June 4, 2014

“Bergdahl Team Leader: Bowe Bergdahl Sought Talks with Taliban Terrorists”

Most of you have heard about this. But now you can actually hear it, too.

These soldiers are taking enormous risks. From what I’ve heard, they were required to enter into non-disclosure agreements — the same thing, rumor has it, that was foisted on the 30 survivors from Benghazi. By the most transparent administration EVAH!

And yet there are still dead-enders out there who believe Obama is the One and Only.

Which, fuck no. Cyrus was the One and Only. So somebody should tell these useful idiots to stop praying to false idols and start bopping their way back to Coney Island.

Caaaaannnnn youuuuuuuu diggggggg ittttt…?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:39am

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  1. Good grief, how old are these people? Staff Sergeant? Really? The Sergeant was great, though, completely avoided hammering the administration and stuck to his thoughts on Bergdahl.

  2. I’m getting the impression that the NDA’s were in force as long as TaliBoy was “in captivity” and that they’re free to speak Swift Boat him now.

  3. McGehee, he’s talking about these guys coming out to play.


  4. Nowhere else can you find a Warriors reference along with Curious George posts…I love this place!!

  5. It has been mildly amusing to witness the bewilderment and consternation forming on the faces of such blinking fools as the likes of Shep Smith when now they’re compelled to confront ClownDisaster’s treacherous underpinnings as these traitorous antecedents crash forcefully into the general public consciousness at the release of the SoftServeJihadiFive. Shep and many like him appear to want a place to run and hide, but, owing to inescapable circumstance, cannot, since every turn leads right back to the same nasty conclusion: they have elected this, and there ain’t a way around it.

  6. I’m just glad it wasn’t Twerkette.

  7. It remains surpassingly strange that IWonPenPhone has inadvertently (I must assume) stumbled into such a perfect choice in Bergdahl to reflect exquisitely in life’s mirror IWonPenPhone’s desertion of this, his own claimed nation, the nation over which our majestic leader makes to rule; to do so with such a deep effect, darkening the morale of the military of that nation, this nation, our nation; to do so unbidden by his political adversaries, making his own political grave from within the malign fruitfulness of his mind.

    It’s truly stunning, and gets no less so the longer we think on it.

  8. Thing about the Swift Boaters is that they were also telling the truth.

  9. Turtles?

    Oh hell no: It’s emoto-bully-bluster all the way down, so far as IWonPenPhone is concerned.

    Have a bad idea which not only can’t work, but can’t be accepted?

    Then blame someone else (preferably the political opposition, should any means be found).

  10. Stunning is the wrong word. It’s sickening is what it is. The latest spin on the spin is that not only were they concerned about Bergdahl’s health after five years of captivity, but that they were afraid that the Taliban was getting ready to kill him.

    So not only do we have to worry about future kidnappings for ransom, but we’ve signalled that the worse you treat our people, the quicker we’ll be to come to terms.

    The eunuch in the oval office has succeeded in making Jimmy Carter look manly.

  11. I think we two have different antecedents against which to apply the term stunning Ernst. Sickening applies to our understanding of the whole affair as regards U.S. national security interests and conduct.

    Stunning, on the other hand, I was applying to the uncanny and unintentional (I assert) self-revelation ClownDisaster himself has chosen by choosing WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe as the immediate beneficiary of ClownDisaster’s own purported U.S. war policy interests: IWonPenPhone wishes to surrender to the SoftServeJihadiFive — so also does WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe.

  12. Too, I would draw an equivalence across these two propositions: yours) “The latest spin on the spin . . . etc.”, and mine) “. . . emoto-bully-bluster. . .”

    Neither of which — issuing from our great Prince — bears anywhere near the truth of his intentions.

  13. Some lawmakers agreed with the administration that Bergdahl’s health was noticeably worse. Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin said “he looked either drugged or sick or tired.”

    “. . . he looked . . .”

    Yeah, in his light-blue pajamas, WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe looked like everyone I’ve ever known who was hard hit by a rhinovirus, or common-cold, a week to two week affair. And? So?

  14. Bergdahl might “be worthy of sympathy” for distrusting his leadership and for having “walked off,” said Brandon Friedman, a Democratic activist, a former Iraq and Afghan veteran and now a top public affairs official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    Now there is an argument the American people need to hear day in and day out, insofar as it is improbable those American people have devoted any consideration to it heretofore. Yes. Please, by any means necessary.

  15. Since it now seems pretty clear (at least to me) that Obama plans to close Gitmo by executive decree on or about Dec 30, 2016, one would be tempted to think that maybe the national GOP could make an issue out of Congress doing something to prevent that from happening.

    Preferably before the mid-terms.

  16. In the proportion a:b::c:d, where WithHonorAndDistinctionBowe : HisPsychopathicLeadership :: IWonPenPhone : HisPsychopathicNationalConstituency, we can see the contours of the fight to remain discretely clothed behind the ClownDisaster’s magic shield.