al-Qaeda Caliphate regime.

  25. Too, Caroline Glick’s ideas concerning Judea and Samaria would then be in play merely as a matter of Israeli national survival. Patty-cake time is over. It’s come time to get serious.

  26. Russia shuts off Ukraine’s gas supply with a loud *click* after the Ukies try to talk tough about sale pricing on already delivered gas.

  27. When (not “if”) they turn against Israel, there will be a lot of examples of double-flash/high-neutron-yield glass-making. Mecca, Qom, Teheran, Riyadh, et alia, will be among the locations where such glass will be found in high quantities, although it might not be safe to use until several half-lifes have elapsed.

    Israel will NOT, repeat NOT, “go gently into that good night”. If their existence is threatened, they will ensure an honor guard in the afterlife. Probably on a deadman switch.

  28. Swen,
    As you well know, the Progressives conceal themselves in the folds of complexity, wherein they proclaim “the science is settled.” Look for any thicket of uncertainties, and you’ll find warrens full of screeching, “knowledge-based” advocates proclaiming their certain prognoses.

    Look at climate mathematically, and you’ll see the requisite uncertainty: weather is the change (or delta) in temperature, humidity, precipitation et al in a given period (let’s use the 24hr. day). But climate is the change in the weather (or, the delta of the delta) over a defined, longer period. But now, in claiming to understand climatechange, Obama is pretending to comprehend the delta of a delta of a delta! Pretty good for a constitutioinal scholar, huh?

    And, as an added bonus, so long as this tripartite derivative equation remains unsolvable, it will harbor the Democrats’ communists. It’s simple, really. Look for any complicated matter that defies easy lay-description, and there you’ll find the Progressives hollowing-out the nation’s martial, intellectual, financial and traditional cores, like worms.

    And, sure as the sun rises in the East, from deep inside the briar-patch of innumeracy emanate prescriptions from our Communist President. He purposefully conceals himself behind this derivative equation of such complexity that it is certain to befuddle most government-educated citizens, just to herd them from one corral to another.

    Sure, this junk plays best among those campused by dependency, debt and contract to bend to the whips and scolds common in Progressive campuses. You could say, in fact, that with this speech, Obama is just smoothing ruffles among his fickle base. But it appears more sinister on another level, like he’s trying to incite his campus-ed corps of indebted credentialed’s to enforce their oppressive confines on the rest of us.

    Which, suggests to me that he’d happily deploy these clueless zombies to ‘herd’ the rest of us free citizens onto one of his tax-plantations for regular milkings. Or, if he should take a clue from his near-relatives in the Masai culture, into the nearest stable where we’re to submit to regular bleedings!

    For the children, of course! Forward!

  29. For arguments sake I was ready to accept some basics of AGW but, would argue against schemes like carbon trading and the wild predictions of catastrophe. However, I started thinking about how the biomass of ants alone outweighs all of us and our domesticated critters and most likely produces more carbon dioxide that our machinery.

    I believe even bats alone outsize us. Birds certainly do. If we all dropped dead tomorrow, carbon dioxide will still be produce in great quantities.

  30. I think there is a tremendous amount of hubris in thinking that the human race could come together and implement a plan to Save the Planet™.

  31. Fly over the entire country, east to west. Realize it’s only a fraction of the world. Say to yourself, “Yes, I’m smart enough to Save the Planet. “

  32. >. If we all dropped dead tomorrow, carbon dioxide will still be produce in great quantities. RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions. (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and ridicule works.)<

  33. Exactly. Then, fly over the Pacific Ocean. Three to four hours of . . . water.