April 18, 2014

“A Trillion Dollars Later, Obama Warns of ‘Potholes the Size of Canyons'”

Which, it’s probably a good idea to “invest” in our infrastructure, say, by way of some stimulus money, which will create shovel-ready jobs.  Sounds crazy, I know, but it could work.  Think of all the unemployed who would benefit. Not to mention that we’d be adding value to our federal real estate, which is the patriotic thing to do, is it not?  Now.  Who’s with me?

President Obama has been complaining about America’s supposed “crumbling roads and bridges” for well over six years. But now, in a renewed push for yet more infrastructure spending, Obama is warning Americans of new, killer potholes.

In answering a question at a surprise press conference Thursday, Obama said:

“There’s no reason that [infrastructure] has to be political. There really isn’t any ideological disagreement on that, and I guarantee you after this winter, you look at the potholes the size of canyons all across big chunks of the United States, people would like to see an infrastructure bill.”

Never mind that way back in 2009, the President and Democrats pushed through a nearly trillion-dollar stimulus bill designed to boost “shovel ready” jobs. But apparently five years later, those roads and bridges are still crumbling and the president wants even more spending.


Yes, to fix the crumbling roads and bridges and to invest in AMERICA. Seriously. Why are you such haters? Is it because you’re racist? I’m outraged!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:15pm

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  1. is there a link

  2. “There’s no reason that [infrastructure] has to be political.”

    You have plenty of money to harass conservative groups. You have plenty of money to throw at your abominable web site. You have plenty of money to take your family and your entourage on taxpayer-paid vacations around the world. You have plenty of money to pay people to stay at home for 99 weeks at a time.

    But you don’t have enough money to enforce our immigration laws, nor enough to keep our national highways in good condition.

    Now, you say that infrastructure need not be political, but what do you call it when you make the conscious political decision to treat infrastructure they way you do illegal immigration?

  3. Why does this have to be a federal expenditure?

  4. The last time the Senate was considering “comprehensive immigration reform” (in 2004?) the WSJ calculated that cumulatively, states had constructed highway walls 3X the length of the US/Mexico border. So walls can be built, potholes can be filled, bridges can be repaired, etc. when there’s actually the will to do it and there are people who will expect actual results (like constituents complaining about highway noise polluting their neighborhood).

    Too bad Obama never intends actual, tangible results from the ongoing national pothole project. Just redistributing wealth.

  5. “Muh roads!”