April 18, 2014

BREAKING: “Obama administration delays Keystone XL decision, potentially until after Nov. elections”

Just like he pushed back a number of ObamaCare provisions until after the elections in order to shield vulnerable Democrats.

Here’s the blunt truth that leftist apologists will never admit: Obama knows Obamacare is a coup, a wedge that effectively eviscerates individual rights and, perhaps too, religious freedom; Obama knows that domestic energy production drives down costs, increases industry, frees up capital, and allows people to escape from governmental dependency. He knows these things and he wants these things.

That’s what fundamental transformation has always been about, that’s what Alinsky’s Marxism, which our President supped on throughout his academic career has always been dedicated to — eradicating the middle class — and that’s what Obama and his progressive ideologues want to see happen: the end of America’s reign as a superpower and its relegation to just another bureaucraticly-run social welfare state, with the ruling class determining winners and losers, and no uppity Bill of Rights to block their way.

They are weakening the military, weakening the currency, arming their bureaucratic agencies, and driving up debt and cost in order to strain the system.


Everything this President and his cabinet does is politically motivated and based upon the “pragmatism” of the ends justifying the means.

The cynical endgame with every move toward Marxist utopianism is liberal fascism — a ruling elite and its preferred business partners colluding to form a permanent symbiotic relationship that drives off competition and entrenches power and wealth.

That they are able to sell this as “social justice” or “compassion” is one of the great ironies of our times, particular given the historical record the world provides us.

Useful idiots are abundant. But mostly, takers take — and so long as they get theirs, the immorality of their support for usurpers, thieves, and tyrants doesn’t much bother them.

Which is awfully sad.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:00pm

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  1. Obama: “BLM stand-down? Pffft. Watch this.”

  2. I have no illusions about this: Obama is giving vulnerable Dems an opportunity to show that they aren’t “lockstep” with Obama so that they can perhaps save the Senate. But if he does cave on this, he will give himself some sort of out, and implementation will be further delayed indefinitely.

  3. that Landrieu whore is useless as tits on a nun I think

    Louisiana needs to elect a more better whore what can get things done I think

  4. I think the term “brazenness” is probably best describes Obysmal’s second term.

  5. That kind of headfake usually fails. Because the voters can’t punish Obama like they want to, but they can punish the politicians of his party.

    Of course, that assumes the Republicans are smart enough to counter the “don’t blame me” argument with “by your very presence, you’re still part of the problem.”

  6. There was a “don’t blame me” ploy floated when Sebelius resigned, but it failed because nobody calls it Sebelius-care.

  7. Most of the Republicans cannot find their ass with two hands and a flashlight.