May 27, 2014

AG Holder Commencement Address: a study in divisive race-baiting and the dumbing down of Amerikkka

One can only hope — even at an historically black college like Morgan State — that many in attendance were able to see through Holder’s persistent and pernicious racialism, then recognize the cognitive dissonance in his remarks, characterizing voter ID laws as a “moral failing,” even as every student / parent / faculty member / and janitorial staffer had to show ID to listen to holder wax sanctimonious (and, let’s face it, ridiculous) about protecting the franchise by making sure voter rolls are cleaned of double registrants, dead people, and illegal aliens.

This emotional appeal — and that’s all it is, and a fully weak one at that — suggesting that acquiring the same ID required to board a plane or a train or to receive welfare benefits or to buy liquor or to open a bank account or to enter a Holder speech, et al., is an onerous and disproportionately disenfranchises minorities, is nothing more, frankly, than a traditional Democratic shot at minorities, whom they pretend to champion while treating them as children, and not particularly bright ones at that.

If the GOP had any nuts left in its increasingly hoary, saggy sack, would turn the emotional appeal around, and do so easily and forcefully.  In fact, it wouldn’t take much work at all.  To wit:  “the Democrats tell us that people required to have ID to complete any number of workaday tasks — that is, people like you — can’t manage to find a way to get a free ID, even if the state says it will bring it to your place of residence.  This not only suggests that the Democrats think an abundance of Democratic voters are barely functional dullards — and make no mistake, that’s what they are saying, because the Democrats clearly don’t worry much about making sure GOP voters are able to vote, and in fact, the IRS scandal shows that they’d prefer such voters be harassed and kept from organizing — but they are also saying that your vote, as an American citizen, can and should be canceled out by the vote of, say, a dead person, or a person voting by proxy, or an illegal alien, or by someone who votes multiple times.

“Which is to say, the Democrats who oppose voter ID laws aren’t doing so because they are protecting minorities, because it’s doubtful even they think blacks, eg., are half as incapable as AG Holder and Obama make them out to be; but rather because they want power, and if that means canceling out the vote of an actual citizen with multiple votes from another citizen or even a non-citizen, they seem quite eager and willing to do so, provided that person voting multiple times is pulling the lever for a Democrat.

“In a constitutional republic, this is reprehensible behavior, and it completely undermines the integrity of the democratic voting process.   If there is any ‘moral failing’ to be highlighted, it is that of cynical, divisive politicians who race-bait and agitate in order to divert attention away from their attempts to destroy the individual’s franchise, which, incidentally, it was Republicans who pushed for blacks historically, while Democrats were standing in doorways or using fire hoses, promoting black codes and literacy tests, poll taxes and voter intimidation.

“Let’s not continue to make the mistake that says just because a man shares your skin color, he has your best interests at heart.  Stop letting the Democrats treat you as useful idiots.  You know that getting an ID is not some insurmountable obstacle — and that is in those almost non-existent instances wherein someone doesn’t already have some form of picture ID, the state’s promise to provide free and even deliver IDs are a way to prevent voter fraud and shore up voter rolls so that your vote actually counts.

“It is frankly embarrassing that in 2014, the President, the AG, and a number of Democrats can argue that the color of your skin is a determining factor in your ability to secure a simple, commonplace, oft-used picture ID.  Somehow, poor southern whites can get them.  Somehow, there’s no racist intent behind keeping their place on the voter lists up to date and in order.  But Eric Holder, a black AG, stood before a group of mostly-black college graduates at Morgan State and essentially argued that somehow they — or those who share their skin color — are less capable of performing a civic function that protects the franchise  than people whose skin happens to be lighter, college graduates or no.

“It’s outrageous.  It’s not at all serious. It begs the credulity of any truly thinking American.  And it is worst of all completely demeaning.  But then, this is the party of slavery, segregation, Sanger, and the aggressive denial of Civil Rights to blacks, so it’s also not terribly surprising.”

There. I’ve done the GOP’s work for it once again.

Now if we can only get them to nut up and deliver such an argument — provided they can find time in between Hispandering and trying to create millions of new Democratic voters to reward the cronies lobbying for cheap labor and keeping their campaign coffers filled.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:41am

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  1. If I had to listen to this tool rail against Voter ID during my/my kid’s commencement speech I would be pissed. Especially if they had charged admission to the event. What on earth does this have to do with the lives of the graduating students? Remember them, Eric?

  2. They must have made everybody leave their shoes at home.

  3. – Its not just about “cancelling votes”, its also driven by the Democrats absolute palpable fear that minorities are simply to fucking lazy to obtain said ID’s. That they typically have to be herded into buses and at public events/school/churches etc. to get them physically into a voting booth, and requiring any sort of additional expenditure of time or energy would result in a big percentage just staying home and drinking or what-not.

    – And here again they totally dismiss and demean their own base. Nothing new about that. Whats telling is those same majorities are so indifferent they don’t even care they’re being used like rented mules. Wheres my OPone?

  4. this is all about pretending the GOP is a bastion of racism

    the id card thing is just the hook the fascists and Rand Paul like to use to paint the Republican Party as a vile bigoted collective of spiteful malevolent racists

    if the id card thing went away they’d find another hook in a week to ten days

  5. Well-written, Jeff; any GOP Rep or Senator should be able to give a version of that message in a speech or release, if s/he meant business. But most won’t dare answer a racialist’s remarks straight on, because they’ll hear that dinging bell that brings them red faces. But if they are quiet, no bells will sometimes get them dinner and a pat on their heads, if they are good boys and girls.