May 30, 2014

BREAKING: “Jay Carney stepping down as White House press secretary, Josh Earnest to take over job”

I don’t think it’s that he has any shame, or that he’s tired of endlessly spinning.  I think rather it’s that he’s emptied his quiver of lying tropes which in turn makes him sound stale; and standing there in front of your former colleagues with nothing but your castrated bits to show for your years of acting the public stooge can be offputting.  They’re mean little buggers, these press climbers, particularly once they’ve smelled blood in the water.  And of course, every last one of them wants your job.

Because like communism, they each think it just hasn’t been done right yet, and they have that special snowflake quality to fix all that.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:36pm

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  1. Does he go to live with Baghdad Bob, now, or what?

    Is there a retreat or a compound that such people retire to?

  2. He’s going to spend more time with the family.

    The execrable Josh Earnest is stepping into Carney’s penny loafers.

  3. “. . . but indicated that he’d been in discussions about departing the White House for months.”

    So we can see that weeks ago ClownDisaster put Carney’s resignation in his pocket for timely keeping, to be brought out on a day of bad p.r. ju-ju to be used to helpfully obscure that mal-p.r. of whatever sort (it only happens to be Shinseki’s departure amidst the Veterans Administration killings), and provide another subject for ClownDisaster’s obedient media to talk about.

  4. Maybe he will actually be telling the truth next time he says he only learned something after it was reported in the media.

  5. But…But…another white male? Couldn’t they get Rachel Maddow or Amanda Marcotte for the job?

  6. I love the name Earnest. First or last, doesn’t matter, it’s a great name.

  7. Thanks , Parker.. You totally stole my really witty pop culture reference to Baghdad Bob hours before I even thought of it. Now I got nuthin..

  8. I think he saw that article about him and his family and said “my god, I have a beautiful family, WTF am I doing here”

  9. Issa whips the rug out from under John F’n Kerry by releasing him from his subpoena and tossing him into the jaws of Trey Gowdy:

    Issa’s decision on Friday officially passes the Benghazi investigation torch to the select committee. In his statement, Issa said he was “extremely proud” of his committee’s investigation and claimed it poked holes in the Obama administration’s initial response to the attack. However, Issa said the unified jurisdiction of the select committee would provide for a more thorough investigation.

    Read more:


  10. Maybe he finally broke his face and can’t lie straight any more?

  11. Press Sec. Josh Earnest. Yep.

    What’s next, Treasury Secretary Rich Gold? Transportation Secretary Helen Wheels? DHS Director GET ON THE GROUND, YOU TEABAGGING FASCIST! NOW!!!

  12. i think in their puff piece with the picture of the egg-tosser boy and the commie propaganda posters his wife said they were having to get by on a whole lot less money since Jay became a professional obamawhore and she didn’t seem altogether sanguine about this

  13. The dead might disagree with her. Except they’re dead. So they can’t.

  14. Just read that Fernandez piece that newrouter linked. While the whole bit about the VA and databases and the Borg was interesting enough, I’m more incensed about the Korean War monument with the F16s and the M1 tank. Please, if you haven’t, go to the article and read the grafs above and below the picture.

    “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

    Christ on a stick, I want to smack the ignorant bastard that said that. Not because I especially care about the Korean War as such, but the repulsive PoMo attitude that the statement reflects.

    The thing was obviously designed by children who weren’t born until decades after the war was over, knew less about it than could be gleaned from watching episodes of M*A*S*H (also before their time), and couldn’t even be bothered to learn.

    Back when I was doing my fictious historic racing posters – for free – I’d do quite a bit of research before drawing anything, just to avoid the burning shame of public error. Hell, private error is barely acceptable.

    But apparently it’s Old People Thinking (I’m 49) to believe that you shouldn’t make mistakes, and that you should be rightly embarassed about them when you do. Such backwards dogma is incompatible with the worldview of the special snowflakes that were taught that you can be whatever you want – even President of a country you hate.

    “I don’t see what the big deal is.”

    That’s the sound a Republic makes when it dies. Though it probably sounded better in the original Latin.

  15. John, the other day I was reading an article in the LA Times about the new 9/11 museum and whether or not it was wrong to deface the bronze plaques bearing the names of the victims. Was it okay to scratch “we miss u!” on to the face or was it “disrespectful?

    Imagine my lack of surprise that most thought it was just fine.

    I hate what we’ve become as a people.

  16. as long as we don’t put those fascist National Park Service thugfags in charge we’re still ahead of the game i think leigh

  17. That’s the sound a Republic makes when it dies.

    I thought it was “At this point, what difference does it make”, especially when spoken by a woman (?) who threw someone in jail over First Amendment issues, when she KNEW that it was utterly false, and for purely political reasons.

    I would urge that guy to sue her for as much as he can get, and include Barry, Susan Rice, and John/Jane Does 1-1000 (with names from the MSM added as the story progresses). Let the jury decide how many zeroes get added onto the end of the judgement.

  18. Left this on the apology link but it might fit better here:

    Lou Holtz offer up a prime cut of Roast-Obama.

    This sizzling platter of red meat is guaranteed to bring on tears of joy to even the most heartless Outlaw. ;^)

  19. Reality

    So THAT’s the name of the Eldritch Horror the Gods of the Copybook Headings let loose like the Kraken to wreak their vengeance!

  20. I imagine swatting back impertinent questions and screaming at reporters who gave Obama unfavorable coverage got old. I mean, it’s like those idiots never learn: they’ll get the news the WH provides and like it.

    As for Veitor – is that an insurance policy, employing him to keep him close & loyal?
    The included quote just captures Hillary’s priorities perfectly:
    “Senior aides to Hillary Clinton told a group of Democratic foreign policy hands that they want to move past litigating the facts of the deadly attack in Benghazi, and detailed plans to streamline their messaging in the coming months.”

    Move beyond facts…to messaging. Nice.
    Remind me again when then ever provided the facts….

  21. Josh Earnest, Obama, Bloomberg, gun control, perfect storm?