June 1, 2014

The joys of Socialist Medicine [Darleen Click]

Bet there are many stories like this on our side of the pond … but if the Leftstream Media refuses to cover them, do they actually exist?

A leading neurosurgeon has admitted that he is quitting the NHS because he can longer bear the bureaucracy and health and safety regulations which ban him from wearing a wrist watch.

Despite being one of Britain’s most eminent surgeons, Henry Marsh will quit next March to work pro bono in Ukraine, saying the health service had become shambles.

Mr Marsh said the final straw was receiving a 22 page dress code which banned ties, long sleeves and watches.

“We were threatened with disciplinary action for wearing a wrist watch and not having our sleeves rolled up even though there is no evidence that makes any difference,” he told the Hay Festival.

“So that’s really why I am retiring next year. It’s such a shambles anyway but that was just too much.”

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  1. here’s an interesting if slightly wackadoodle look at wristwatches and their…. health impacts

    but it looks like unlike the self-evident-to-a-five-year-old need to ass-rape the already failshit failmerican economy cause of the global warming, we’re far away from a scientific consensus on the issue of the wristwatches

    which, I’ve pretty much given all mine ones away except maybe for the sentimental one or two

  2. It’s hardly unusual to see leftish things fob off to a side pocket science.

  3. It’s not the wristwatch, per se, but the 22 (22!) pages of dress code that, in essence, tells highly trained doctors they have absolutely no authority to make even clothing judgments based on their own common sense & medical training.

  4. Common sense is the sense that science pretends to never have encountered, but from which it cannot ever escape. Now there‘s a tragedy for us. More’s the pity.

  5. fob lol

    Darleen I think the takeaway here must be that hospitals in England are filthy and crawling with horrific bacterias and the stupid neo-fascist royalty-besotted brits aren’t taking care to wash their hands after jacking off to pictures of kate middleton’s hipbones, and honestly they’re at wit’s end as to what to do about it.

    Antibiotics are gone daddy gone almost, and the American president doesn’t give a shit he’s more afraid of carbon dioxide molecules than pandemic contagion.

    I think our surgeon friend above, if he had a chance to reflect, would find he could have used his leaving to shine a light on a much more baleful facet of britshit healthcare than the dress code.

  6. Actually, happy’s article is entirely wackadoodle.

    Here is the deal – a fomite is any object that can transfer an infectious organism or particle from one place to another. In a clinical setting that can include watches, ties, pens, pencils, stethoscopes, lab coats, or literally any damn thing.

    So, short of a complete decon and change into a sterile suit between patients, there will be a risk of something on one’s person acting as a fomite. To mitigate this risk, in the olden days, we were taught not to be slobs. As ties were mandatory (except whilst in scrubs) one either used a tie tack/clip to keep it from flopping about into something contaminated, or absent a tack or clip, one tucked the tie in the shirt, or, if doing a simple procedure some would put on a clean scrub shirt over the shirt and tie. Watches were similarly removed (as I am sure the doc in the article does when required), and contrary to happy’s article, straps can be cleaned, as can ties. Stethoscopes were periodically cleaned, and as the laundry for them was free, there was no excuse not to have a clean lab coat.

    All that is required is some common sense and discipline, which explains why the leftists would rather just ban things, but the clown who won’t take off a watch when needed, probably won’t wash his hands.

  7. That which is not mandatory is forbidden; that which is not forbidden is mandatory.

    Because SHUT UP, that’s why.

  8. A day without thinking of Kate Middleton’s hip bones is like a tongue sandwich without horseradish. Wash your mouth out with soap, young man.

  9. Is a day without thinking of Kate Middleton’s tongue like a hip bone sandwich without horseradish?

  10. I carry a pocket watch these days. It also makes phone calls and surfs the web.

  11. A hip bone sammich is hard to get one’s tongue around with or without horseradish. Quite why Mr Feets resents our imagining Ms Middleton to ease our dreary onanistic rituals is beyond me. What would he rather we think of – Mrs Obama’s hams?

  12. If sectioned on a platter, then perhaps.

  13. On second thought, that might ought to come with a Bovine spongiform encephalopathy/Creuztfeld-Jakob trigger warning.

  14. – Quote of the week: “Jay Carney is such a habitual liar that I’m not going to believe he has resigned until he says he hasn’t.” – Abe Shapiro

  15. Since The Camp Of The Saints entered The Ether on 07 May 2008, the post that has received the highest number of hits has been:

    Kate Middleton Upskirt Photo

    In the last month alone, it has garnered 2,500 hits.

    There’s a lesson lurking in there somewhere.

  16. The hip bone connected to the knee bone
    The knee bone connected to the shin bone
    The shin bone connected to the foot bone
    Now hear the word of the Lord…

    [I denounce myself.]

  17. My dad got MERSA in a hospital, although if I were to guess I’d blame a nurse, not a doctor.

    Nurses do a lot more of the hands-on stuff.

  18. “Kate Middleton Upskirt Photo”

    I don’t want to see up her skirt. I want to see down her top. And I would never do that because it’s not nice but I want to make sure that my priorities are out there as far as obviously staged events for purposes of selling images of visual titillation goes.

    And it’s not any of my business and certainly not my decision but I hope she doesn’t get any tattoos.

    Oh wait Kate Middleton? I…I thought we were talking about Kate Upton.

    Emily Litella voice: ” Never mind. “

  19. I denounce myself and my ancestors for ever letting me happen and my neighbors for letting me go on happening.

  20. I also denounce future generations for not doing a good enough job with tidying up after the mess I made.

  21. I join you in that last one, Palaeo.

  22. if only there were more like Georgia Woman out there the bitch cops might grow the fuck up and learn some goddamn manners

  23. The number to call is BR-549.

  24. mistergoodmannersfoot it is, then.


  25. cutest. lil. dog. ever.

    i just want to eat you face up!

  26. – It will be interesting to watch and see how long certain “details” of the assault take to see the light of day, particularly if they cross swords with the Leftfuck narrative.

  27. hospitals in England are filthy and crawling with horrific bacterias

    Mark Steyn’s pop got three hospital-borne infections in British system. People bring their own cleaning supplies when visiting.

    In Cuba, they have to bring their own sutures and bandages.

    So there’s that.

  28. Okay, I hereby declare the age of yo-yos to be over. Rings is new things. (Hat tip to Kevin Sorbo on Twitter)


  29. NG goes to hospital tomorrow to make a bold attempt at baby wazzle numero dos

    pray pray pray pray pray

    it’s going to be very touch and go and baby girl will be on a respirator lickety split quick like a bunny and we just have to hope the respirator tells us happy things

    even a wee little infection could be dispositive

    i have a bad feeling this time around but you know what?

    it’s out of everybody’s hands what can you do

  30. Open-faced canine sandwiches, yum.

  31. New York City police officials said they do not expect any charges to emerge.

    “As of now this has no legs,” NYPD officials said.

    – “Curiouser and curiouser said Alice. If there are no charges how could there be an assault?

    – Well said the Queen, first you have charges, then you have the crime. Off with their heads!”

  32. The EPA, speaking in the name of science, says we have a moral obligation to die — for the earth!, god love her — so everyone might as well take a joy in socialist medicine (what other kind is there?) while the taking is good. Surely that’s what the Taliban would want us to do, and they know what’s what, after all. Just ask them.