May 9, 2014

Just because

A few unsolicited Tweets from a thump-jawed backbiter and, despite never having surgery to repair that tendon damage in my left wrist, I’m back to bending nails and the like. It just hurts a bit more to do it than it used to.

Even picked up the CoC 2.5 gripper for the first time in over 2 years and squeezed it shut.

So, then. Thanks for the motivation, kitten!

update: Vids added.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:35am

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  2. More chins than a Chinese phonebook there.

  3. Maybe later I’ll post a vid of me completing the bar stool challenge. Satch asked me to give it a go and I did so he could film it, but he wasn’t the first one to ask me to try this.

    A few years ago in Chicago, Tony C had me try it in a bar, and I was able to lift the stool without a problem. I even picked it up to chest level, thinking that’s what I was supposed to do. I had no idea it was meant to be terribly difficult — until after I did it and Tony had a bunch of other guys give it a go. With hilarious results.

  4. I’ve never tried that, I’m guessing the trick is to tip the chair’s center of gravity over your wrist so you are not fighting leverage of gravity.

  5. The face that launched a thousand shits.

  6. Well, I’d be scared of those beady eyes and those two nostrils big enough to film a remake of “The Desolation of Smaug” inside. And given that he appears to have something akin to a stump instead of a neck, he could head butt you really hard. And reigning down blows to his head would likely not even phase him.

  7. Heh, you.

    One time a punk sucker punched my dad in the face at a bar downtown. Dad picked up a barstool and waved it at the punk, saying “You better run along, son.”. Thing was – the barstool was bolted to the floor at the time.

  8. And reigning down blows to his head would likely not even phase him.

    “Hit the soft parts with your fist. Hit the hard parts with a utensil.”

  9. From what I saw of the guy who succeeded, he may have been resting his elbow on the floor, or nearly so. If that’s legal, it may be enough to do the trick. Think I’ll try it with a kitchen chair and see if it makes a difference.

  10. I suppose there’s some technique to it, but for the most part it’s really just a lever lift. I work on lever lifts with sledge hammers, so that’s why it came so easy to me I suppose.

    Technique-wise, I’d say if your wrist is strong enough to tilt the stool toward you first, then bringing your arm in close makes the most sense, because obviously you’re stronger that way. Thing is, in order to break the leg off the ground in the first instance you’ll likely have a hard time tipping it toward you, because that’s fighting the other three legs.

    Personally, I try to go straight up with it.

  11. Resting the elbow is fine. I don’t know that it’s an advantage or not. In many instances, like table curls, eg., having the elbow planted makes it difficult to rock the weight at all, so it may actually hinder the lift. The people I know who’ve been able to do this often work with their hands and lots of tools (plumbers and the work they do with pliers seem especially prone to succeed), or else train their grip and wrists. I’ve seen lots of muscle heads fail miserably. Getting your swole on doesn’t help with practical strength exercises.

    At any rate, I’ll try to post video later. Ignore my hair, though. I have a high school reunion coming up and I’m growing out a Norman Reedus in “The Walking Dead” doo. It takes patience.

  12. I had no luck with the chair either way, FWIW. <making excuses> The chair legs are shaped wrong for my grip anyway. </making excuses>

  13. I just did one with a ten pound weight plate on top of the stool. I think that’s the first time. I’d done 5# before.

    On that one, breaking the stool from the ground and wrist curling it a bit toward me then going straight up proved to be the answer.

  14. my experience in this area has been mostly picking up dog stools

  15. Added some vids.

  16. I’m more adept at weighing a bar stool down.

  17. I plan on doing just that. I’m beat.

  18. I can pick up a bar stool with one hand easily, but perhaps not while gripping it at the base of one leg. I’ve never tried, though. Never occurred to me to think of trying, to be honest. Being the lifelong Designated Driver has the disadvantage of not having any ready-made excuses for my behavior…

    Free sodas, though, so there’s that…

  19. Damn, but that’s one fugly sour puss up at the top of the page. Looks like the high school kid who got always got suspended for a doing butt-ignorant indecencies during class, missed his graduation by several years but earned a GED and a permanent mop job at a porno shop on the seediest skid row in town. And proud of it, he is!

  20. Speaking of fugly, the Dolphins stiff-armed a player who dared speak against Michael [Ram-I-Am! RAM IT!] Sam …

    Just as the Dolphins were watching the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito mess fade into the distance, another member of the team has created a situation with which the team dealt swiftly and decisively.

    The Dolphins announced that cornerback Don Jones has been fined by the team and excused from offseason workouts “until such time that he undergoes and completes educational training for his recent comments made on social media during the NFL Draft.”

    Specifically, Jones posted disapproving comments on Twitter after the Rams drafted defensive end Michael Sam — and after ESPN showed an on-air kiss between Sam and another man who wasn’t his twin brother. Jones said “omg” after the kiss was televised, and later called the moment “horrible.”

    I’m guessing there’s plenty of players who won’t appreciate being on the receiving end of PC fascism.

    How long before the backlash begins in earnest, I wonder?

  21. Yay! Proteinwisdom is back on the air! Er…the tube-ish grid-net info-webs.

  22. JustATest ..