May 20, 2014

“College Students Ace Pop Music Quiz, Bomb Benghazi Question”

Shhhh You’ll hurt their esteem!

Here’s another question that should have been asked of these George Mason students: who is George Mason, and why should anyone care?

$50 bucks says at least 3 in 10 students called him a dead white male slave owner who helped disenfranchise blacks and women and killed the Native Americans.

And all it would have cost them is about $150K plus books!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:04am

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  1. PinkShirt: “Something in the Middle-East?”

    MicGuy: “That’s right!”

    Oh so double sad.

  2. Worse was the “oh, I hear my conservative family talking about it and they seem really upset, but I don’t know why.”

    They are discussing something that clearly causes distress, and she is utterly unconcerned as to the what, where, who, and why, picking up just the single word “Benghazi”, as though it were people heading the other way down a crowded sidewalk…

    And she will probably be working at the Department of State in ten years…

  3. Heh. Jeff, my middle son and I have a joke about that; “You’re hurting my self-esteem!”

    Said with a whine of course.

  4. Well, like, you know, if I, like, you know, wanted to know, I could, like, you know, Google it. You know what I’m saying?

  5. Meanwhile, I would fail the pop music quiz and probably ace the Benghazi quiz.

    Now, after reviewing the video, I would have aced the Benghazi quiz and gotten a half credit for the pop music questions. (I would have said “Ferelli” sings the song)

  6. Pop’s music.

    How much vodka, get the gin,
    Where’s the whiskey?
    What’s the sin?

  7. I remember people thinking it was sorta strange that I hadn’t heard about the Oklahoma City bombing a couple days after it happened. In my defense, I probably had around three hundred pages of assigned reading a day back then.

  8. Well sure, but a few days against a year and 3/4? Bit of a wide variance there.

  9. Right you are, sdferr.

    My impish impulse was to show why a student might be ignorant of current events. Why, to fix even older ignorances, of course!

  10. I caint hep but heart the students, but then I recalls Harvey’s old joke about the number of students at OSU: 1 in a hundred.

  11. Heh.

    It was smartly played, of course, to show their near immediate familiarity with something inconsequential to show that, no, they weren’t so very distracted by their studies.

  12. > I hadn’t heard about the Oklahoma City bombing a couple days after it happened. <

    well there was the 1st wtc attack in 1993 so got keep the demonrat ok

  13. OT: I’m a bit hyped up after the O’s presumptive hr hitter who hadn’t been hitting hrs seems to have hit his stride (finally) tonight, doubling his years production to date to total six. Sorry ’bout that, newrouter, but it had to happen sooner or later.

  14. stop the “hate”;)