June 4, 2014

Leave Britney Alone! – Guantanamo edition

Really? Tears? Seriously?

I’m beginning to come around to the idea of abortion on demand, provided we make it so we have to wait 25-30 years before we can act on our “choice.” For the greater good, of course.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:44am

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  1. You’re supposed to call it “the 90th trimester.”

  2. “It’s an example of democracy gone amok.”


    Better a republic then? Ha, I makes me laugh.

  3. Sdferr, I could watch the video to find out the context of that remark, but I’m jealous of what IQ points I have left (which is why I don’t watch cable news shows).

  4. It hadn’t much greater context than appears right there. I think she said first “It’s an outrage”, then said “It’s an example of democracy gone amok.” (lady in an orange shirt).

    Mostly though, there wasn’t any context to any of the statements assertions people made. They simply pronounce. Which, for “thinking” people they seem to believe is enough. So long as the “thinking” is accompanied by tears.

  5. RainbowRev says “Some of these detainees have been there since the Bush Administration.”

    Yes, indeed RainbowRev. And just think of all those unloosed nuclear missiles sitting imprisoned in their silos for multiple decades! Be free, little birds, be free! Do it for Maya!

  6. That last guy looks like he dressed up as Peter Ustinov in the Sundowners.

  7. At least now we know what makes George R. R. Martin sad.