April 8, 2014

“Senate Approves Ted Cruz’s Bill Denying Visa to Iran’s U.N. Ambassador”

The sad part is, I think a bunch of us are shocked that this passed the Senate, even on a voice vote.  But then, it’s an easy way to distance yourself from the kind of coziness you’ve been showing the Muslim Brotherhood behind the scenes, so for many in the Senate, I suspect this is just political opportunism — and that, if they thought they could get away with it, they’d have voted not to “disrespect” the appointment of a “moderate” Iranian President whom we in the US can almost certainly work with.

To help nuke up.

Man, have I become a cynical bastard or what?


Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:32am

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  1. Haven’t we all?…and with much justification.

  2. Not cynical enough?


  3. It’s interesting that the Iranian dictatorship holds a decent sense of humor regarding the spinelessness of the IWonPenPhone regime, since mostly the killer mullahs seem so dour: maybe that indication of humor is what makes IWonPenPhone so eager to endow the killer mullahs with nuclear weapons?

  4. Never in the history of history has a greater group of morons been assembled to laud it over a once magnificent nation. I mean, historical! It’s quite the achievement, really.

  5. Can’t we let him in, refuse his diplomatic credentials, and nab his greasy ass for war crimes? Kidnapping, at the very least.

    Toss him in the slam, and make him listen to Jimmy Carter drone on for hours and hours…

  6. Well, if we do that, then Iran might retaliate by arresting our diplomats (say, John Kerry, for example) on some trumped-up charges.

    I’m not seeing a down-side.

  7. The comments section on that post is alarmingly stupid, sdferr.