June 7, 2014

Isla Vista is to teh Womyns as the Birmingham Church bombing was to blacks … [Darleen Click]

The Los Angeles Times decided to toss forth a token column featuring a common sense admonition against the Vagina Warrior faction’s co-opting of the atrocity in Santa Barbara.

No talking point, however, has proved nearly as tenacious or tendentious as the misogyny angle. According to this narrative, and based on his videos and writings, Rodger committed his crimes because he hated women for not sleeping with him. And he responded to rejection with hate because of a culture of male privilege that tells men they are entitled to sex. That culture exists because our society is rooted in a fundamentally patriarchal ethos.

And so on. Never mind that four of the dead (five if you count Rodger) were men. Never mind that he had been in treatment for social and psychological issues since he was a child, presumably long before he became interested in unattainable blond coeds. In the media, especially social media, the conversation has been less about the victims, female and otherwise, than female victimization in general. […]

It’s human nature to attempt to assign meaning to tragedy, and the more senseless the tragedy, the more inclined we are to impose teachable moments on what would otherwise be incomprehensible atrocities. But the lesson of Isla Vista, at least so far, may be that there’s not all that much to learn, there’s not all that much that could have been done.

As frustrating as that is, it must be even more frustrating, even infuriating, for the family members of victims to watch their personal tragedy be co-opted into a rallying cry for women who, whatever injustice or violation they’ve suffered at the hands of men, still happen not to have been murdered by one.

The only thing amazing about Megan Daum’s column is that it was actually published.

But it does allow for some great examples of invincible ignorance in Letters to the Editor.

Since Aeschylus’ “Eumenides” featured the goddess Athena representing the woman who sides with the oppression of women (“There is no mother who gave me birth … I am always for the male”), there have always been women who will voice the “safe” viewpoint, making the same excuses as the oblivious mainstream.

The #YesAllWomen movement is not co-opting the Isla Vista tragedy any more than the civil rights movement co-opted the church bombing in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. Both events were tragedies that occurred amid oppression and were born out of that oppression, but both events woke up more people to the need for change.

This movement should not be silenced now or at any later time. To paraphrase a well-known male songwriter, how many deaths will it take ’til we learn that too many women have died?

Lynne Bronstein
Van Nuys


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  1. *** . . . he hated women for not sleeping with him . . . ***

    Which, faugh, amiright? Everyone knows genuine misogynists hate the distaff-bearers for yielding to sexual advances, not because they have the fiber to resisting them.

    It would additionally be a kindness if for once in the history of the modern world the term tragedy could be used with its proper meaning attached. But hey, wouldn’t want to become accustomed to any meager discernment, certainly not at this late date in the flow of imperious events.

  2. Have an eggroll.

  3. I was unfortunate enough to catch Amynda Marcotte on CNN yesterday where she opined on Pope Francis’ admonition that people not substitute pets for children, and totally burned His Holiness with the observation that he is childless. Myndy is nothing if not a deep thinker. The Pope’s mutitude of cats, if they exist, were unavailable for comment.

    She was also allowed to present herself as most absolutely not being anti-Catholic, although they apparently didn’t have time to consider the other ancient mythologies we’d have to justify our misogyny with if Mary had taken Plan B after the Lord filled her with his hot, white, sticky Holy Spirit.

    24/7 coverage and still nothing on.

  4. it reads to me like lynne is having a monologue with her vagina

  5. The #YesAllWomen movement is not co-opting the Isla Vista tragedy any more than the civil rights movement co-opted the church bombing in Birmingham, Ala., in 1963. Both events were tragedies that occurred amid oppression and were born out of that oppression, but both events woke up more people to the need for change.

    Lynne should explain that to Condoleeza Rice.

  6. To paraphrase a well-known male songwriter, how many deaths will it take ’til we learn that too many women have died?

    In which 2 > 5.

  7. I’m sure Lynne would reply with “Yabbut . . . “

  8. “Need for change”? I’m all for liberals and wimps (BIRM) not being allowed access to weaponry. Makes it easier to bleach the gene pool when the need arises. Above and beyond the slow-motion action of not being able to reproduce the next generation through failure to actually “get busy”, that is…

  9. ” both events woke up more people to the need for change.”

    What change are you proposing and what positive effect do you honestly expect it to have? If you think you can change the existence here and there of crazy violent people who will try to kill others then YOU are the one who needs to change. And the type of change I recommend is to WAKE THE FUCK UP AND LOOK AT THE ACTUAL WORLD AROUND YOU AND DEFEND YOURSELF AS BEST YOU ARE ABLE BECAUSE NOBODY WILL EVER FIX THIS PROBLEM BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE FIXED. If you want to beat people over the head with your irrational desire for pie in the sky then expect serious push back against your harmful naivete. We don’t all need more shackles to give you a false sens of increase security.

    If you feel safe in that world, then you messed up.

  10. Liberal Democrat Introduces Federal Bill to Confiscate Guns

    Some enterprising, sane American should expeditiously draw up a counter-measure, call it An Anti-Leftist Bill for the Prevention of General Stupefaction, and re-introduce the text of the original Bill of Rights as the body of that measure, so as to “seek a brain violence prevention orders to permanently stop leftists, either close or far from themselves, who pose a danger to themselves or others by means of inducing brain damage under a rubric of stupidity.

  11. This movement should not be silenced now or at any later time.

    No one wants to silence anything. We just want to mock those participating, for the short time this stupidity lasts, that is until the cold realization penetrates even the thickest ideologue’s mind that Rodgers killed because he was crazy, and would have killed even if he had gotten laid.

    And I thought gay weddings were supposed to solve this sort of thing ?

  12. You know why turtles don’t smoke after sex?

    Not enough friction.

  13. plus they like to cuddle

  14. I’ll bet Grandpa Jones had a smokin’ turtle recipe.

  15. Greetings:

    Back in the Bronx of the ’50s and ’60s, I remember the Italian tailor in our neighborhood saying. “Euripides, Eunendides.” Really. Honest. But it was all Greek to me.

  16. heh, an oldie but goodie. Back in 1963 I got to know a Greek-Cypriot IBM colleague of my dad’s whose name was pronounced Efmeneios, may have been spelled in English Evmeneios, I don’t know, and certainly derived from eumenês, “well-intending”, “kindly”, or whathaveyou. The avenging and ruthless kindness of the Furies — we can guess — likely escapes many people today.

  17. Via FNS this morning, Brother Juan opines that Bergdahl is the “prodigal son” who were obliged to “love”.

    Juan needs more Sunday school.

  18. *we’re*

  19. Love the sinner, sure — doesn’t mean we overlook the sin.

  20. Sure ‘nough, McGehee.

    Juan misses the point of the parable in that the son returns to the father (God), thus the occasion for celebration and forgiveness. The son in the parable is a shitheel, but he has seen the error of his ways. Not so with Taliban Bowe.

    Who spells Beau as Bowe? He has a sister named Skye, too. Stupid hippies.

  21. ‘taint difficult to see who ol’ neighbor Juan loves, and that isn’t the bit-player WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe. Nope.

  22. Uh-oh, ClownDistasterSecOStateJohannesKerry has gone and done it now, accusing SoftServeJihadiNoori of purveying pork-sausages in the form of mortadella. Allah forfend, what heretical insult will they think up next?

  23. Perhaps Carre meant beef baloney?

    WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe is now claiming he was tortured by the Haqqanis/Taliban/Amway folks with who he played soccer and toted guns.

  24. If playing soccer isn’t torture, I don’t know what is.

    Except maybe watching soccer.

  25. Definitely watching soccer.

  26. Keeping the narrative on Bergdahl is what the media and the left want in this just like in the 90s they kept it on Monica and not on all the other stuff that Clinton[s] had done.

    The real focus should always be on both who he traded away and the fact that any trade was made at all. The Haqqanis would likely have taken a cash payment if a deal had to be made but what has been seen so far doesn’t make it seem that any deal was imperative except to the Obama team who wanted a chance to release them some Gitmo guys.

  27. Watching soccer is practically a benign torture compared with watching that pathetic spastic piece of shit Ubaldo issuing “professional” walks, doubles and grand-salamis every few days. Fuck him and that creepy Duquette horse he rode in on.

  28. On consideration I suspect Earl would put punkassed Machado on the pine for a few games, maybe three or four, until he got his mind straight. I doubt Showalter has the good sense to do that, but could be the League will do it for him.

  29. “No, no no, that’s what I’m saying. That’s not what I’m saying, Elise,” Kerry pushed back, calling it “offensive and incomprehensible to consciously leave an American behind, no matter what.

    So if the Taliban had demanded that Obama and Kerry resign for the release of Bergdahl, they’d both quit? Aw, hells no. That’s just bullshit.

    Has Obama been betraying that ideal all these years that this deal has been shot down?

  30. I take your point Pablo but seriously those Taliban fuckers are smart enough to know that ClownDisaster and his right-hand chucklehead are their finest allies in all the Western world. Sooner they’d ask for IWonPenPhone to turn over a Bush in exchange, dontcha think?

  31. I just watched Mr. Limpet the story of a transfish who left his wife and escorted one of the D-Day invasion convoys or something. Stupidest fucking movie this side of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I kind of want to dig Don Knotts up and kick his corpse in the groin. Will no one set this troublesome TV of mine on fire?!

  32. does heinz-kerry have the hat?

  33. Palaeo, the fact that you’re watching it may be the problem. I delivered the coup d’grace to mine two years ago. I’ve felt much better since.

  34. Transfish need hugs, too, h8r, although I’m with you on the stupid seagulls.

  35. Aw c’mon. I liked the crabby old, um, crab.