May 28, 2014

“What’s not to trust in an Obama team probe of the Obama team?”

Andrew Malcolm, IBD:

President Obama is off to West Point again today. He’ll deliver yet another speech containing Obama Pivot Number God-Knows-What to outline his latest vision for a new world order that isn’t going to happen but will get him through a few more news cycles in the 967 days remaining in his White House tenure.

You can always tell when Obama feels threatened. He orders up new investigations of others and begins throwing speeches at just about everything in sight. The latest Obama investigation is beyond embarrassing and adds to his accumulating image as an incompetent boob.

At the start of his brief Kabul stop, 15 people briefed Obama. As usual, the White House emailed some 6,000 media members the briefers’ names and titles.

One person was listed as “Chief of Station,” a unique government job title that identifies the CIA’s top officer in-country. Oops! It should have been deleted before distribution.

So, the Obama administration blew the cover of its top spook in Afghanistan, who oversees deadly drone strikes and other clandestine business of war. Fame can be dangerous to that officer’s health.

The Obama folks do not hold those people in high regard anyway. Within minutes of the deadly 9/11/12 attack on the Benghazi consulate, the CIA station chief in Libya cabled it was clearly terrorism.

Yet, because the campaigning president had been claiming al Qaeda was on the run, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice maintained for two weeks that it was just a protest run amok over an obscure YouTube video.

You may also recall the 2003 outing of a CIA agent during the Bush presidency resulted in a special prosecutor and conviction of a top vice presidential aide, Scooter Libby, for obstruction of justice and perjury.

Although Washington can be a mean place where the media is used to settle scores, this publication was probably a mistake by second- or third-string staffers stuck with holiday shifts.

The Obama White House has launched an investigation. But because this president finds independent investigations unreliable, it will be conducted safely by his own lawyer, Neil Eggleston.

Last year during the scandal over FBI intimidation of media, Obama assigned Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Attorney General Eric Holder. Perhaps you remember the shocking findings and urgent reforms that probe produced. We don’t either.

Now, about Obama’s increased speechifying. Over the weekend he spoke at Arlington National Cemetery, as most presidents do for Memorial Day.

But he also flew to Afghanistan for what was about a $7 million photo-op with U.S. troops as both stage props and audience.

Obama’s 2,800-word interruption of their holiday weekend was designed to show the commander-in-chief’s appreciation for their service. He didn’t say much about the war, which is understandable. He’s been president for 42% of it and 73% of the fatalities.

But Obama did mention himself 36 times in 21 minutes.

And if the unannounced trip, which always over-excites media in on the secret journey, detracted a smidgeon from the shame of the Obama administration shoddy treatment of veterans these last five years, well, that’s okay with the Chicagoan too.


As usual, Obama cites an internal investigation as reason to withhold comment on the scandal and whether VA director Eric Shinseki wants to spend more time with his family. Conveniently, that inquiry won’t be done until — Oh, look! — late summer.

By which time the Democrat hopes vacationing Americans will have forgotten more than they remember, like the trillion-dollar economic-stimulus flop, IRS, NSA, FBI, Snowden, Syrian red-line, ObamaCare and Benghazi scandals.

Next week, Obama becomes the Traveling Man again. So, stand-by for even more Obama speeches. He’ll finally go to Poland to mark its freedom from communism. And he’ll visit Normandy for the 70th anniversary of the allied D-Day landing that marked the beginning of the end for the Third Reich.

There, Obama will join his chief competitor in the 2014 Global Chutzpah Competition, Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin will be celebrating the liberation of France from Adolph Hitler’s troops just weeks after Putin’s troops seized Crimea from Ukraine.

— All of which our media will spin in the most positive, historic way possible, while “nuanced” GOP talking head cable analysts and columnists will note the clever positioning strategy and the timing, and how it is likely to impact the dullards in the electorate.

Meaning, naturally, that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men will always put Humpty Obama together again.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pretend to see the cracks or to notice all that yolk in his hair.  Or the almost rote, robotic repetition of platitudinal tropes and inevitably broken promises — as if to fix the man, his enablers wired in a simple meme generator and put it on autopilot, hoping to play the term out with a puppet show featuring airy fairy puffery and paper-tiger severity.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:53am

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  1. Don’t get me started. My wife was watching graduation to see if our newly-minted pluck (NO LONGER A PLEBE!) would show up on TV, and also to see our parent’s club friend’s kids graduate. I got a running series of outraged texts from Michie Stadium that I will not share, but I will say that it was nice of the President to forgive punishments, but it was stupid of him to tell the Corps that “no one did that for me when I was in college”. Asshole. Like he ever had to walk for a total of five hours in full parade dress carrying a damn heavy rifle, during the extremely limited downtime a cadet has because he was late to a briefing because he was getting smoked by an upperclassman for talking in the cadet area. In “college”. ’cause Cookie Jr (Cadet Crumb?) did. And almost broke his mother’s heart when she thought she might not be able to see him over Plebe Parent Weekend. He got it done in time, but seriously, fuck that Obama guy.

    But Plebe Year is OVER! I’m almost as happy as Cadet Crumb.

  2. Attention.

    We are a motherless fish.

    If we don’t come out with our fins up.

    We’re coming in after us.

  3. So, find the fish, eh? Wonder what the next bit will be then?

  4. Congrats to Cadet Crumb, LMC. Sorry about that sorry POS showing up and speechifying today, though.

  5. Eliot Abrams: Obama just accidentally explained why his foreign policy hasn’t worked

    Well hey, from the ClownDisaster who brought everyone IWonPenPhoneCare against their every protestation, who would expect that his vision of foreign policy could possibly be any different? You’ll get what he likes and praise it: end of discussion.

  6. “All my enemies resemble Ray Bolger, so why is it that I’m the one that needs a brain.”

  7. These last six years have all been a dream – a horrible, horrible nightmare – right?…RIGHT?!?

  8. “[W]e are spreading the wealth” [around], “we are spreading the power!” [around]

    Bagram & West Point translated.

  9. Mark Steyn really ought to offer to include that as a coda to a new edition of After America

  10. Bob Belvedere says May 28, 2014 at 7:37 pm These last six years have all been a dream – a horrible, horrible nightmare – right?…RIGHT?!?

    Oh sure. Then the Twist Ending shows that it wasn’t a nightmare.

  11. Barack Obama walked Himself right into this one I think..

    (I wonder if I’m on a first-to-take-down list somewhere ? )

  12. Be careful about wishing it were all a dream. You might find Patrick Duffy in your shower.

  13. Bravo, Hernandez. That piece is excellent, Geoff.

  14. I’d rather have Mr. Duffy in my shower than the Gummit.

  15. As long as he’s gentle.

  16. That’s why they made Soap-on-a-Rope, Bob.

  17. It’s right up there with the Phillips Screw as one of the greatest inventions of Mankind.