May 19, 2014

“Welcome To ‘Operation Chokepoint’-The DOJ’s Massive Overreach To Shut Down Lawful Businesses They Don’t Like”

Weasel Zippers — and Geoff B here — were on this two weeks ago.  It’s now making its way into the mainstream press (see above), albeit only on the right-wing side.   I guess the targeting of private businesses by type, creating problems for them with financing institutions, isn’t something that the major mainstream liberal press finds newsworthy.

Because some old guy somewhere probably said something racist. And OUTRAGE!

The instrumentalities of government, by way of pressure on private industries via the administrative state, are being turned on certain types of “unclean” citizens.   And the putative watch dogs of the government don’t much care.

They’d rather spend time defending the stay of a death penalty case, or agitating for amnesty for the noble foreign laborer, than take note of American citizens who are being harassed and whose livelihoods are being threatened by an overreach of staggering proportions.

It’s who they are. It’s what they do.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:19pm

Comments (7)

  1. Witness the due process inherent in the system.

  2. I wonder if businesses targeted in this way have a legal case against their banks?

    Pushback against the banks might finally convince them that torches and pitchforks are still there and Obama may not be standing between after all.

  3. They had better push back against the banks. Not that it will stop the DOJ, who have become Stasi at this point.

    I hope they don’t expect any cooperation in the future. You’re going to get screwed whether you do or don’t, I’d rather not supply the rope for the hanging.

  4. The banks think Obama is the only thing that will hold the “customers” back once those customers realize that all their money hasn’t got any wealth in it anymore. We can’t have those unwashed types seizing assets or anything.

  5. the piece of shit attorney general jack-off needs to be impeached like the fascist whore he is

    after that we’ll talk about next steps

  6. It’s tough to get to the next steps (ordinally second) since it’s the very same next steps standing in the way of taking the first step impeachment remedy. Which is why, I suppose, so many people suggest just piling them all together with a nuke from orbit in order to be sure.