June 14, 2014

Ants always find the sugar [Darleen Click]

… as the still-missed Ric Locke used to say, and it certainly applies to Uncle Sugar

Busloads of people are being sent to Fort Bliss, Texas, according to Judicial Watch. “Three large buses recently pulled into the hangar then unloaded passengers out of sight as if to hide what’s going on,” Judicial Watch reports based on its source. “The Obama administration has identified three military installations — Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Ventura County Naval Base in southern California and Ft. Still Army Base in Oklahoma — as the only ones being used to process the barrage of illegal alien youths that have crossed into the U.S. through Mexico recently,” the report says. Fort Bliss has not been identified.

“This shows the situation has spiraled completely out of control,” a Senate Republican aide suggested to National Review Online. “Which is why the administration is hiding the details from the American public.”

NRO’s Ryan Lovelace talked to Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera, who explained why the surge of young illegal immigrants is taking place.

“I’ve heard people come in and say, ‘You’re going to let me go, just like you let my mother go, just like you let my sister go. You’re going to let me go as well, and the government’s going to take care of us,’” Cabrera said. “Until we start mandatory detentions, mandatory removals, I don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse.”

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  1. This isn’t how the alien invasion was supposed to go. I don’t think Slim Whitman’s going to save us this time.

  2. … as the always-missed Ric Locke…


  3. don’t think anything is going to change. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to get worse.”


    Which, that’s pretty much the conclusion to draw from every bone-headed Oministration act since 2009.

  4. Or

    the drosophila the vinegar

    the dung-beetle the dreck

    (since it’s democrat policy we’re talkin’ here)

  5. Perhaps my choice for a title for my blog was not as dumb as some family members thought it was in 2008:
    The Camp Of The Saints

  6. … as the always-missed Ric Locke…

    Yes, the loss of his outrageously sensible insight into damn near everything is an incalculable loss. I wonder how many people whose path he crossed IRL ever realized just how bright a “broken toothed redneck” they were engaging.

    At least we still have dicentra. And that Goldstein dude, though I hear he’s a bit of an asshole.

  7. I would never accuse Jeff of doing anything halfway.

  8. I still maintain that if we were to build one centralized holding/processing center for illegal aliens in the middle of Alaska most of the problem would resolve itself.

  9. Somebody tell me this guy mistakenly uploaded this to The Hill when he really sought The Onion ?

  10. The extremism and intolerance that Reid condemns was dramatized once again this week, when as staunch a conservative as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor…

    That’s as far as you need read, I’m guessing.

    “Staunch.” Seems one around here claimed that as descriptor..I still chuckle when I contemplate it.

  11. Not treason, Bob, just tactics; Alinsky meets Cloward-Piven. There’s so much going on, Obama’s pushing all the buttons, that this little Republic is ready to pop. Pontifex hisself warns of Global Economic Collapse (but then, again, he calls on capitalists to share the wealth..what slays me is, all of those who hate Capitalism can’t discover any other economic system that will both sustain our enlightened standards and feed the poor. Christ certainly didn’t mention anything new).

    We’ve so many fronts open now that our porous borders only distract from Iraq, and from Russia flying nuke-filled bombers 50 miles from California’s coasts. I fully expect to read soon enough that Ukraine has been invaded by Russian tanks.


  12. why exactly can’t we send the charming little urchins to Beohnerfag’s district?

  13. *Boehnerfag* I mean

  14. why exactly can’t we send the charming little urchins to Beohnerfag’s district?

    I say we send them to your apartment so you can make them cupcakes or something.

  15. no way i just got the couch recovered

  16. Alinsky meets Cloward-Piven

    And Hillary meets Saul.

  17. Serr8d, the author’s a career political puke. He probably thinks The Onion is an instruction manual.

  18. >no way i just got the couch recovered<

    you probably have a vinyl covered couch like grandma in the '70s

  19. That’d be “staunch” vinyl, newrouter. AKA naugahyde.

  20. Poor old Hillary. We shouldn’t pick on old enfeebled wrinkled old broom-riders or they’ll unleash a steaming vat of brew about our ankles…

  21. Ric? Yes. And TJTexs? Oh how I miss them,

  22. – For his next magic trick Obama will appoint a child molester to his cabinet as SecEd.

    – He has a total tin-ear on every faucet of social sensibility, no wonder the Fascist Left love him.

  23. ****Brent Budowsky: *burble* as Churchill

    While commentators grow impatient with *burble* Churchillian warnings about the consequences of failure in the Middle East peace process, the world might sadly witness how right *burble* is.

    As Vladimir Putin escalates his war against Ukraine, employs lies as an instrument of invasion and subversion, and wages war against the sanctity of sovereignty and borders that has kept the peace in Europe since Hitler fell and the Berlin Wall tumbled, *burble* calls on a timid Europe to demonstrate resolve with the moral force with which Churchill addressed Neville Chamberlain.


    When John *burble* studies reports from scientists that say the Earth is gravely endangered by climate change caused by polluters who pour money into corrupting our politics while they pour toxins that poison the planet, he warns about these dangers, as Churchill warned about dangers in his day, and does what he can to stop it.

    John *burble* on Middle East peace is like the John Adams character in the play “1776,” who says: “Is anybody there? Does anybody care? Does anybody see what I see?”


    *burble* is right when he offers his Churchillian warnings to Israelis that their nation’s demography and democracy will be deformed if Israel becomes a permanent occupying power. *burble* is right when he offers his warnings to Palestinians that if ancient hatred against Jews and Israel prevails, they will be doomed to endless poverty, futility and carnage.

    To Israelis, I counsel: Name a true national unity government and freeze ALL settlements for 90 days. To Palestinians, I propose: Set aside any deals with those who would destroy Israel and try once more for peace. To both I plead: Listen carefully to the Churchillian call from *burble*, because the hourglass of his effort is running out of sand, and if you miss this moment, you will rue the day until the end of time.

    Similarly, to our friends in Europe, this is a moment for strength and resolve. When *burble*calls, you will have heard that voice before. It is the voice from bloodstained battlefields of Europe for time immemorial, from those who learned the hard way what happens when aggression is not resisted with courage.****

  24. The “hourglass” of the progressive left’s “peace process” will never run out until all of Israel is driven into the sea.

    It is not courage alone which can resist aggression, strength and the courage to use it violently to stop the aggressor is what has to be done.

    But then Sir *burble* a- lot would counsel women to use their “courage” to lie back and think of *burble* while the rapist does his worst. Defending yourself is just not right or a right. Let your security detail deal with that nasty stuff.

  25. What we face and the finding of a new solution.

  26. Notice how Mr. Taheri never for a moment questions whether Islam was political before it became a religion geoffb, along those highly plausible findings of purely historical researchers? Once the “fix” [i.e., Allah via Muhammed, the quran collected] was in, this possibly truthful thesis seems to be beyond all bounds of rational discourse.

  27. He must gloss over the period from the rise of Muhammed through the Caliphates and also not make reference to the facts that for non-muslims life under the Caliphate was not wonderful as they were all second class citizens whose lives and fortunes could be forfeit at the whim of the Muslims they had any dealings with or the ruler and his underlings. They were as, or even worse than, women are under Sharia law.

    Whether Islam was religion or political first is a chicken or egg question. Clearly even under Muhammed it was both. Which it was first would depend on what was in the mind of the founder but clearly later it was a political order, maintained and expanded by force which had the religion as its axiomatic principles. Principles which the original caliphs made written in stone by how they set about making the book, which is now the one and only “word of God” since they destroyed all that did not comport with their vision of their own power over all.

  28. As always, the answer is to help Muslim nations build democracies in which Islam could re-become a religion rather than a political ideology.

    Excuse me? When was it ever NOT a political ideology? That was the whole point of Muhammad’s plagiarism of Judeo-Christianity and cobbling it on to a race-based nationalism.

  29. Though not purely an example of ants finding sugar, nevertheless the Palestinian terror horde sure seems to know where to take the most precious, the dearest and sweetest from the Israelis, in order to inflict pain where it hurts worst.

    Scott Johnson: The PA celebrates a kidnapping.

  30. Obama to IRS “erase those emails,” oh, wait.

  31. Iraq

    ISIS: The creature that (hopefully) devours both.

  32. Mysteries abound where lies are normal speech.