June 15, 2014

Happy Father’s Day [Darleen Click]

To Jeff, to all the dads here at PW, to dads everywhere, to dads still with us and in remembrance of dads who are not –

– the responsibilities and obligations you take on are formidable and sometimes the recognition of the importance of what you do isn’t what it should be.

But even if gratitude is delayed, it is there.

Love, too.

Posted by Darleen @ 9:25am

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  1. Hey pop, enjoy again.

  2. Happy Father’s Day, ye hobbits!

  3. It has just occurred to me that there is no such thing as a Great-Grandparents Day. *has a sad*

    (Our first great-grandchild is just over five months old. Woot!)

  4. Sweet, Gramps! I see a niche in the greeting card industry that needs to be filled.

  5. Maybe they figure if you’re old enough to be a great-grandparent then you probably can’t see well enough to read anyway.


  6. For remembrance of the Founding Fathers, or we could say Framing Fathers:

    On this day, a Friday, June 15th, 1787, in Convention, Delegate William Patterson of N.J. presented his plan “to be substituted in place of that proposed by Mr. Randolph”, which Virginia Plan had been submitted to the Convention by Edmund Randolph on May 29th prior.

    After some little discussion of the most proper mode of giving it a fair deliberation it was agreed that it should be referred to a Committee of the whole, and that in order to place the two plans in due comparison, the other should be recommitted. At the earnest desire of Mr. Lansing & some other gentlemen, it was also agreed that the Convention should not go into Committee of the whole on the subject till tomorrow, by which delay the friends of the plan proposed by Mr. Patterson wd. be better prepared to explain & support it, and all would have an opportuy. of taking copies.

    Here in Mr. Patterson’s plan the fraught term “impeachment” makes yet another appearance, in this wise:

    5.) Resd. that a federal Judiciary be established to consist of a supreme Tribunal the Judges of which to be appointed by the Executive, & to hold their offices during good behaviour, to receive punctually at stated times a fixed compensation for their services in which no increase or diminution shall be made, so as to affect the persons actually in office at the time of such increase or diminution; that the Judiciary so established shall have authority to hear & determine in the first instance on all impeachments of federal officers, & by way of appeal in the dernier resort in all cases touching the rights of Ambassadors, in all cases of captures from an enemy, in all cases of piracies & felonies on the high Seas, in all cases in which foreigners may be interested, in the construction of any treaty or treaties, or which may arise on any of the Acts for regulation of trade, or the collection of the federal Revenue: that none of the Judiciary shall during the time they remain in office be capable of receiving or holding any other office or appointment during their time of service, or for _____ thereafter.

    At any rate, the subject seems to have been on the minds of the delegates, returning again and again for discussion.

  7. then you probably can’t see well enough to read anyway.

    That’s why God made audiobooks :P

  8. Drum

    Congrats! I’m very happy to have my own parents still around and that my girls have made them great-grands 4 times. :-)

  9. Happy Father’s Day, dads, granddads, and even great-granddaddios!