April 2, 2014

If this isn’t THE objective correlative for the outsized power of bureaucracies, I don’t know what is

I heard this on Mark Levin’s show yesterday (it aired the night before), and I was absolutely shocked and horrified. And for me to be shocked and horrified by anything functionaries of the government do these days is itself a condition of note, because I didn’t think anything these people were capable of could surprise me.

And yet

Should doctors and bureaucrats be allowed to overrule parents when it comes to their children’s healthcare? We don’t think so. That’s why we need you to stand up for Justina.

Justina Pelletier, a 15-year-old from West Hartford, Conn., is in the fight of her life. After being diagnosed and treated for a rare genetic disorder, Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) overruled the diagnosis and said it was “all just in her head.” When Justina’s parents refused to stop her treatment, BCH assumed custody of Justina and locked her up in the psych ward — against her parents’ wishes. Shouldn’t the parents of this young girl have the right to make decisions regarding her welfare?

We are calling for justice for Justina. And for her parents.

Since the State of Massachusetts assumed custody of Justina and locked her away on February 14, 2013, her parents have been caught up in a legal and medical custody battle that has been raging for more than a year. Judge Joseph Johnston has placed a gag order on all parties involved in this case, but Justina’s parents haven’t stopped fighting.

“We are David, not against Goliath, but against two Goliaths — Boston Children’s Hospital and the State of Massachusetts,” Justina’s dad, Lou Pelletier, told ABCNews.com. “To me, it’s a hopeless cause, and the only way to win is in the court of public opinion.”

That’s why we need your help. Please add your name to the petition demanding that the State of Massachusetts and Boston Children’s Hospital honor the rights of Justina and her parents. We call on both BCH and the State to release Justina back to her family so she can receive the proper care and therapy she needs.

Lou Pelletier reports that Justina’s health is rapidly deteriorating, so time is of the essence. Please don’t wait to join the thousands of Americans who have raised their voices demanding justice for Justina.

Prisoners are treated better than this.  This girl was, in essence, kidnapped by the state and is being used as a guinea pig by a teaching hospital.  But because the kidnapping took place by a state bureaucracy — for the children, you see — it isn’t a crime.  A juvenile judge has  ordered DCF to comply with a ruling —  telling DCF to release the girl back to her parents’ custody, an order that DCF ignored, claiming the judge didn’t have that authority.

So now, while the Liberty Counsel is working to remedy this horror legally, they are simultaneously reaching out to us, largely through conservative media (The Blaze, Mark Levin, FOX News) to apply political pressure, as well.  You can sign a petition, which you should do, but more than that, you should contact Governor Gov. Deval Patrick.

For those of you who have kids, or even respect the rights of parents, I have to think that this story is so maddening, so outrageous, and so tragic, that you will join me in acting.

I first heard about this driving in the car yesterday and I very literally became sick to my stomach. When the state can essentially kidnap your child, and you have no recourse, even from a juvenile judge, the state is too powerful. And it needs to be cut off at the knees. Post haste.

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  1. Ever since Massachusetts allied itself with the Soviet Union it has been a nasty piece of work, both to its own and to those of us outside it. It’s an odd thing though that despite being right there in our midst very few Americans seem to have noticed.

  2. I told my wife that if someone did this to one of my children, they’d have to enter the witness protection program. Because I tend to view kidnapping of my children in a somewhat negative light. When they say “But the court said I could!” I will tell them that I will gladly put those words on their tombstones.

    I’m serious here. This is some horrifically fucked up shit.

  3. Sadly, this is merely another step in an endgame which started at least three decades ago. The first step was the shift from the presumption that children should be in the legal and physical custody of their parents absent horrific physical abuse or neglect, to a nebulous “best interests of the child” standard which is heavily dependent on legions of “experts,” most of whom have been schooled in collectivist “it takes a village” thought. Inevitably, the definitions of “abuse” and “neglect” became broadened to the point where virtually any parent stood to lose custody of a child because of things like discipline issues or “emotional” neglect, all substantiated by experts.

    To get the states to play ball on this, the Feds began to insinuate themselves into Family Law through various programs establishing child-support guidelines and collection protocols targeted nominally at “dead beat” parents. The little known component of these programs is that a) the States skim a percentage of all collections and, most importantly b) The Feds give matching dollars to the state as well as money for each child in state legal and/or physical custody. Thus, taking children is now easier for the states and they have a financial incentive to do it.

    I would also note, Family Law is filled with proponents of “Collaborative Law,” which is worthies sitting around a table reaching a consensus instead of the adversarial, prove your case in court situation must of us are used to. This leads to backroom deals without the real facts ever coming out. Throw in closed records for Family Court proceedings with criminal penalties for violation, and you have a perfect storm of a modern day Lebensborn program where children are taken and reared by the State.

    I could go on and on. Bottom line. People need to be told.

  4. In the 19th century the battle to eliminate private ownership of other humans was waged and for the most part won. Thus personally owned slaves disappeared.

    However as that battle was being won another form of slavery was on the march. The ownership of humans by the State became the dominate form of slavery with around half the human race so owned.

    The battle of the new century is to eliminate State slavery. Advances have been made but until this enemy of freedom is identified by its true nature only small victories will be achieved as the slave-masters will never be held to account but can hide as public “servants.” A real misnomer.

  5. Oh dude. If you followed Glenn Beck you’d have heard of this MONTHS ago.

    Fortunately, Glenn’s exposure of the situation has brought lots of lawyers forward to help the family. Even Dr. Phil did a show on the situation and came to the same conclusion: that CFS is totally out of control and a horrible injustice is being done.

    Glenn has SEAL friends; maybe they can spirit her away to Canada or Belize.

  6. I don’t listen to Beck much, but have been following this case as well. It’s truly outrageous that the State can kidnap this girl and her parents have no recourse.

    Were this my child, I’m afraid I’d be judged by 12 or carried by 6.

  7. This story is only the most recent/visible of the issues with Mass. DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). This is at least the second time they have colluded with Boston’s Children’s Hospital to kidnap a child from the parents’ custody.

    During the late fall, a story came out that the DCFS case workers hadn’t been making the visits to a troubled family for many months, and the child in the case had gone missing and is presumed dead. The mother and boyfriend are under arrest, but not talking.

    Some national Child Welfare org just finished a review of DCFS, and at the press conference of the results, the head of DCFS spent all of 6 minutes answering questions before scurrying away out the door after saying she had answered all the press questions, and you can hear the reporters yelling questions at her as she hurries out.

    I’d shoot you if you tried to take one or more of my dogs away from me – I can’t imagine what I’d do if I had kids and some government weenie tried to take him/her.

  8. It’s a sad day when circumstances make all those it’s rational to fear/flee/distrust the state and all it’s agents* statements proferred by hippy-dippy soft-on-crime bleeding heart types back in the 70s seem like wisdom.

    At least we have the consolation of knowing that it’s the progeny of those who made the argument in the first place who are the ones proving the “wisdom” of their forbears.

    *usually meaning the police

  9. I know. Hippie leaders became the new authoritarians. I always laugh when the Woodstock Generation votes Democrat. Maybe smoking weed does have long term effects on cognitive abilities…

  10. It is happening again.

  11. 14 Wounded, 4 Dead at Fort Hood. [still a gun free zone] Shooter ID’ed as Ivan Lopez

  12. and a report of a shot(s) fired at Kent State

  13. >People on campus are being told to “shelter in place.”<

    they say this, don't do this

  14. they say this, don’t do this

    Certainly not if you can hear the gunshots.

    If you’re outside of the danger zone, “shelter in place” is the polite way of saying “stay the fuck out; we’ve got big enough problems.”

  15. >“shelter in place”<

    is proggtard for:
    "you are own your own"

  16. That’s absolutely certain if the shooter is in the same building as you.

    Better hope you’re in an environment that respects the right to carry.

  17. Transformation into a “brave” new moral order where ones mind must be and have always been “right.”

  18. If you are in an environment where your natural right to self-defense is recognized, you are likely not being subjected to a shooter like this.

  19. “We owe it to all of our men and women in uniform – and their families – to see that justice is done, to ensure that they are safe here at home, and to do everything in our power to prevent these too-common tragedies from happening again,” Holder said.

    Lopez murdered his fellow soldiers with a .45 caliber Smith & Wesson, which was not registered on the base. Sixteen others were wounded. A female officer (a.k.a., a “good guy with a gun”) drew her weapon on Lopez, who then turned the gun on himself.

    Prevention is simple to do. It’s finding another way, one other than what always works but is not to be even contemplated, that makes this problem so hard to solve. But then that means more “studies,” more panels, more spending so win-win, except for those shot and their families.

  20. Most of you know I raised my girls on my own…I had to fight DSS ( now DCF ) many times over the most trivial of things ( like Ash got hit by a broken pinata, Tiner had a diaper rash that would NOT go away ) So I know the pain of fighting these assholes.

    Nowadays, DCF starts pre-natal. Think about that for a sec… They actually know when a baby is conceived now…and they monitor progress on anyone who has ever been involved with the system, no matter how minor that involvement may be.

    As far as this particular case goes,although it IS outrageous, it’s a stinkburger ( Thanks Obumbles!! ) compared to the numerous missing children/dead children/abused children that the State takes away and puts in foster care.