April 23, 2014

“Liberals Petition White House To ‘Abolish’ Capitalism…”

Well, I guess the relative lack of signatories should be heartening. If you’re a glass half-full-type guy, that is.

If alternately you embrace your own cenosillicaphobic masochism, you’ll assume that the kinds of people who would sign such a thing are simply too stupid to find it — though they are, in fact, legion.

It’s a pick em, really.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:49pm

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  1. cenosillicaphobic

    Is that the fear of dead people rising to vote for a Daley?

    Google says it’s a fear of being sober or of running out of hooch in a stressful time by way of being a fear of empty glass objects.

    I guess it could also be a fear of facing a Kobayashi Maru /no way out:/worst case scenario /”time to die” and let the pigeon go” moment, with the empty glass being a symbol for a state of pure misfortune and total pessimism bereft of all hope (water).

    It’s way funnier as a bar joke though.

  2. America become the cenotaph of liberty, where once it held such promise.

  3. “Liberals Petition White House To ‘Abolish’ Capitalism…”

    That is fucking hilarious!

    Next! They’re going to demand the moon always remain full.

  4. I’m all for abolishing the word itself because Karl Rove Marx created it.

    I prefer ‘Free Marketer’ – any ‘-ist’ or ‘-ism’ implies Ideology.

  5. They need to tone it down a few notches. “The New Abolitionism” aims for the same result but starts softer.

  6. They’re working on it.

  7. it became something of a filthy fascist dumpstercunt whorestate as well

  8. Yeah, ‘cuz Communism has worked out so damn well.


    No, I take that back. Stupidity that intense can only be the product of the American academic system.

  9. No matter how much you think Barack Obama is a Socialist, Communist, or other strain of mutant Leftist, there is no way that he is going to endanger his book and speaking fees that will pay his daughters way through Harvard.