April 13, 2014

Best response to Eric Holder’s unconscionable attempt to cry ‘racism’ when questioned by Congress [Darleen Click]



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  1. “While we may not be able to fully appreciate the accomplishments of this administration until, say, a decade hence, that’s in part because so much of the civil rights is actually happening in the Department of Justice,” Harris-Perry said during her show. “So I kept asking myself, is Eric Holder the Obama that we had been hoping for?


    Fordham University’s Christina Greer touted the attorney general as “the greatest addition to the entire Obama administration.”

    “In the long term, the foundational work that he’s doing will actually pay off in dividends and will actually help Obama’s legacy,” she said.


    “That was kind of a lovely moment,” Harris-Perry said of an exchange between Holder and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), where the Republican congressman brought up the attorney general’s contempt charges. ”It could be about him being African-American, I think there’s a hypothetical that’s at the table. I think the another possibility is that it could be about how aggressively and effectively he is at the core of implementing that.”

    MSNBC, for when doubling down isn’t nearly enough.

  2. The United States has witnessed Holder’s brand of racism heretofore. Thing is, there was a William Tecumseh Sherman at that time who knew what to do about it, whereas today?

  3. what would be good is if this piece of shit country had a Department of Justice

  4. When this came up I looked up [attorney generals united states] and that font of modern day shared flexible knowledge is ever so helpful. Scroll down to most recent and pick them off. Find one who wasn’t roughed up.

    The guy in the cartoon had it coming, no? I forget the corruption. Additionally something about his seriously crackpot wife. If memory serves.

    A better example for refuting racism, clearly, is Alberto Gonzalez. He makes a much better cartoon victim, due to his race, since we’re dealing with racists.

    Janet Reno.

    Edwin Meese, oi

    Robert Bork

    Ramsey Clark

    Robert Kennedy, nepotism if ever there is such.

    And so on, have a look if you like, I’m really not very good at these political sorts of things.

  5. – Sub par waffle ears. The best alternative to impeachment is if he has to flee to Cuba the day he leaves office.


  6. Speaking of homicidal maniacs, this woman managed 7 deaths in her own home without the neighbors noticing for years.

  7. Her name is Huntsman. Is that, like, just a real common surname in Utah?

  8. Huntsman?

    I guess. Romney certainly is. And Browning. And Eccles.

    None of the local yokel news stations have connected her to the other Huntsmans.

  9. I haven’t looked into the story so I have no idea if it’s her maiden name or a married name. If the latter I’m sure all manner of Huntsmans will be happy to clear that up, including the big scary spiders.

  10. It reminds me of when a radio show host that I used to think was kind of reasonable was going on about people bringing guns to an Obama event (I think it was open carry demonstrators with unloaded weapons and they were out side of the event).

    The host said something like “no other president has had weapons brought to his events in my lifetime”. Hmm, looked like a gun that Hinkley used on president Reagan. Also see “Squeaky” Fromme and Sara Jane Moore.