May 22, 2014

“Senators Blocks VA Accountability Bill”

Happy Memorial Day, soldiers! 

This failure to pass was, of course, the fault of the GOP-run House, who pushed the bill through with bipartisan support.  Thing is, had they been thinking correctly, they could have named the legislation the “Koch Brothers Accountability and Offer to Drop Dead” bill, and it would have whisked right through the Senate, likely with McCain, Graham, Alexander, and a number of others joining the Dems in getting it through.  Hell, Harry Reid might have actually felt a long-forgotten stir in his boxers.

I mean, it’s not like they actually read these things, right?  At least that’s my sense:  they merely look at the title and then think about where to position themselves and how to grandstand.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:25pm

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  1. “As we head home to honor . . .”, Boehner blah-blah-blahs.

    Want to truly honor the memory of those men and women John? Then consider not returning from your toe-dip “home”. Just don’t come back to further inflict your sullied life on our and their polity. Get out. Got it?

  2. “they merely look at the title and then think about where to position themselves and how to grandstand”

    I think they have people read the things. Political commissars, lawyers, public relations people, like that. Then they have publicists and speech writers craft a screen play with them as the star.

    What is it Rush says? Politics is like Hollywood for ugly people?

  3. The VA has been fucked up for a long time. I just received a application in the mail to sign up for VA benefits. I have been out of the service since 1991. They also wanted to provide me with information about the Affordable Care Act. So look out everyone, this is what Obama Care will look like.

  4. Disgraceful, but predictable. To pass it would have codified the existence of such a serious problem; which might not go down the memory hole as easily.

  5. Thing is, no bill or law or policy will change what’s wrong with the VA. Bureaucrats who cannot be fired will always do whatever they think they can get away with. For them, everything is a perverse incentive.

    Levin is right: vouchers, vouchers, and more vouchers.

  6. Squid, is this you? )

  7. buy squid@trade; pitchforks, tar and feathers

  8. When “deniers” attack: The text of a C&D letter from the U of Queensland — warning a blogger not to reveal that there are irregularities in its “Consensus Project” data — is posted anyway

    … as the caption to that Downfall scene.

    Brilliant. Go ahead and present the vid in court, counselor. You’ll only look even more absurd.

  9. Here’s another secret the White House doesn’t want you to know about the VA. Al Qaeda detainees get better medical treatment than our veterans.

  10. Squid, is this you?

    Nope, but I definitely support the message!

    (Note: Squid(R) brand pitchforks have heavy-duty tines that stay straight and true, no matter how crooked the politicians they’re used on!)

  11. Hey, off topic, but I know Jeff knows his movies and maybe some of the rest of you do as well.. Can anyone recommend a particularly good.. or even pretty good.. dystopian sci-fi movie? Something like 1984 or Children of Men or Bladerunner.. Tall order I know, but I have a craving and it’s a long three day weekend. Help a brother out here…

    OK, I now return you to your regularly scheduled on-topic comments.

  12. Heh, so living in it isn’t quite enough, Ouro? An escape into something less maddening is required for relief?

  13. The only dystopian movie I’ve seen recently is Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, but that’s because my kinder have occupied the Rhineland the home entertainment system, and the wife and I have adopted a strategy of appeasement in the hope that they won’t go after the home computer.

  14. “The Fifth Element?” “Brazil?”

  15. Brazil is the movie that 1984 should have been.. I want a baby mask for Halloween this year.

  16. The Fifth Element is a damn fun movie.

  17. I’m asking myself the same question, sdferr.. For something dystopian I need look no further than the news.. or for something a little more dystopian fiction, MSNBC.

  18. I liked Fifth Element.. Plus that was young Milla Jovovich in the orange hair… One of the all time hottest actresses out there.

  19. Hey, even more off topic.. What ever happened to that troll that used to hang in here? The one with the long, multisyllable Japanese sounding screen name…

  20. If you have an entire 3 day weekend why not a series like “Firefly”, “Dollhouse”, or “The Sarah Connor Chronicles?”

    I also like the Babylon 5 movie “In the Beginning” though it has spoilers for the series.

  21. “Twelve Monkeys” and “A Boy and his Dog.” Lots of dis-topia in Sci-fi.

  22. Soylent Green and The Omega Man

  23. +1 on “A Boy and His Dog”, kind of low budget cheesey, but fun.

  24. I liked the original Omega Man with Heston better than the Will Smith version… Maybe I’ll make this weekend a Planet of the Apes marathon weekend.

  25. Last good dystopian movie I saw was “The Book of Eli”

  26. Charlton Heston driving around L.A. in a big Cadillac convertable shooting hippies

    Now that’s art.

  27. If you do happen to go in for Twelve Monkeys (for which I kinda retain a warm regard) you’ll find La Jetée is on youtube.

  28. What ever happened to that troll that used to hang in here? The one with

    Devoured by rabid badgers.

  29. French whispering with Spanish subtitles.. My mastery of high school French has failed me..

  30. I liked “The Book of Eli” as well.

    I also want it noted that CrankyCudgels™ do not chip or dent even when used on the hardest-headed political activists you might run into.

  31. RI Red Reloaded Revolver Rounds Resist Revisionist Revolutionaries. And Rust.

  32. And Reparations.

  33. nishi is living her life like a pickle i love her more than beans

    0ne day when she is needed, she will return to us

    but until then

    we abide

  34. Whatever Happened to Nishi Jane?

    Co-starring slewfoot as Joan Crawford.

  35. *What Ever*

  36. cutest lil puppydog ever