April 17, 2014

Just got a facebook invitation to join “Everytown for Gun Safety”

— which purports to be a pro-Second Amendment site.  And it appears to be just that, too:  in fact, it looks like a pro-gun group claimed the name on facebook, something I’m sure the progressives who run the social media site will find is a violation of some term of agreement, once Bloomberg — who started an organization by the same name (as I noted here yesterday) — throws a tantrum and then writes a big check to have this perfidy “fixed.”  Like he fixed obesity.  And the Colorado legislature.

In the meantime, I encourage you to go to facebook and like the usurped page.  If only to show Bloomberg — and others of his anti-liberty ilk, who like to use emotional appeals and distorted data to set his own public policy preferences — that we who are truly constitutionalists won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, and certainly never quietly.

And then if you have the means, drink a giant-ass Coke out of a giant-ass Styrofoam takeout cup.  While cleaning your side arm.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:01am

Comments (8)

  1. Additionally, every state now has AT LEAST one Everytown page actually promoting Gun Safety being run by people who actually KNOW about guns!

  2. Don’t forget your e-cigarettes.

  3. This is the new awesome. Liked.

  4. I also liked my state version of that. I may just like all of them in all of the states. Maybe tonight.

  5. Anything they can do to save children from replica firearms will be worth it.

  6. Done.

  7. Domains By Proxy LLC registered everytownforgunsafety.com back in February according to GoDaddy.com, so they did some planning at least. Just didn’t think about the Facebookers.

  8. This is why I’m so happy to turn over every facet of my life to brilliant, morally superior beings like Bloomberg. Surely an intellect sharp enough to neglect to nail down its fucking Facebook page is similarly capable of running my affairs with far more wisdom and foresight than I could ever hope to.