May 3, 2014

“Rep. Gowdy: ‘I Have Evidence’ of Benghazi Cover-Up”

Uh-oh. Does this mean Boehner may not appoint him to run the select committee, then? Because why make waves when you can just make deals, amiright, boys? Newsmax:

Rep. Trey Gowdy said Friday that he has evidence of a “systematic, intentional” effort by the Obama administration to withhold documents from Congress about the 2012 Benghazi attacks that killed four Americans.

“I have evidence that, not only are they hiding it, there’s an intent to hide it,” the South Carolina Republican told “On the Record With Greta Van Susteren” on Fox News. “I can’t disclose that evidence yet, but I have evidence that there was a systematic, intentional decision to withhold certain documents from Congress — and we’re just sick of it.”


Gowdy, 49, a former prosecutor who is in his second House term, made the accusations in response to a question on Secretary of State John Kerry being subpoenaed — also on Friday — by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The panel, chaired by California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, wants Kerry to explain why the panel did not receive a 2012 email showing Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes counseling former U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to link the Benghazi attacks to an anti-Muslim video.

The email, released Tuesday by Judicial Watch, was not among the documents the oversight panel received in response to its subpoena last year. The committee received the document this week.

Judicial Watch sued the State Department for documents relating to Benghazi last year.

Shortly after Kerry took over the top State Department job last year, he pledged to cooperate with congressional investigations of the attacks, which also killed information management officer Sean Smith, and former SEALs Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods.

“He said a year ago, with respect to Benghazi, ‘If you have any trouble getting information, let me know,'” Gowdy told Van Susteren about Kerry. “Well, Mr. Secretary, we’re going to let you know that we’re not getting the information. We’re going to get him to come and explain why we’re getting documents 20 months late.”

Gowdy cited the Rhodes email as the “straw that broke the camel’s back” in leading Boehner to move for the select committee.

“Not only are we trying to get answers with respect to Benghazi, we’re also now investigating what appears to be a White House cover-up in one of the worst explanations for why they didn’t turn the documents over. I think the speaker just finally lost his patience. I’m glad he did what he did.”

The congressman said that a select committee would “cross jurisdictional boundaries.” Besides the oversight panel, the Benghazi attacks are being investigated by four other House committees: armed services, intelligence, foreign affairs, and judiciary.

“We were so pigeonholed, so fragmented,” said Gowdy, who sits on the judiciary and oversight panels. “You just need one committee that can send subpoenas.

“Our chairmen have done the best job they can do, but you have a tendency to stick within your own bailiwick — and we need somebody to cross all lines,” he added. “We need to have those lines disappear, quite frankly.”

While Boehner will make the final decision on who will serve on the select panel, Gowdy said he would “volunteer to be a summer intern” to serve in order to keep his promise to the families of the victims “that I would get them the truth.”

I hate to say this, Rep Gowdy, but that may be your undoing.  Which, if that’s the case, don’t worry:  we’ll have your back, even if the GOP establishment decides it does not.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:16pm

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  1. I want to be excited but I’ve seen so much sunlight, beams and beams of the stuff, go to waste now that I think the rats and cockroaches have forgotten how to scurry.

  2. Damn. Now both my accounts are in the gulag.

    I’m just too good at pissing people off.

  3. Where was Wald-O-bama?

    Walter Reed apparently, then scheduled meeting with Sec. Def. and Gen. Mullen till 6:30, then talking with Bibi till 7:30 then briefed by Denis for a second or two.

    The question should be what did he do, order done, order not done, authorize, not authorize, ask about, not ask about.

  4. I thought the White House said that Obama went to bed early that night for his next day Las Vegas find raiser?

  5. He talked to Hillary at 10 pm and then went to bed apparently. The 7;30 to 10 pm time period has not been spoken of but there is some speculation that he may have been doing debate rehearsals.

  6. the dude guy says he wasn’t in the situation room. has anybody ask reggie love?

  7. “Where was he” isn’t important. What’s important is that he be publicly tarred and feathered (FSOC) for being so consumed with his own re-election that he subsumed the lives of his own State Department personnel to his personal needs and blind ambition..

    If it turns out he was running guns to al Qaeda, then that should pretty much tank his Presidency. Or at least take the gleam off the gilding on his Presidential Library.

  8. >“Where was he” isn’t important.<

    oh sure it is. if the baracky was doing debate prep, talking to hillarity and then going to to bed, the mock factor goes 100x for letting his ambassador die. you must mock the proggtards. puncture that bubble of self esteem.

  9. Di, you’ve got to learn patience! Were you never a chess player?

    Tell you what…next Twitter character you roll up, make sure “Job” is in the name somewhere. And try to roll above an 8 on the wisdom thinger! )

  10. Yep, that’s right, nr, but only as an aside. Minor details should play a smaller role to the accurate framing of his character for all to see, forever more in perpetuity.

    That would hurt him more than anything I’m guessing. Narcissists hate being nailed as worthless.

  11. Aaaand out of the gulag. No idea why.

    I have been responding to my own tweets if I have more than one tweet’s worth of stuff to say (instead of hanging them off the same tweet).

    Right before being suspended, I typed up something wonderfully pithy but accidentally clicked off the dialog box (trying to hit the button but I’m a spaz), causing my wonderfully pithy tweet to vanish into the ether, so I hit Reply again really quick and I was suspended.

    And now I’m not.

    I was never a chess player. My brain is not calibrated to do strategy. When playing Freecell or Minesweeper, my only strategy is “kamikaze,” which means I move until I can’t anymore.

    That’s just how I [don’t] roll.

  12. for letting his ambassador die.

    geoffb has already shown that with regard to the day of the attack there is simply no such thing as “letting his ambassador die”, for on that day the Ambassador was either already dead or for all practical intents and purposes about to be dead before The Divine ClownDisaster even became aware of the attack.

    The only plausible meaning of “not letting the ambassador die” is to be found in the decisions taken in the months and years prior to the day of Sept 11, i.e., to never put an Ambassador in such a place on such a day without an Army to guard him, for instance, among a wide range of other disastrous decisions (like having Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor, or Valerie Jarrett as his chief counselor).

  13. Gawker has a series on the most racist cities in America. Looks like bullshit. Followed by tall tales of racism, most all of which sound like made up internet crap. They’ve done Philly and Boston so far.

    Man, Gawker really sucks.

  14. on that day the Ambassador was either already dead or for all practical intents and purposes about to be dead before The Divine ClownDisaster even became aware of the attack.

    Weren’t the two SEALs alive for much longer than the Ambassador? What about those people they saved? It’s not Obama’s fault they didn’t die that day.

  15. Kamikaze in chess works only if your opponent gives you capped pawn odds (s/he has to beat you with that pawn; you simply have to take it for the win or win normally).

    Well, sometimes kamikaze wins that way. I’ve won a few, giving those odds, because berserkers tend to drool themselves right into a trap.

  16. “Already dead” means sacrificed. Knowingly sacrificed is but murder.

  17. >s to be found in the decisions taken in the months and years prior to the day <

    so mock goes 1000x: is it a good idea to sell weapons to al qaeda islamist mr harvard/columbia/occidental?

  18. too bad the conservosphere doesn’t have a “jon stewart” type. the reality writes itself.

  19. >Boston so far.<

    i read the article and comments. still wondering why masshole rethuglicans keep voting kennedy/frank/markey/warren/kerry?

  20. Friends from Boston always tell me the worst racism is found there, and in the other northern Lib overpop Hells, rather than in the South. I’ve not seen the virtually segregated neighborhoods here he describes so vividly as being the norm in BM.

    But I’m seldom forced to go to Atlanta, so there’s that.

  21. >Friends from Boston always tell me the worst racism is found there<

    define this so called racism? is it like detroit or west philly? words don't hurt physically brutal attacks do.

  22. Over at ZeroHedge there’s discussion of the 259K youth jobs lost in April (‘youth’ defined as under 55) with the over-55 crowd gaining some 174K jobs, whilst Barky squeaks about the unemployment rate falling to 6.3%.

    Horrible news, as this commenter explains…

    The youth are simply locked out due to lack of opportunity, onshoring/outsourcing (see temp worker growth), illegal immigrant labor that they are easily substituted for, lack of skills (that they won’t get since they don’t get hired) and as you mention, dropping out.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves….

    Ashamed? It’s good to be older and quality employable. I’d hate to have to live in some elder’s basement playing video games and dreaming “Occupy: Hate the Rich Guy” dreams all day long.

  23. Perhaps it’s the kind of racism that hates whiners and crybabies regardless of color. Too bad the whiners and crybabies are all in thrall to the race pimps.

  24. >hates whiners and crybabies<

    you be hating baracky dude. and that constitution is over 100 years old DUDE

  25. “”

    Looks like Misha, The old bear is out testing the response of some deep NATO air defenses .

  26. that said. 500 rounds wednesday

  27. oh gun ? 1911 @ .45 or something else for a hand gun?

  28. I like shooting the CZ 75 and clones. Kind of like Beretta but betta’.

  29. I’ve got no opinion on hand guns because I’ve never been able to hit shit with a pistol.

    I’m like Jamess Caan in El Dorado like that.

    Except for the improvised Howdah.

  30. oh gun ? 1911 @ .45 or something else for a hand gun?

    Guns are like whisky – everyone has different tastes. I love 1911s. I love CZs. The pistols I don’t like tend to have horrible triggers. I can forgive a lot for a nice trigger. Get yourself to the range and try out some rentals. Hammer fired, striker, double action, single, semi-auto and wheel gun. See what feels good to you.

  31. the Ambassador was either already dead or for all practical intents and purposes about to be dead before The Divine ClownDisaster even became aware of the attack.

    Weren’t the two SEALs alive for much longer than the Ambassador?

    Yes and yes.

  32. I agree with Silver Whistle as to try different things to find what feels right for you.

    For myself having used a revolver for many years, and liking the ease of use, but not now its limited capacity, I found my preference in Sig. I don’t CCW so I don’t mind the weight of an all metal gun, though a best friend does carry and carries only Sig, 229 mostly.

  33. Ernst,

    James Caan in “Theif” was a much better shot.

  34. I remember the Democrats response to GWB taking a few minutes to finish reading aloud the book to a class of children after being told, immediately as the events were happening, about the planes hitting the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. They were aghast that he didn’t just jump up and run to the airport.

    And yet with this attack they wait at least an hour and twenty minutes before even informing him of it and then he spends at least the next two – two and a half hours attending to already scheduled meetings, phone calls, before getting another short briefing.

    Consulate attacked, ambassador dead, other Americans dead and/or under fire. Ho-hum, just another day, now to bed, exciting day tomorrow, fundraising and all about me-me-me.

  35. Boehner needs a man he can trust who is trusted by conservatives. Enter Trey Gowdy.

    This should be fun.

  36. I’m a big fan of .40 , but the pistol on my workbench in the garage is an Argentinian .45 1911.
    The gun in my backpack-day pack actually- for when I go to the U.P. or out west is a .357 S&W 626 double action only.
    The .40 is S&W 4006 and is pretty accurate, but the .45 is dead nuts on and just fun to shoot.

  37. I need to get to a range fairly quick my ownself. A new gun in the house that hasn’t been fired (except at the factory, which of course doesn’t count) incites all the others into a bullying frenzy.

    It’s like having an entire herd of armadillos living in your gun safe. I have to burn some cordite in this one soon or things could get ugly.

  38. The remarks [Rep. Adam Schiff’s remarks] reflect how the committee, which has not yet been formally approved, already is a political football” writes an unattributed FoxNews reporter.

    Oh jolly, another game to play, stonewalling the stonewall of a stonewall.

    Where’s ol’ Thomas J. Jackson when the Democrats need him?

  39. What is it, McGehee? Something tacticool as befits a high speed low drag operator like yourself?

  40. Nah. Just a Beretta Px4 Model F in .40 S&W. Something to finally motivate me to go through the Georgia CCW process.

    Everyone here knows better than to ask me for that much info on the rest of this stuff. Plausible deniability and all.

  41. I did cast a glance or two at some 1911s while I was at the armory, but I had to limit myself to pocket change this time.

  42. Mueller, those Ballester-Molina’s are nice. Wish I’d gotten one back when money wasn’t so tight.

    I do have a 1911 type gun. A Star model AS in 9mm Largo which works fine but finding magazines that work well, or parts is hard so I don’t shoot it much.

  43. Oops, sorry McGehee, I meant before it was lost in the swamp.

  44. Swamp, hell. Attic!

    I had to stash things up there instead of the basement so the hoboes (in case they gnawed off any limbs to get free) wouldn’t find them.

    And then like a fool I left the map of the attic where my dog could get hold of it.

  45. I have to confess to spending the children’s college fund on a new gun, myself. Not a pistol, obviously, because we’re not allowed to defend ourselves with anything sharper than a rapier wit. No, another antique Prussian 16 bore. I am a slave to my obsession.

  46. As long as the fast-moving stuff comes out of the end that’s away from you when you pull the trigger, I don’t judge.

  47. …unless you’re skeet-shooting at the horizon instead of a clay pigeon, or you shoot a lawyer and he gets back up.

  48. They need to appoint Trey Gowdy as head prosecutor. He’s tenacious as hell and will get to the bottom of the scandal.

    My CCW is a S&W 5906…sweet shooting pistol and carries 15 plus one.

  49. Let us pray that Mr. Gowdy will not turn out to be another major disappointment for those of us who are fighting to Restore our Freedoms and Liberties.

    Given the track record of this Republican House, I feel compelled to not give in to my hopes and to remain a cynical bastard.

  50. Did you know that you can easily push a .223 WSSM to 3,800+ fps? That’s, like, super-super-sonic.

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