May 23, 2014

“John Kerry agrees to testify on Benghazi attack”

To avoid having to appear before the select committee.  The coward.

Wonder if he’ll blame the US consulate staff and the two dead SEALs for instigating the attacks.  After all, his career has gone pretty well for a guy whose claim to fame is marrying wealthy and lying about the behavior of his fellow service men, essentially aiding-and-abetting the North Vietnamese.  Though in fairness, there’s a better-than-even chance that this time he simply blames the Zionists and the Christians.  For their provocations.  Which their continued existence carries with it.  Washington Times:

Secretary of State John Kerry says he’s willing to testify before the House Oversight committee on the Benghazi attack.

The State Department sent a letter to Chairman Darrell Issa of California. The letter says diplomatic responsibilities will prevent Kerry from appearing on May 29. That’s the date of the committee subpoena.

But the department offers alternative dates of June 12 or June 20.

The department also says that if Kerry testifies before the House Oversight panel, then there is no need for him to appear before a newly-formed special select committee investigating the 2012 assault on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Issa should simply respond that his testimony before the House Oversight committee is no longer needed, as he’ll be called before the special select committee in due time.  A failure to do so would suggest that ego has superseded the desire for justice.  And while that would be a pity, it would also be completely within keeping of the DC culture of insularity and “collegiality,” the occasional grandstanding not withstanding.

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  1. Somehow my (possibly faulty) understanding of the meaning of separation of powers doesn’t permit the State Department to determine anything with regard to the necessity of a Secretary of State’s appearance before whatever Committee of the Congress may require his appearance. So I reckon my response to the State Dept’s “if-then” proposition would be that this proposition is entirely empty with respect to the functions of our governmental architecture, and can therefore be disregarded altogether.

  2. Obviously the Benghazi Four were acting like Jinjis Khan.

  3. There’s no justice left in this squalid nation anymore. When our so-called leadership can dodge responsibility this easily, avoid even the semblance of balance of power with not-s0-artful dodging, it’s just a matter of time before things fly apart.

    Problem is? Those living at Kerry’s level, the so-called oligarchs, will survive much longer than the hundreds of millions of ants milling in frenzy beneath them.

  4. John Kerry is a huge fag

    he’s the perfect secretary of state for this piece of shirt country

  5. piece of *shit* country I mean

  6. You should introduce random misspellings of your standard tiresome slurs in every comment, hf.

    It might make you interesting again.

  7. i’m super-interesting already you just a pickle

  8. >he’s the perfect secretary of state for this piece of shirt country<

    what's the thread count for the shirt?

  9. What’s more important – lying before a Senate committee or flying around the planet as a Wobal Glarming aficionado? It’s all about priorities, folks…

  10. So rather than standing upon Congressional prerogatives and thereby challenging the IWonPenPhoners, Darrell Issa backs down from them, ceding John Kerry an unnecessary win! You go, Darrell. That’s the way to preserve a separation of powers — fool.