April 24, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Tanner!

Willful, playful, expressive, verbal. And freakishly strong, like an ant without the whole insect vibe. You are a blessing and a joy. And we love you very, very much.


(We just hope that you like chocolate. And superheros. Because that’s the cupcake and balloon you’re getting, and there’s really no turning back now)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:50am

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  1. Aww, Jeff, he’s darling. You are so lucky. Happy birthday!

  2. Gah, cuteness overload! :-D

  3. Should’ve gone with race cars, jets, or dinosaurs. Superheroes have been gross and sad for 25+ years now. They are made for 40 year old angry jaded losers instead of kids now.

  4. Two years already? Happy birthday, Tanner!

  5. Many happy returns of the day, Tanner!

    (Sheesh, seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating his arrival. But then, seems like just yesterday that my “baby,” who is now 6’5″, made his arrival.)

  6. The ladies are going to love that smile.

    Happy Birthday, Master Tanner!

  7. He’s two? Already? Happy Birthday.



    What time is it?

  8. Now there’s some joy for your life.

    Happy 2nd Tanner!

    Time flies.

  9. Happy Birthday, Tanner!

    He is a blessing, Jeff. What a doll.

  10. Happy Birthday Tanner, and my sincerest hopes and prayers for many more to come!

    Mine seems to like flying machines, like airplanes and rockets; must be something in the genes :)

    Thanks for the great photo, and you all have a great time together today.

    My regards to all.

  11. Happy Tanner day!

  12. ROCKETMAN!!!

    How are things on The Island of Long?

  13. Alle Breve!, Eng. Suite VI, Gavottes I & II (both in 2), and just for the sake of the more probable chase, the Gigue (in 12/16).

  14. ADORBS!

    How’d you end up with TWO cute kids, Jeff? Your wife not telling you somthing?

  15. Should have gotten a puppy instead!

    Happy birthday, Tanner!

  16. He looks pretty spry though he’s twice as old as he was last year.

  17. Oh wow…2? Please tell me you adopted and naed the boy the same, because if not? I’m getting SO old!!

    Great looking kid Jeff! must take after his nom.

  18. It’s a shame he has to grow up in a world tainted by the Windows 8 Metro touch interface. And he’ll never eat a real Hostess Ding Ding wrapped in foil. He’ll get those weird plastic ones that come in the mylar freshness pouch. And he’ll never know what Cheetos and Doritos were like before Frito-Lay went all nuts with the cheese powder and made them awful. He’ll never drink a Dr pepper in a glass bottle at a minor league baseball game or find gummy-worms a rare and exotic delicacy. He’ll think that gluten free focaccia bread is a normal part of a sandwich instead of visualizing a round toasted po-boy on sourdough. His dinosaurs will have feathers and moose-lips and lean forward instead of dragging their tails or sticking their long long necks out of a swamp that they live in to support their great weight. He will not grow up hearing whatever the radio wants him to hear, always in analog or marvel at a transistor radio.

    At least barbecue is still going strong.

  19. Wow … talk about the cute factor exceeding 11!

    Happy Birthday, Tanner!

  20. Jeff, my point above is that you need to feed that kid some barbecue before it disappears. Preferably some moist (fatty)brisket, cooked down halfway to being mush. Smoked chicken legs…roasted corn…beef ribs…I have to go.

  21. Darleen says April 24, 2014 at 7:25 pm Wow … talk about the cute factor exceeding 11!



  22. Hard to make out because of the blur, but I’m pretty sure he’s giving you the finger in that picture. If not, he ought to.


  23. Live it up kid. It’s pretty much all down hill from here.

  24. Life is good, Jeff.

  25. Ahhhh, Happy Birthday Tanner! April is a good month to arrive in this world, and may you be blessed with many renewing April’s to come.