May 2, 2014

“Gun Control Utopia Chicago: More Than 40 People Shot, 5 Killed Over Weekend”

Woman killed while heading home from an anti-violence event among the victims. (h/t Weasel Zippers)

Sometimes irony just sucks ass.

Tie this together with the FEDEX shooting — the building featured a prominent placard showing that firearms were not permitted on the premises, something the shooter either inadvertently overlooked or, to the more cynical, used to his advantage — and what you have is yet further evidence that the anti-gun crusade, much like the left’s environmental crusade, is meant to garner power and has nothing much to do with safety at all. Statistics be damned. Carnage be damned. The left needs you disarmed and they’ll pull out every emotional appeal they can, and use the heartbreak of any useful idiot they can, to take away the one right that protects all the others.

“Stand your ground” and “castle doctrine” laws are coming under fire from anti-gun groups, who use anecdotal and isolated instances of malfeasance to again claim that law-abiding American citizens must, for their own safety (and the safety of others) be effectively stripped of a natural right.

Ironically, these are the same types who advocate on behalf of criminals, whether through a lawless Executive, or the Attorney General’s office. Criminal as victim, law-abiding citizen as “controversial” for defending himself.

At least this time, we can jump right to “racist” without having to go through the whole “white Hispanic” thing again. So we’ve got that going for us.

Like I said: sometimes irony sucks ass.

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  1. Funny how these always seem to happen in cities wholly owned by the “people’s party”

  2. “Stand your ground” and “castle doctrine” laws are coming under fire from anti-gun groups, who use maliciously distorted or in many cases totally fabricated anecdotal and isolated instances of alleged malfeasance

    There I fixed it.

  3. Meanwhile, in Chitopia knife news:

    ****A judge set bail today at $1 million for a pregnant woman accused of fatally stabbing her boyfriend at their Southwest Side home after they fought because the man didn’t buy anything for her at a shopping mall.

    Judge Maria Kuriakos Ciesil set the bail for Miata Phelan, 24, of the 6800 block of South Talman Avenue, who is charged with first-degree murder.

    The visibly pregnant Phelan, who appeared in court today wearing pink sweat pants with black stripes, a pink top, and black leather jacket, allegedly plunged a knife into Larry Martin’s left flank on April 30, prosecutors said.

    Martin, 28, is the father of her unborn child and they lived together.

    Before the stabbing happened, Phelan, Martin, Martin’s 8-year-old son and 25-year-old cousin, a man, went shopping at a shopping mall. On the way home, Phelan accused Martin of being selfish because he bought things for his cousin and son but not for her, Asst. State’s Attorney Glen Runk said.

    Court records show Phelan turned 24 on May 1.

    Runk said Phelan struck Martin while he was driving, almost causing an accident, and after Phelan drove to Martin’s mother’s home to drop off shoes for Martin’s brother, she kicked and scratched Martin before driving away in his car, leaving Martin, his 8-year-old and Martin’s cousin outside.

    The three walked to the couple’s nearby apartment and when Phelan arrived about the same time, she and Martin began arguing again and she locked the three outside, Runk said.

    Martin banged on the door until she opened it and once inside, Phelan stabbed Martin in his side with a knife, Runk said. The boy entered the apartment directly behind Martin and saw Phelan stabbing him. The cousin heard Martin scream in pain and ran into the apartment, Runk said.

    The cousin applied pressure to the wound and helped him outside to the sidewalk where Martin collapsed and the cousin called 911, Runk said.

    Runk said Martin’s 8-year-old saw Phelan as she stood over him on the sidewalk, screaming: “This is what you get for messing with me,’’ Runk said, quoting Phelan. “I hope you die, mother f—–,’’ Runk said, quoting Phelan.

    Martin was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead.

    Asst. Public Defender Lisa Brean said Phelan is a life-long resident of Chicago, who is eight classes away from receiving a bachelor’s degree in public relations from Columbia College in Chicago. Brean said she is pregnant with the victim’s child and surrendered herself to police.****

    May 02, 2014 – By Rosemary Regina Sobol – Tribune reporter

  4. Time to ban all kitchen knives.


  5. Control all the things!

  6. Most obvious case of Martin, cousin, and son harassing, stalking, and abusing poor Phelan.

  7. Charting the “Chicago values.”

  8. Most obvious case of Martin, cousin, and son harassing, stalking, and abusing poor Phelan.

    Well we sure as hell aren’t going to call it domestic abuse on Phelan’s part. That’s for damn sure.

  9. Reading about Chicago is not so good for the soul.

  10. Yeah, but the Shot-In-The-Ass-O-Meter is always good for a laugh.