June 9, 2014

Satch and Rulon Gardner, part 2



Two years ago, during his first year at the Ken Chertow Gold Medal Wrestling Camp, Satch got to meet and train with Olympic Gold Medalist Rulon Gardner.  This year, Rulon was back, and he showed the wrestlers a number of great underhook set-ups to throws and take downs.

Satch has come a long way in those two years, and even though once again he’s wrestling kids heavier than himself, he’s been doing quite well in the sessions I’ve watched (though I’m keeping away for the most part so he can do this year’s camp on his own as much as possible).

I was, however, there last evening, when Coach Chertow, himself a former Olympian and Penn State Coach, singled out what he dubbed the “bulldog corner” — picking Satchel and his practice partner, as well as another pair of kids a bit bigger — to demonstrate the intensity he wanted to see in drilling a strong double leg takedown.

My wife was there with me and we were both very proud of him for being selected to demonstrate for the other campers, and for being motivated enough that his efforts were singled out in the first place.

It’s tough being away from him when he’s being coached, but at the same time, it’s good that he’s receiving coaching from some of the best wrestlers this country has ever produced.  In addition to working with Rulon Gardner and Chertow, Satchel worked these past few days with 4-time Iowa All-American Mike Mena and a host of national champions and All-Americans, including several from the Colorado wrestling hall of fame.

He has a ways to go before he’s ready to really take that next step — many of Coach Chertows campers are east coasters and go to his camps year round — but if he sticks with it, there’s no denying his abilities.

Congrats, Satch.  Even if you never read this.







Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:45pm

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  1. Wow. Rulon Gardner!

    He’s a Mormon, you know. Watch close that Mormonism don’t smudge off onto your kid. A premoistened wipe should do it.

  2. Part of the joys of parenting – coaching your kid as far as you can, then turning him over to the next level of expertise.

  3. Holy shit, that’s amazing, man.

  4. That’s terrific! WTG, Satch!

  5. A hearty ‘Huzzah!’ for Master Satchel.

  6. Knowing how fitness conscious Jeff is, I’m interest to see what happens when Satch hits puberty (he undoubtedly has good strength and endurance now and already has exceptional wrestling skills).

  7. Strength, endurance, commitment — and he uses his head for something besides a wind tunnel.

  8. Add girls: instant idiot.

    You fellas remember.

  9. i remember the 8th grade grrl kicking me in the balls in the empty halls of jr high school.

  10. the big guy looks like the nicest guy ever

  11. That’s an awesome picture! Rulon always reminded me of the beefy farm boys I grew up with in Iowa. Not the huge, menacing, bullying assholes, but rather the quiet, unassuming giants that nobody even realized were that big and strong, until somebody did something to rile them up.