May 30, 2014


The house I’m building is in that stage right before the electrical gets covered with closed cell spray foam, so I’m spending a lot of time on the site making sure everything goes in right.  Yesterday (and in about a half hour), I’ll be checking to make sure low volt wires are run for surveillance cameras (thanks, noescrow!) and that all the outlets are placed properly.  I’m going to have to add a GFI outlet later and piggyback it off of a GFI source meant to provide a reset for the jetted tub, but that’s what you have to do when your toilet room doesn’t come with an existing grounded plug so that you can put in a heated toilet seat with an LED nightlight.  Guys my age, with prostates like ours, appreciate the gentle guidance to the pisser provided by the soft light, turning on an overhead light in the middle of the night being one of those jarring experiences that prevents us from falling back to sleep easily. Plus, it’s blue light!  And how cool is that?

Today the spray foam goes in and I want to watch that to make sure I’m getting the inches I’m supposed to. Plus, it’s pretty cool how it actually cooks from the inside out.  Unfortunately, my wife is out of town on business (and has been since Wednesday), so that means I’m with the kids.  Leaves me little time to do anything more than put out fires and the like.  Figuratively speaking.  So far.

I’ll add some posts throughout the day, but I’ll be in and out of the house.  So if my production slides a bit here, forgive me.  Blame my wife.  She’s the one who’s off in distant cities making a living — and in so doing, really harshing my mellow.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:38am

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  1. Jeff, retrofitting a circuit to GFI is simple, all you have to do is change to a GFI breaker in the panel. You only need one GFI to protect the whole circuit. The GFI just needs to be the first outlet of the circuit and all outlets downstream are protected. If you use a breaker the whole circuit is protected because everything else is downstream.

  2. I left my favorite prostate warmer in the Doubletree downtown Minneapolis. If your wife finds it can you have her mail it to me? It’s broccoli shaped and pretty large. She’ll know it if she sees it. May be in the in-room fridge.

    She should probably wear gloves. it’s pretty seasoned (learned that from the Brits).

  3. That spray foam insulation is pretty neat. I don’t think you’ll get shorted on thickness. That stuff expands a lot and the installers have to use a special blade in a reciprocating saw to level it off with the wall studs and rafters/floor joists/ceiling joists. In crawl spaces, they usually don’t level it off unless the home owner requests it.

  4. Jeff,

    No need for apologies but when you get a minute please consider posting this prime filet-Obama produced by former Notre Dame Coach Lou Holtz:

    I was picking up one of my girls this evening, listening to the radio and was moved to tears of joy at the sound of this sizzling red meat.