March 31, 2014

Transnational progressivism ready to make its final push

Save us, progressive politicians and “scientists” dependent on grants from those who have a vested interest in creating a anthropomorphic global climate change!  We mere mortals need you and your ability to affect climate — to control sun flares and natural cycles in the ozone by way of writing stuff that moves money around to those who have greased your palms — now more than ever!

Otherwise, like locusts and plagues and shit.

Me, when the time of pestilence comes, I plan on just smearing some lamb’s blood on my door jamb and hope for the best.  Worked for my people once.  So what the hell, right?

Because consensus.  That’s reality.  And there is no debating reality.




Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:20am

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  1. They know they’re losing traction, so naturally they floor it. The fact they’re already doing 70 sideways only proves they haven’t been trying hard enough. JAIL THE DENIERS! SUE THE TRUTH-TELLERS!! POLITICIZE ALL THE THINGS!!!

  2. But, if you jail the deniers, then might not “protesters” instead of merely calling you fake science boobs from a distance be moved to rush the stage and put a jagged broken bottle to your faces? The police can’t stop people owning guns or doing dope them they sure can keep you safe in public. And once you lock people up for really stupid reasons you can’t ever go back to being a tolerable nuisance. Once’ you’re a threat your stuck behind the gates for good.

  3. you’re

  4. If you do lung cancer research and get a grant from a tobacco company, you immediately suspect. Why are AGW scientists any different?

  5. Because tobacco companies are greedy and Gaia is our Mother, duh.

    Why do hate your mother?

  6. Of course but, what I mean is that even if you believe the source of the money is virtuous, why is the person who takes the money automatically given a pass?

    I know, same answer as above. Virtuous scientist only take “good money” leaving the amoral scientists for the tobacco companies, liquor industry, petroleum etc.

  7. “Why do hate your mother?”

    Natural selection. Hating the mother planet and her bullshit was obviously a survival trait.

  8. She done already kilt all the ones what loved her.

  9. “Why do you hate your mother?”

    Because she keeps trying to kill me. Earthquakes, landslides, tornadoes … it’s just one thing after another.

  10. this be for putty

    Babooshka – Kate Bush

  11. McGehee and Palaeomarus aren’t trying hard enough to keep mommy happy.

  12. If I put too much strychnine in the vodka she can taste it.

  13. Common Core Science Quiz.

    “Find 10 things in this picture that are due to global warming. “

  14. >Find 10 things in this picture that are due to global warming. <

    sayeth the jebster bush

  15. Insanity continues to dribble off the progressive’s lips. But once the real purpose is thought about then insane they are not, just evil.

  16. A different insanity from my freshman college days.