April 25, 2014

“If you like your children …” [Darleen Click]

The state of Connecticut feels parents are too stupid to decide what their children should drink

The state legislature is considering a bill that would ban day care centers from serving whole milk or 2 percent milk to children.

The move, according to the bill’s sponsors, is aimed at curbing childhood obesity — but opponents say the information is outdated. […]

It reads: “No child day care center, group day care home or family day care home shall provide milk with a milk fat content greater than 1 percent to any child 2 years of age or older under the care of such facility unless milk with a higher milk fat content is medically required for an individual child, as documented by such child’s medical provider.”

While opponents to this latest Nannystatist proposal are correct that the latest SCIENCE!! supports the notion that the hysteria over whole milk (butter, et al) has been overblown, that position concedes the most important part of the argument.

The State has no business in deciding what a child is eating*. It is the parents’ decision, duty and responsibility.

Butt out.

We need to stop arguing the details while letting them frame the issue.

*for the good-faith-argument-challenged Nannystatists, this doesn’t include spoiled or poisoned foodstuffs.

Posted by Darleen @ 12:00pm

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  1. Trouble is, their framing works.

    “But it’s for the good of all” is persuasive to captive zoo animals who would rather rely on their keepers for their nutrition and well-being than live in the scary, scary wild.

    Our prolonged prosperity, like living in null gravity, has resulted in an inevitable loss of bone and muscle mass. It will take a crash-landing and decades living on nuts and berries to screw everyone’s head back on.

  2. I find I have a similar complaint with ESPN: they seem to think I ought to always be consuming BostonRedSox and NewYorkYankees to the exclusion of any other more nourishing stories. It’s a thing with the fascist progressives I guess, no matter in what venue they may show themselves.

  3. Also, if you follow @todd_kincannon in any capacity, don’t.

    Just sayin.

  4. they seem to think I ought to always be consuming BostonRedSox and NewYorkYankees to the exclusion of any other more nourishing stories.

    Typical Boston/DC-corridor imperialism. If it doesn’t happen to them, it never happened.

  5. If the only thing you consumed was whole milk, you would probably be pretty slim. You would probably also start mooing.

  6. I had been drinking 1% milk myself for years. When my first child was somewhere between 1 and 2, the pediatrician asked what milk I gave him and I answered truthfully. He recommended going to 2% because it was healthier for small children. Not surprisingly, their dietary needs are somewhat different than mine.

  7. I’d encourage the State of Connecticut to stop pussy-footing around, and just jump to the endgame already. Kids will run around outside for at least 90 minutes per day. Failure to document such physical activity will result in electricity being cut off to the home.

    C’mon, lawmakers! Put up or shut up already!

  8. Darleen’s main point is indeed the main point: the State of Connecticut should butt out of these sorts of decisions.

    But the icing on the cake is that whoever came up with that proposal has just proved to the world that they’re too pig ignorant to be trusted to make sound nutritional choices for anybody. It was probably some overweight “certified nutritionist” who lives on skim milk and loads of “complex” carbs, and who can’t figure out why they’re still fat.

    (As an aside, I work for a major healthcare system, and it never ceases to amaze me how many fatties work in healthcare.)

  9. Dead solid perfect, Darleen.

  10. I’ve noticed that too, TW.

  11. Did somebody say cake?

  12. I was told there would be cake.

  13. cake is a sometimes food

  14. Also a sometimes food, last night, much to my good cheer and apparently Nick’s too, there was pie — not to mention that eating it is far more dignified than wearing it.