April 13, 2014

Fox News’ Greta eats Democrat Mike Dickinson’s lunch [Darleen Click]

… and drinks his milkshake, too.

It was really an unfair fight, Greta was having too much fun there with the Larry Flynt lackey.

And, the unctuous Dickinson has been so busy trolling Conservatives, he forgot to file his papers to run for the Democratic nomination.


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Comments (9)

  1. That guy is really quite stupid. He quotes the party line but knows nothing about who he condemns.

    In other words, he is a perfect progressive.

  2. “drinks his milkshake, too”

    Trigger warning!

  3. Our Mr. Searcy eats this guy’s lunch regularly. Hard to believe someone running for office would be that caustic on a public forum, but if he isn’t actually doing it, that makes sense.

  4. “drinks his milkshake, too”

    He looks fat enough to actually have a milkshake. Quite a busty fellow.

  5. Nick Searcy was on Red Eye a few days ago. I liked his style. He thinks we need to be in their faces. Some of the pragmatists on the panel disagreed of course.

    I still laugh thinking about that song he posted to his lefty detractors on twitter, “I’m sorry you’re fat,” or however it went.

    Also, I love Justified. However, I didn’t get the bloodbath I have come to expect in the finale.

  6. He took Randy Newman’s “Short People” and turned it into fat people.


  7. Dickinson is so fat his neck has s big ass too.

  8. Lot’s a guttural sounds coming out of this idiot’s mouth. He may actually be a bigger scumbag than Grayson. I can think of no better spokesman for the Democratic party.

  9. Thanks, palaeomerus.