May 28, 2014

“DC Residents Speak About ‘White Privilege'”

It’s somewhat ironic, I guess, that the left — with its obsession about “white privilege” and its sanctimonious and ostentatious attempts at self-flagellation — routinely paint the TEA Party members as ultra white, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, whose “white privilege” extends, in the mind of these same inconsistent leftist “academics” and their gullible, needy adepts, to having dibs on the first cousin with the Daisy Duke cutoffs, or being put under special scrutiny by the government as potential “domestic terrorists.”

But there I go again, pointing out the incongruities of anti-foundationalist thinking, which is itself nothing more than the academic rationale for not having to remain consistent, or even to allow the authority of such patriarchal (and white!) paradigms of logic or intellectual rigor — themselves merely constructs meant to problematize a simple, leftist truth: might makes right, and sophistry, coupled with perception consensus (manufactured consent), makes “might.”

As I watch videos like this, or listen to the ethnic studies / victimology seminar babble on privilege, I’m reminded that everything I could have possibly learned from any of this I already learned the first time I watched Watermelon Man (1970, written by the very white Herman Raucher). Or even Putney Swope (1969, written by the very white Robert Downey Sr).

This was the era of the New Left and the beginnings of its attempt to inflame racial strife, perhaps at the time for legitimate reasons. But what’s so sad is, now that these old New Leftists have power, they’ve decided that, rather than embrace all the gains made between the 1960s and today, they’d much rather relive those heady times, even if it means tearing down all they claim they were hoping to accomplish.

It’s narcissistic, needy, nostalgic, and — frankly — sick, as well as intentionally pernicious.

Being a progressive, I’ve long said, means never having to say you’re sorry. Because being sorry is for those who aren’t naturally good, and as progressives, goodness is innate. QED.

So here’s what I’m going to do if and whenever anyone wishes to engage me over my “white privilege”: I’m going to tell them that if I really did have white privilege, people who rambled on about my white privilege would be rounded up and sent to camps, where they’d be forced to sit through insurance seminars, presentations on “advances in micro-accounting principles,” and an endless line of experimental theater and poetry slams.

That they haven’t as of yet disproves their hypothesis. So they should kindly fuck off.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:54am

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  1. White Privilege? Is that when your mother and father are married?

  2. White Privilege? Is that when you pay for your own food and house?

  3. Does White Privilege have anything to do with realizing that hiring black people is racist?

  4. White Privilege means you vote based on issues and principles, and not the color of the candidate’s skin.

  5. Twice since moving to Georgia I’ve voted in a Republican Senate primary for someone whose skin tone was profoundly different from mine, even though there were several candidates in both races whose skin color matched mine.

    I’d like to see that happen more often.

  6. Oh, some black guy I met on a job-site in D.C. back in 1974 told me that white privilege is the state of being disencumbered of the need to care for a giant dick, it being a great difficulty, so he said, having to haul that great hog of his around all the live long day.

  7. white privilege is like when the cops come to your house but they don’t shoot your dog

  8. “White Privilege” is when you score zero points on the affirmative action [Ouija board] bonus scale that the Human Resources Department consults when making all hiring decisions that don’t involve useless nephews of higher management.

  9. And it kills.

  10. Maya Angelou (racist) has kicked the bucket.

  11. In my experience, “privilege” complaints are one of two things:

    1) A demand the recipient shut up, because.


    2) A way to status-preen with other Progressives via competitive abasement.

    Zero respect for either usage.

  12. i was never a big maya fan but toni morrison i’ve got a soft spot for

  13. Greetings:

    Regrettably, though not very much, I find that I must chide you for your pejorative reference to and use of the term “Neanderthal”. I see that you are trying to hide white privilege’s greatest genocidal success by nothing less than confusing the victim with the victimizers.

    I, for one, will not go quietly into that good night. We white privileged those N-people right off the face of the Earth. Look around. you propagandist, there isn’t a one of them folks left around anywhere, and as convicted felon Martha Stuart might have said, “That’s a good thing.”

    Now, there may be an odd gene or chromosome hanging around here or there, but all that Jurassic Park stuff is nothing but almost pure fiction. Them N-folks are gone and gone for good. And they ain’t coming back.

    That;s my idea of white privilege.

  14. White privilege is the privilege of being responsible for yourself, your own actions, success and failures; and being made to be responsible for the irresponsibility of everyone not so privileged, their actions, and failures.

    Because we know the disprivileged can never be successful on their own.

  15. Privilege = Burden? Isn’t that imperialist/colonialist racism?

  16. I’d like to thank 11B40 for reminding this person of pallor that, not only am I a native American by virtue of having been born here, but also, by virtue of being a descendant of the descendents of the original genocidal imperialist colonizers, that I can truthfully claim to be a, shall we say, Europeanized African American.

    Let Obama put that in his presidential roach clip and toke it!

  17. White Privilege includes having Neanderthal DNA. Since this means therefore that I have Neanderthal ancestry, I will hereafter take offense whenever the term “Neanderthal” is used as a pejorative.

    You don’t see those ugly GEICO cavemen on TV anymore since the DNA findings, do ya?

  18. I want to talk about “vertical privilege”.

    At 5′ 6″ I feel I have to work harder to prove myself . If I try to get assertive, I get told I have a “Napoleon complex”. Tall people get promoted faster. Tall guys get a better choice of mates.

    I once spent a day at Disneyland with a friend who brought along a friend who was about 6′ 4″ and there was a lot of talk about how hard it was getting into some of the rides. Hah, to have your problems bub.

  19. I think Neanderthals were not necessarily smarter but, maybe were more “creative”. Necessity is the mother of invention. When you live in colder climates, you need to plan better and work harder to keep from starving or freezing to death than people who live in warmer climates.

  20. That explains the Men of Industry theory quite well, bgbear.

  21. Supposedly they had smaller brains. Maybe they used what they had for more practical purposes. Allegedly Neanderthal cave paintings didn’t go into the abstract but Cro-Magnon did.

    So N man devoted his brain power to solving problems he had actually encountered, or could foresee arising in the world he lived in.

    C-M was given to conceiving ideals, which led him to range more widely. It would take a C-M to invent the United States of America, but he’d wreck it in a few generations; Neanderthals would want to make it keep working indefinitely — always in need of an improvement here or there, but always fulfilling its original function without collapsing under feature bloat.

  22. “Foot privilege” is what frosts my *burble*

  23. I guess it can work both ways:

    I need a better way to kill wolves
    I wonder if that wolf would make friends with me. . . good doggy

    I need a better way to kill lions
    I wonder if that lion would make friends with me. . . aaaaah!

  24. Heh. The latter happened to the people in “Born Free”.

  25. Timothy Treadwell too.

  26. It’s mean to say so, but my step-daughter and I laughed our asses off about Treadwell.

    Not the “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!” tape when he and the girlfriend got eaten, but the earlier tapes when he’d wax poetic about his “pals” the bears like they were Yogi and Boo-boo.

  27. I always found those fascinating and a little bit sad.

    A lot of people* think that because you love nature, nature love’s you back.

    *tru scotchmen, mostly

  28. #notallbears

  29. “White Privilege includes having Neanderthal DNA.”

    Most American and caribbean blacks are “mixed heritage” anyway which means they have it.

    It’s everybody but “pure” central and south africans.

  30. We’re told that the Neanderthal precursors left out of Africa migrating northward slowly some 600,000-ish or more years ago. Who has a sense of whether that earliest migrating population had dark skin, a seeming premium attribute in the equatorial regions of that mother continent of great apes?

    But what of the Cro-Magnon (or whatever the earliest modern human types are called today) who migrated at a much later time, also from Africa (when?, beginning about 70,000-60,000 years ago?) would also have emerged from that continent possessing that valuable dark skin for the same proposed reason?

    Would these two populations, separated in their migrations by a vast deal of time, though both migrating toward the much farther north, where, for purposes of the needful internal generation of vitamin D, so we’re told, gradually evolve lighter skin passing greater quantities of solar radiation — would these two have likely gone through separate but ‘parallel’ evolutions with a similar result, though not necessarily by an exactingly similar molecular progression? And how would that even be traced in the genetic evidence at hand, if it were hypothesized to be so?

  31. Parallel evolution leads to similar traits, not identical means of expressing the trait. To a great degree DNA not only tells what traits you have, but preserves some history of their origin.

    It’s like finding elements of DOS code in Windows 8, which tells you no matter how many traits it may share with other OSes, this one is a Microsoft product.

  32. I need a better way to kill lions
    I wonder if that lion would make friends with me. . . aaaaah!

    As soon as you leave your hous eand step into the verdureture you,re some critters food.

    My whit priviledge involves paying taxes.