June 7, 2014

Awesome, dad! [Darleen Click]

Posted by Darleen @ 10:10am

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  1. Greetings:

    Part of my mother’s Eternal Vigilance Program was trying to limit the time my father and I spent without her guidance. She seemed to think that we operated on a behavioral spectrum that ranged from “he’s his father’s son” to “they’re as think as thieves”.

  2. Awesome! All you other dads need to step it up.

  3. Ok, sure, but where’s the little-man’s PopTart? Who can conquer without a PopTart?

  4. Hell, even the littlest-man has a PopTart he has nibbled into the shape of a SundayMorningTalkShowPistola (he calls it suzyrice), and look how he conquers!

  5. I need one o’ them hoseless spray nozzles.

    Also, a mower with lightsaber blades.

  6. OhLord, don’t let Susan Rice see this one. The “leaked” videos will become quite onerous.

  7. here is the son of the year

  8. Careful kid. They’ll suspend you for imaginary hand grenades now.

    That said it’s nice to see someone finally getting some use out of that old Maya + Aftereffects bundle they bought on sale four years ago because the low price dazzled them.