April 7, 2014

California’s criminal Democrats become ‘unpersons’ [Darleen Click]

While Leland Yee and the other two Democrat reprobates continue to receive their $95,000/yr salaries, all traces of their Legislative existence has ceased to exist

The California Senate has erased the names and online archives of three suspended lawmakers entangled in criminal cases.

The Senate removed pictures, video clips and legislative archives over the weekend involving Democratic Sens. Rod Wright of Los Angeles, Ron Calderon of Montebello and Leland Yee of San Francisco.

All that remains on the websites is information about their Senate districts. […]

The three continue to receive their $95,291 annual salaries but are not collecting a daily expense allowance.

Lawmakers have been trying to distance themselves from the three suspended senators, and several have proposed legislation aiming to restore public trust in government by untangling the web of money and politics.

Last week Steinberg canceled a high-profile golf fundraiser at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, saying it would be inappropriate in the wake of the criminal charges. Ticket packages ranged from $15,000 to $65,000.

Now isn’t that special?

h/t Glenn Reynolds

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  1. I guess citizens of California don’t need actual representation, so suspending with pay and then purging the archives is an excellent solution.

    We wouldn’t want to infringe on the rights of our betters to continue receiving a paycheck until some pinhead judge or politician decrees that what they did doesn’t matter and reinstates them unilaterally.

  2. just an idea, but if anyone has screen caps of the pages taken down…maybe reproduce them on a website? call it memoryhole.com or something.

  3. MemoryHole.com domain is for sale. I seem to recall there was such a site once, but that domain is not currently in use.

  4. From what I’ve seen just now, MemoryHoleBlog.com appears unlikely to sympathize with psudrozz’s suggestion…

  5. “FNORD! FNORD!”

  6. So they aren’t doing any work, are facing criminal charges with evidence serious enough that they have been suspended, and are STILL getting paid? Good thing we have that surplus (at least we will have it until the next time a Republican is Governor, at which point, all of the games will stop and the true deficit will be revealed and blamed on Republican spending).

    Meanwhile, let’s release more criminals!

  7. Greetings:

    Sorry, but I still think that California’s State Senate should give itself some kind of Diversity of Multiculural Diverseness Acoomplishment Award. Think about it, that Senate banished (albeit at full pay less any children be negatively effected) one each Latinisto, Africoid-American, and full-blooded Asiatic and had the action announced by an avowed sexually dysfunctional head Senator. Superfecta, if you ask me.

    Alas, once again the womenfolk of all stripes failed to break through another in the endless supply of glass ceilings.

  8. maybe the paychecks keep coming to keep mouths shut. These can’t be the only three.

  9. Sen. Ron Calderon’ site 10/30/13.

    Sen. Rod Wright’s site 10/30/13.

    Sen. Leland Yee’s site 1/13/13, plus a couple of editorials linked at his site that are against guns. Here, here.