May 30, 2014

“Girls Raped Then Hung in Uttar Pradesh, India, Force Focus on Rape Worldwide”

In his West Point commencement address, Obama essentially noted that, until the US joins the “international community” and agrees to cede power over its sea lanes to the UN — that is, until we surrender some of our sovereignty to nations openly hostile to us — we have no real right getting involved in the South China Sea.  This was a message to the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, the North Koreans, the Muslim extremists, and others looking to gain ground on the US as a world power, that Obama is willing to hold our security hostage until we meet his transnationalist progressive demands.

To which I say, fuck him.

Obama hates what he believes to be the post-colonialist west, and the US in particular has drawn his ire (from his college screeds against Reagan and nuclear arms to his rejection of our immigration laws), and wishes to become part of a series of soft socialist countries that are controlled by a centralized international bureaucracy.  That is, he wants us to become more like the countries which, when the happy veneer of a progressive media is removed, are in many ways throwbacks — at least when it comes to civil liberties.  And this includes even allies like India.

Early Thursday, two teenage Indian girls, aged 14 and 15, cousins, were found dead, hanging from a mango tree, in Uttar Pradesh, where their heartless gang-rapists had left them. Both are Dalits, formerly considered “untouchables.”

One (or possibly two) men are in custody; two or three more men are being sought. Three police officers have been removed from duty because they did not register the girls as missing when their families first reported it. One or possibly two police officers have, reportedly, been arrested for having sided with the criminals and delayed acting on a report of the missing girls. The superintendent of police said, “We now believe the girls were assaulted for their low caste.” A post mortem determined that, indeed, they had been gang-raped and then hung.

Despite the fact that India is a constitutional democracy and a modern country, caste still plagues the country. Hindu honor killings are perpetrated mainly for reasons of caste-violation. In general, Dalits may be viewed as even more justifiable prey than other women—even by other Dalit men. One police officer believes this was a Dalit-on-Dalit crime.

Sexual violence against women is a huge problem, not only in India, but also all over central and southeast Asia, as well as in Hindu Bali. I recently screened a 2013 film, Bitter Honey, about Hindu polygamy in Bali which documented how a woman, even accompanied by her mother, is treated by the police when she alleges beatings or rape by a husband or by a stranger. The police do not look at her, turn away from her, walk away, or keep staring at her. Often, the police are bought off by the offender and his family, in which case the police threaten the woman if she dares persist.

In India, rampant, public sexual harassment of girls and women (known as “eve-teasing”), rapes, and gang-rapes are as pandemic as they are in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Indian police are corrupt, the rape victims hesitant about ruining their own and their families’ reputations and marriage eligibility. Rape victims do not want to be raped again by the police, many of whom are easy to bribe and who may share the same view of women-as-man’s-natural-prey that rapists believe in.

And so, two very young and innocent girls have been rape-murdered in India.

Rape-murder is condemned. But is “mere” rape being condemned?

Only if a rape victim has also been murdered is she then presumed “innocent”—unless, of course, she is a prostitute, or too independent a woman.

Compare this kind of thing — which is endemic in certain parts of the world — to the manufactured “war on women” so many Democrats push here as a point of departure between the left and right.  Compare this to, for instance, the Duke rape case, or to the silly grandstanding over “fair pay” laws, which are pushed cynically in spite of their already existing federal laws that guarantee equal pay for equal work.

It seems to me that were any of our grievance group activists serious about what it is they stand for, they’d stop romanticizing the Other and condemning their own.  And unless and until I hear feminist academics in this country spending more energy on causes like this than on, eg., trying to have bathrooms accommodate transgendering persons, I will continue to treat them with the seriousness they and the rest of their phony leftist cohort deserve:  precisely none.

They are about power and special dispensation. Which in an odd and jarring way puts them closer to the rapists in this case than to the women who were raped and murdered.

Think about that for a second.  Because though I’ll be attacked for saying so — and people will pretend a literalism intended in my remarks that doesn’t exist — it is a coherent bit of analogy that perhaps should be taken to the mirror by the professional victim classes the next time they are feeling like a little self-examination may be in order.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:55am

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  1. Insanity in Sweden too.

  2. Speaking of grievance groups and unintended consequences, Hadley Arkes has a few reflections on Justice Scalia’s insightful jurisprudence: Scalia’s genius and his curse

    *** What Scalia had the wit to see was that the combining of these cases — Weisman and Barnette — produced a result that was devastating if anyone bothered to put the pieces together and recognize the weapon being forged now. For the “right” articulated by the Court in the Barnette case was not confined to religion and prayers. Justice Robert Jackson framed the argument in a sweeping way: “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation,” wrote Jackson, “it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion.” The “right” here was a right not to suffer the imposition of a “political orthodoxy,” not merely the imposition of a creed that runs counter to religious convictions. If we take these decisions seriously, conservative students need not have to sit in acquiescence at a public university as the institution confers honors on people who seek, say, to defend the “right” to kill unborn children. The students might have a right now to purge from the program this imposition of a political orthodoxy they find deeply objectionable. ***

  3. There is a Truth that no one wants to face: other than Christianity and Judaism, the other religions of the world are all Barbaric to varying degrees.

  4. allan ackbar

    bob how can you say that. boom.

  5. It’s being said a lot in the UK.

  6. I’ve been really busy today and all this fortnight, but I did catch a few minutes of Steyn on Limbaugh’s show speaking of a drug raid in Atlanta, where a group of ‘heroes’ tossed a stun grenade through a glass window into a sleeping 19-mo-old toddler’s crib, blowing his face apart. He’s on life support. Atlanta police said all went “by the book”.

    This sort if thing needs be answered by corrective action. I’ll leave it at that, so as not be subjected to raids myself.

  7. All of what is documented here went “by the book” too. Some books are just bad and some are worse. “By the book” is just bureaucratic CYA.

  8. it actually wasn’t in Atlanta it was in Cornelia

    i got confuzzled too

  9. Cornelia is a city in Habersham County, Georgia, United States. The population was 3,834 at the 2010 census. It is home to one of the world’s largest apple sculptures, which is displayed on top of an obelisk shaped monument. Wikipedia

    They have a swat team?


  10. – Obama is trying to head off any involvement in the China seas because it would just be another opportunity for the world to make him look like the pussy he is.

    – There’s always a “reason” for him to avoid responsibility, and why not, hes been doing it all his life.


  11. Horrific. Maybe Obama or Psaki can come up with a catchy hashtag to ‘raise awareness’ and demonstrate how much we care. Michelle want to post a sympathetic head tilt selfie, too.

    Would a Slut Walk be too much? I hate the unwanted male gaze as much as the next gal, er, person who identifies as female, but it seems…trivial compared to this. Oh wait – #YesAllWomen empowers me to lump all this male evil into one giant screed. I’m on it!

  12. This explains why the State Dept. even bothered to mention these type of killings and said it was done “in the name of tradition and honor.”

  13. State “condemned” the stoning, eh?

    Well! ‘Nuff said!

  14. But did they send a sternly worded letter?

  15. I should think so, McGehee. Those fellows make good money.

  16. Good news that might just be a ploy to take the heat off and have people move on and forget.

    Hopes were raised last night that the Sudanese woman facing the death penalty for ‘abandoning her Islamic faith’ is to be released.

    Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth to a daughter in her prison cell last week, has been sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging after a Sharia court convicted her for converting to Christianity, and ‘adultery’ because she had wed a non-Muslim.

    But campaigners for Meriam urged caution at the reports she could soon be freed, warning that the Sudanese government could be ‘playing games’.


    Elshareef Ali Mohammed, one of her legal team, told the Telegraph: ‘It’s to silence the international media. This is what the government do. We will not believe that she is being freed until she walks out of the prison’.

    Tina Ramierez, of religious freedom group Hardwired, said campaigning for Meriam’s freedom is more important now than ever.

    ‘They could just be saying this just to get everyone off their backs. We have seen them do that before,’ she told MailOnline.

    ‘Its essential that we keep the pressure up until Meriam is actually freed.

    ‘The statement we have seen says that they are looking for a ‘legal’ way to free her but we don’t know what they mean by that.

  17. what type of font do you use in a “sternly worded letter? can use all caps?

  18. Also boldface and italics, and sometimes the sarcasm font — though it can be mistaken for Comic Sans.

  19. would a “sternly worded letter” from john ‘effin kerry be a cure for insomnia?

  20. I really hope that Dr. Ibrahim is released. I’d hate for this to be a ploy to get everyone to shut up.

    Has Kerry bothered to say anything yet?

  21. iran – american held hostage nothing
    mexico- american held hostage nothing
    sudan- american held hostage nothing
    afghanistan- american held hostage oh we trade gitmo guys for him