May 31, 2014

It’s good to be the king’s kid [Darleen Click]

Or the offspring of The Ruling Class

One Direction better watch out. A new boy band is taking the stage and they’ve got the power of the White House behind them.

The tween group, Twenty20, includes the offspring of some of Obama’s top advisers — Jay Carney’s 12-year-old son, Hugo, U.S. Trade Rep. Mike Froman’s son Ben, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan’s son Lucas and Joey Doyle, whose mom is Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign manager turned Obama campaign adviser Patti Solis Doyle.

All four are classmates of Sasha and Malia Obama at Sidwell Friends School.

I wonder just who fronted the money to produce the video?

Posted by Darleen @ 11:22am

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  1. Wow. Those libidinous groans and growls from twelve year old boys are . . . weird.

  2. Twelve y/o boys are, by definition, weird. Usually, though, it’s confined to home or amongst peers.

    Not slickly produced vanity projects.

  3. And thanks to Obamacare we’ll all be paying for their psychotherapy.

  4. After what happened to Rebecca Black, why would you allow/encourage/financially support your kid in putting himself out there for the anonymous, unfiltered derision of the internet masses? Weird.

  5. Good production, but shallow content. Just like the productions and contents that got Obama elected.

    But they forgot the Skittles on the store’s counter, and the Greek columns, is all. Next set, eh?

  6. I see that the young lad is playing one of those evil Gibson guitars.

  7. Show of hands, those who think it was paid for with taxpayer-funded NEA grants…

  8. I see that the young lad is playing one of those evil Gibson guitars.

    Actually, based on the horrid finish, I do believe it is an Epiphone SG copy, probably made in their Qingdao, China plant which would be more in keeping with the parents leanings, (though I reckon they are not bright enough to realize Gibson owns Epiphone.)

    The only Gibson SGs that ugly are the Government Series, made from returned wood and painted “Government Tan”.

  9. Your right. I tried to watch the video, it’s not a Gibson. The kid has a way to go to reach Angus Young territory.

  10. This is to go with Eingang Ausfahrt’s above.

  11. This shit is beyond awful. That Carney brat should shut his yap and never open it again. You cannot sing, kid. Just. Stop.

  12. I wonder just who fronted the money to produce the video?

    It would not shock me to find out that you and I did.

  13. Pablo

    Kids gotta start somewhere with music … but WTF labeling them “great artists” when they are clearly beginners borders on child abuse.

    Those parents need to be slapped around.

  14. Four members in the band. Not a single girl.

    Not to mention the clearly sexist lyrics.

  15. Trigger warning next time, please.

  16. trigger warnings are for fags/queers/mohammeds and communists. same difference. post that moe cartoon.

  17. i can’t give them a click I just can’t

    they haven’t earned it is why

  18. and for the Godwin: nazis.

  19. Where are the people of color in this video?

  20. Heart thief = slut shaming.

  21. “How long, how long must we sing this song?”

    I clocked it at just under twenty-seven minutes.

  22. I just listened to as much as I could stand.

    Kids this age should be banging out their sucky tunes in garages and basements and at kid parties where maybe they’ll get lucky and get a kiss or two. Once they get to the point that they can actually write decent songs, then they should consider making a professional video.

    I think the pretentiousness of the whole thing was the problem for me. This was well-produced. It should have been shot on a phone camera by a friend of theirs and uploaded to youtube where only their other friends would watch it.

    By the way, he sounded like a girl.

  23. “It would not shock me to find out that you and I did.”

    I didn’t build that. I hope.

  24. He just tried to rhyme “day” with “day”. Don’t hurt yourself by stretching too far kid.

    “Spent lonely nights all alone” ?

    Where they dark and stormy nights?

    Do kids even HAVE a “stereo” anymore? Isn’t it more like a media-player dock and speakers?

  25. Black Reebok all stars? Skate boards? A half ass “the Church” sound?…was this made in 1988 or something? Did they forget the guy with the black puffy sleeve dress shirt and blue skinny tie? No parachute pants?

  26. By the way, he sounded like a girl.

    A girl who can’t sing.

  27. I can’t fault preteens wanting to make a music vid, even the spoiled rich offspring of Dear Leader’s apparatchiks. Even if the music blows, and it does.

    Haven’t seen that ceiling cat in far too long.

  28. I can’t fault preteens wanting to make a music vid, even the spoiled rich offspring of Dear Leader’s apparatchiks. Even if the music blows, and it does.

    True, but aside from the banality of the music, the over-the-top production is what is astounding, though it would not surprise me given the demonstrated incestuousness of the media and administration that there might not have been some quid pro quo.

    Meanwhile, as a palate cleanser to show some kids are supremely talented, 13 year old Derek Trucks jams with Dickie Betts. skip ahead to about 2:40 to get to the music, first jam starts about 6:40.

  29. Miss one shift-key stroke and the whole world goes to pot.

  30. Thanks for the fix, time for new computer glasses I guess.

  31. It’s good to be in league with the Taliban.

  32. We should listen to the music produced by our betters. They’re like royalty.

  33. Tell that to Kharzai (sp?) sdferr.

    What a fuck you we don’t give a shit message to send to Afghanistan. What a fuck us we don’t give a shit message to send to the rest of the world.

  34. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl lol

    He deserts an E-3 and is promoted! Plenty enough fuck yous to go around for the whole goddamned apparatus.

  35. So much for not negotiating with terrorists. I expect a lot more Americans to be taken as prisoners in the future. Won’t that be awesome?

  36. They traded one deserter who may sympathize with their cause for five warriors who will kill many more unbelievers. They should be calling it a victory, because it is.

  37. 5-6 americans died looking for this pos

  38. They had him long enough that if he didn’t already sympathize he surely does now.

  39. Good point, McGehee.

  40. So, let’s start a pool on how long we have before Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is made Secretary of Defense or State or elected to the Senate? 3 years? 5? (I originally put this in the wrong thread)

  41. Eingang Ausfahrt, That kid rocks!

  42. My band, The Bureaucrats, opened for Eingang Ausfahrt in 1980!

  43. Charles,

    He is all grown up now, and even more amazing, here with his equally amazing spousal subunit Susan Tedeschi here is Stormy Monday with Warren Haynes and the Allman Brothers Band.