May 28, 2014

Here’s an idea: as an antidote to hammer/hatchet/BMW violence…

Partisan progressive mouthpiece MSNBC — and the other political rags and propaganda arms for police state totalitarianism — should each run a day-long investigative special:  “Surviving a Hammer/Knife/Hatchet/BMW Attack:  Can Bullets from the Firearm of a Trained, Law Abiding Citizen Travel Faster than, and be More Effective from a Greater Distance than, Non-Controlled Weaponry You Can Buy at, say, the Home Depot, or a Smiling Sam’s Used Car Lot?”

Let Andrea Mitchell share the findings.  And, as  an added bonus, find a CC permit holder, replace the bullets in his weapon with beanbag rounds, hand Al Sharpton, Rachel Maddow, and Chris Matthews a hammer, a hatchet, and a car, respectively, and have them attack the person holding the firearm.  I’ll even volunteer to play the intended victim.  Here’s how it would work:  should Sharpton and his hammer get the better of me and my handgun, Maddow would then be able to come at me immediately with her hatchet.  Should she get the better of me with the hatchet, Chris Matthews can then aim an automobile at me.  If he gets the better of me and my handgun, he can then grab his own semi-automatic handgun and begin shooting into a crowd — the caveat being that random members within that crowd are also carrying handguns.

Add up the body count and compare it to that of an attack that began with construction, gardening, and transportation equipment wherein no CC permit holders were factored into the equation.

Proposed:  Now,  granted, this isn’t scientific, but what I’d expect to happen as a result of this experiment is that the aggressor wielding the hammer and the hatchet would never make it to the car or to his own hand gun.  And we can repeat this experiment 1000x times, taking the aggregate numbers and determining a pattern:  does the presence of guns among a population of law abiding citizens lead to more or less carnage than the government-enforced removal of said firearms?

My hypothesis can then be examined with hard data, all of which is then falsifiable.


And because we know the left, who waited very little time rushing to politicize this massacre — immediately dusting off their gun control arguments — bills itself as the “reality-based community,” with reality presumably based in science (at least the way they tell it), they should have no trouble at all agreeing to such a study, filmed for and shown on their favorite media outlet.

So.  Whaddya say?   Do we have a deal?

Because if not, shut the fuck up about all this and stop blaming anything other than the sick mind of a kid who’d long suffered from mental illness.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:18am

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  1. what kind of sick monster would willingly EXPIREMENT on human beings?

    Reichwing nazi teabaggerz, that’s who!

  2. Or, as Ace quoted last night:

    “[On the US school shootings] Everybody is wanting to know what music were the kids listening to, or what movies were they watching. Who gives a fuck what they was watching! Whatever happened to crazy? What, you can’t be crazy no more? Should we eliminate crazy from the dictionary?” — Chris Rock