April 8, 2014

“Senator Inhofe to force vote on job killing regulations being implemented by EPA”

I wrote about this a few days back, but you can listen to Inhofe himself describe what he’s planning to do — and the legal justifications for doing so — by listening to his interview last evening with Mark Levin.

For those of you who can’t listen, Newsmax offers a comprehensive overview.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:03pm

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  1. “to force vote” is kind of rape culture maybe he could start by just strongly suggesting?

  2. more fat fascist speak

  3. Humor is not for hamsters.

  4. As of right now, #INeedFeminismBecause is being PWNed by our brethren.

  5. Hey dicentra, just a heads up that famed wry humorist and Twitter operator N. Searcy is on Redeye tonight, though the viewing will entail suffering through the saccharine musings of that lowlife Perino, so it doesn’t promise to be an entirely delightful experience. Still, maybe a few laughs can be had on the cheap.

  6. di

    I’m having fun on that hashtag. :-)

  7. humor is muy ecumenical it’s like baked goods

  8. but you all knew that

  9. So the first block wasn’t a bit funny, but an over-serious navel gaze (Omaphalos!) on the Breitbart streetart spoof of that nasty tweaker Pelosi. Gak. And of course the incoherent imbecile Perino made yet another argument for lying the Rinos into office . . . if only the Rinos can neatly align with the moronic false beliefs the progressives have implanted in the minds of ignorant women like herself. Shit, how bozos such as Perino come to moderate positions of power tells about all we need to know about the desuetude of American principle.

  10. She needs to return to the Country DJ soundbooth and leave us alone.

  11. Homey don’t have cable, so no Searcy on RedEye for me.

  12. Do an end-around then (though not all the segments are available)?

  13. Adding to that the first block, from Breitbart since they’re an interested party.