June 2, 2014

June fundraiser: capitalism lives! On life support, true. But it lives nevertheless! [sticky; new posts below]

Time is drawing near as the new house gets closer to completion each day.  We have our pre-dry wall walk-through coming up on Friday, after which the spray foam goes in and seals up all the electrical, plumbing, low volt, etc.  It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I walk the place every day learning for the first time just how houses are built.  It’s been a fascinating experience overall.

Today, we have painters over painting our existing home, which we’re hoping to rent out once we move. That’s a $2300 expense. Replacing the carpet lived on by 2 little boys and 2 dogs — which looks like you’d expect it would, after two toddlers and numerous failed attempts to transport and balance Mac and Cheese cups or bowls of Frankenberry — is going to be another couple grand.  Then there’s the wood floor and banister buffing, the handyman work (repairing some drywall, adding a new screen to the screen door, installing a storm door, replacing the hardware on the entryway door, etc.) — it all starts to add up.  My wife and I added nice hardware to the oak cabinetry, and the lawn is well taken care of.  We’ve also done other minor repairs when we’ve had the time.   But time is what we’re short on.

Anyway, that’s my oversharing.   So ignore all that.

Instead, concentrate on what’s important:  the spirit of giving money freely to someone whose work you either enjoy or value or hate so much you find it crucial that he continues poisoning the constitutionalist brand you so despise, without any law forcing you to do so, and without any government agency designing fees that are essentially the same thing as economic coercion.

You can support me of your own free will.  At least, for the time being.  And even that gets heavily taxed on my end.

Still, it’s the principle that counts.   And if there’s one thing this site has always done is stood on principle — strategy, tactics, “nuance,” compromise, and every other bullshit cover for capitulation to the left be damned.

There’s been a price to pay for that.   But not in terms of my soul.

So I’ve got that going for me.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 8:54am

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  5. There’s been a price to pay for that. But not in terms of my soul.

    The Outlaw Creed.

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  7. The Outlaw Creed.

    Amen, brother.

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  11. Sorry I donated late. I woke up in a dark moody way, crucified on a hot brass Monday, and skipped work because frankly I don’t want to punch anyone in face much less get punched back, lose the job, and have cops come shoot my dog. So I called in, I slept till three, and have been shuffling around the net trying to get my head on straight.

    I missed the donate post until now. But, ding.

  12. As a bonus, asshole cop and his wife will no longer be neighbors.

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  24. Perhaps it was just pining for the fjords.

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