April 27, 2014

“Race matters” [Darleen Click]

“Racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism. It is the notion of ascribing moral, social or political significance to a man’s genetic lineage — the notion that a man’s intellectual and characterological traits are produced and transmitted by his internal body chemistry” ~~Ayn Rand

SCOTUS “Justice” Sotomayor has lived up to every warning issued about her dedication to the Left’s ideology of viewing all reality through the lens of Race-Class-Gender. Her 58-page polemic can be reduced to one phrase she used several times while attempting to coin yet another euphemism for naked racial preferences.

“Race matters.”Sotomayor Racist Leftism

Such a phrase is the raison d’être of all manner of racial supremacist groups regardless of how often they use the words “social justice” in their mission statements. It has as much connection to actual natural rights as the phrase “People’s Republic” does to democratic governments.

What we are being fundamentally changed to is a racial spoils system, where individuals must cling to a group identity in order to be “authentic” and socially acceptable. And the group Rulers will be solely in charge of defining the correct thought systems for the members.

And the world of Race Identity is a Kafkaesque theater of the absurd where people are to be judged by other people’s race-dominate perceptions, accurate or not.

Clive Bundy says something “racially insensitive” and Everyone Must ignore the military-style invasion of his property to collect on a bill.

Clipper-owner Donald Sterling is taped making racist comments and Shocked!SHOCKED! calls come from all quarters to strip him of team ownership. Ironic in a sport that, on Leftism’s own standard of melanin counting, is not racially inclusive.

I await the NBA’s race-sensitive admissions policies to correct for years of white/asian/hispanic player under-representation.

Absurdity abounds when someone is serious that belly dancing while white is racist, or that people of pallor should strike the word Fiesta from their vocabulary and party plans.

The Left’s race-spoils systems is even promoted by the least-free of American institutions — colleges and universities — where a university President does not say “how can we make sure we have attract the best and brightest of students of good character regardless of background” but says

“How do we make sure that in future years we are not as white as we are today?”

Race matters only to racists, no matter the level of melanin they possess while mouthing their primitive collectivism.

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  1. it’s nice that ugly whores can still find work even in barack obama’s fucked up economy

    i definitely agree though with the people what said but honey you gotta throw a black robe on that shit

  2. “15 minutes can save you 15% on car insurance.”

    “Everybody knows that.”

    “Well, did you know some Latinas aren’t all that wise?”

  3. Sonia Sotomayor wrote “race matters” (8) times in her dissent.
    p. 94 & 95, or just search it out.

  4. “A racist is someone who is beating a liberal in any argument.”

    In other news, MLK, Jr., is setting new RPM records.

  5. Matters?”, Benny asked, “Does it swing?”

  6. “Race matters”

    At the risk of sounding like a random leftist minority, I think there is supposed to be an implied “if you aren’t white” attached to that.

    Unfortunately, it’s not only sad, but true,. Not only as a nasty piece of indoctrination, but in truth and fact. Because it’s built into the system. The second affirmative action was born, race did indeed become a playa in the game.

    Just ask the honorable Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

    Our government has incentivized racialism by policy, unless you are white. For them and their white privilege, policy is theoretically neutral, evening out the playing field. For my point, whether the leveling is successful or not is secondary to the fact that distinguishing people by race is indeed a factor, by law.

    I think there should be a constitutional amendment stating NO government entity from top to bottom be allowed, in any form, to distinguish between citizens in an official capacity, by sex, race or religion.

  7. ‘feets, I told you about first-comment post burning. Anyone coming here, not knowing you are not feeble but only pretending to be feeble, will by association think less of this site and it’s writers.

    Can’t you wait awhile to vomit? Or is burning posts your assignment ?

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  10. iggle biggle poop poop

  11. jsjbst wrote:

    I think there should be a constitutional amendment stating NO government entity from top to bottom be allowed, in any form, to distinguish between citizens in an official capacity, by sex, race or religion.

    There already is, the Fourteenth Amendment. The problem is that the Supremes have “interpreted” the 14th to allow what it expressly prohibits.

  12. whores have to be flexible Dana it’s how they build up a clientele

  13. “Clive Bundy says something “racially insensitive” ”

    Only to anyone trained in extreme sensitivity.

    OK, to be honest I have never listened to the infamous interview, I only have heard the commentary and seen a few short transcripts, but I think I have the gist of it. I’m just not seeing the racism, beyond the washed-out meaningless crutch it has become in the Obama era.

    Once you get passed the shock that a southwest Nevada rancher is not the most articulate man on TV, you have to conclude he is relating compassionately to the black community suffering under the heavy hand of government. He didn’t say black people should be slaves, he wondered which form of slavery was worse.

    The real villains in the story are those that profit from blacks high un-employment and high incarceration rate. The ones that gain support when blacks have high abortion rates and few resident fathers.

    The miserable bastards that promote racial resentment for political advantage, the Democrat party. They are traitorous in my opinion.

  14. What if casual humorous misogyny were as popular as casual misandry in contemporary publishing?


    Self help and relationship books might look like this:

    Mapping the Bitch Circuit: Fault Finding and Re-Wiring What Passes for a Female Mind.

    Wake Up Dude: She’s a Useless A-hole and You’re Getting Tired of Her.

    Don’t Even Listen; Just Let her Bark.

    How to Buy Action Figures and Cartoon Posters Until She Finds The Exit and Walks Through It.

    Bitter Vagina Flaccid Penis : How To Waste Even More of Your Short Life on Prolonging the Same Disappointing Bullshit.

    A Man Needs a Woman Like A Witch Needs a Bonfire.

    Honey, you Suck THIS MUCH!: How to Let Her Know What an Irritating Disruptive Contemptible Little Twerp She Is Without Feeling Bad About It Afterwards.

    Those Tools That Build Nothing: How She Gets You Down A Little Bit More Every Day Like a Ratchet and What You Need to Do About it.

    I’m only doing it for empowerment and equality. Honest communication about trauma and injustice can only do good. Right?

  15. Those could also pass for reverse-universe Gawker Headlines.

  16. Who else maintained that race matters? Possibly more than any others known,Hitler and the Nazis.

    The story begins in the present at Chelmno, on the Narew River in Poland, fifty miles northwest of Lodz, in the heart of a region that once had a large Jewish population,. At Chelmno 400,000 Jews were murdered in two separate periods: 1) December 1941 – Spring 1943, 2) June 1944 — January 1945. But the mode of administration of death remained to the end: the gas vans.

    Of the 400,000 men, women and children who went there, only two came out alive: Mordechai Podchlebnik and Simon Srebnik. Srebnik, a survivor of the last period was a boy of thirteen when he was sent. His father had been killed before his own eyes in the ghetto in Lodz; his mother died in a gas van in Chelmno.

  17. an ugly latina being an aa idiot. forward proggtardia!

  18. “[slewfoot is] not feeble but only pretending to be feeble”

    Link, please.

  19. She’s a shake down shill with a mob fed thrill
    She’ll name ya if you let her
    She’s a devilish voice with a devil’s choice
    And she wonders how much it can get her.

  20. I drive a Fiesta.

    I “explained” to a latina friend (in Spanish) that “fiesta” is Spanish for “party” and she thought that was pretty funny.”‘

  21. Thank god it wasn’t spelled “Phiesta” that would be almost criminal and at least worthy of a “trigger warning.”

  22. latinas are demonrat front groups. divide and conquer be their motto.

  23. Spanish speaking is now a race like muslim. How did this happen? WHAT IS IN THE WATER?

  24. – Actually it is obvious that the goals of the “race spoiles” system is the same as all biz ventures: money/power.

    – And because that is the true nature of all the bullshit identity politics ever invented it should come as no surprise when a few days after the NUYTrash did its usual hatchet job on Bundy the Left media aparatchik had to do a great big whoooooaaaa there. Sterling is one of the largest donors in the Democraps camp so, you know, his comments are now being toted as alleged and the stories have taken on a decidedly softer edge.

    – There is no cynical position in the world the Left has not taken over completely.

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  26. Some mad men will tell you that you shouldn’t mention the competitor’s product in your ad or you will unintentionally endorse it for equal consideration.

    I think that people who want all people to be equal should not mention a concept like “race matters” in their attempt to endorse the opposite belief.

  27. Snoop Lion Dog weighed in on the TMZ’s Sterling squirrel.

    Snoop called him a redneck. Snoop obviously doesn’t know what that even is. Which is sad. Either he doesn’t know what a redneck is (they don’t even have to be white) or he smoked it out of his head at some point.

    A guy named Sterling who does personal injury and divorce on the west coast and owns a pro sports team is probably not familiar with sun burns and calluses. Rednecks are roofers and fruit pickers and ranch hands. If you point at a Belgian Chef or a magazine editor or some other soft elite and cry redneck it’s noth ignorant and absurd.

    Read a book.

  28. And I think what Sterling said was horrific and he does come off as a sad asshole living in a cartoon of stereotypes that lead him to irrational contempt and hatred. But he said it in private and got outed by a TMZ. Also he’s a democrat.

    And I’m not a basketball fan.

    So really I don’t care much.